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Dreams in Glass - Clocketpatch - A Ladies' Guide to Collecting Mermaid Love Songs - Aimee Picchi [Archive of Our Own]
I will attempt to record this incident rationally. There are researchers in Edinburgh who are making a science of the study of sleep, and perhaps my strange dreams and the things they urge me towards will aid them. I beg that you accord me the same respect as you read this, and do not seek to commit me if my flights of fancy seem too wild. These are research notes, not pages torn from some lovesick girl’s torrid notebook. I am aware that my feelings are improper, perhaps even indecent, but it does not behoove a lady of science to disguise the truth.
fic  f:Misc.Books  femslash  epistolary/document-fic  short  yuletide  'ao3  fictional-academia 
january 2017 by esther_a
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