your hand on my chest is my hand - noelia_g - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
It's not an instant connection, but it is somehow inevitable. Poe, Finn and Rey find their ways to each other.
fic  id:noelia-g  f:StarWars  f:SW:TFA  poly  s:Rey/Finn/Poe  futurefic  'ao3 
14 hours ago
Rage and Glory - Sholio - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When Yondu took Peter on board the Eclector, he picked up someone (or something) else, too.
fic  f:Marvel  f:GotG  MCU  gen  short  pre-canon  'ao3 
17 hours ago
so why don't we fall - aknightley - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
Five times Lance used a pet name for Keith, and one time Keith used one for Lance.

Keith has no basis for having a relationship with someone, so he's trying to follow Lance's lead.
fic  f:Voltron  slash  s:Keith/Lance  5things  explicit  'ao3  short 
lysapadin | [fic] VLD - All the Things Money Can't Buy
Keith just needs a little help with the rent; Shiro's just a little lonely. This is just a brief, mutually beneficial financial arrangement, that's all. Really.
fic  id:lysapadin  f:Voltron  AU  AU:modern_day/real_world  slash  s:Shiro/Keith  explicit  long  'dwth 
Frog Kick - aliencereal - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
“You don’t know how to swim?”

Tsuyu seems to consider this for a moment, putting a finger to her chin and tilting her head.

“Okay. I’ll teach you, then.”
fic  id:aliencereal  f:misc.anime/manga  femslash  s:unspecified  cute  'ao3 
keeping all the things I knew inside - Sholio - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Not being dead is supposed to be the better outcome. But it's a long, long trip back to Berhert from the asteroid field that used to be Ego's planet. (Or: Fixit fic in which Yondu has to deal with having a future, and a family, and feelings. None of which he's prepared to cope with.)
fic  f:Marvel  f:GotG  MCU  gen  AU  AU:denial-fic  post-canon  short  'ao3 
Goodnight, My Lady, Good Luck - icarus_chained - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Tyrion and Sansa reunite at Winterfell, with murders and wars and seas and weddings behind them, in the midst of grand family revelations and potentially dangerous loves between kings and queens. It's a painful conversation, but a necessary one. And maybe a hopeful one too.
fic  id:icarus_chained  f:GameOfThrones  het  s:unspecified  short  'ao3 
Time for a Change - AJHall - Doctor Faustus - Christopher Marlowe [Archive of Our Own]
Throughout her second term at Kingscote, Pomona Todd worries that any improvement in her academic performance will bring her into Form IIIB, and so once more into the ambit of Tim Keith and Lawrie Marlow. During a family holiday on the Scilly Isles she meets a dark stranger who asks what she would be prepared to offer, to solve her bullying problems for good.
fic  id:AJHall  f:Misc.Books  crossover  f:Lucifer(TV)  gen  short  'ao3 
One for the Books - mokuyoubi - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
MRA terrorists storm the library, and Peter is unreasonably jealous of how into his secret identity Deadpool seems to be.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Spiderman  MCU  f:Deadpool  slash  s:Peter/Wade  short  explicit  'ao3 
2 days ago
Sensitive - Hatteress (goddammitstacey) - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“Dr Kalonia said I might be sensitive for a few days,” Finn says as he strips off his shirt.

Poe nearly goes cross eyed trying to stay focused on the label on the lotion in his hands because kriff.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:TFA  slash  s:Finn/Poe  short  pwp  'ao3 
3 days ago
our lives are stories (waiting to be told) - lady_ragnell - Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
Queen Gudrun receives a message telling her she isn't to be married after all, and she's certainly glad about that, but she's more interested in the messenger.
fic  f:Fairytales  femslash  short  'ao3  id:lady_ragnell 
3 days ago
made and mended - lady_ragnell - Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
When the carriage drives away without her, Ella doesn't cry.

This Cinderella may not have a fairy godmother, but there are other ways to get to the balls.
fic  id:lady_ragnell  f:Fairytales  f:Cinderella  het  s:Canon_Pairings  short  'ao3 
3 days ago
an end, a start - knight_tracer, lady_ragnell - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
After the war against the First Order ends, everyone seems to want something from Rey, but all she wants is time to figure out what she wants. Finn and Poe propose a marriage that will keep everyone at bay until she's ready, and it seems like a good idea. The only danger is that she's really in love with them.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:TFA  het  slash  poly  s:Rey/Finn/Poe  fake_relationship  domestic  explicit  'ao3  id:lady_ragnell  podfic 
3 days ago
been living a lonely life - celeste9 - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Finn thinks if all three of them ever got to be in the same space together at the same time, they might have something.
via:victoria.p  fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:TFA  poly  s:Rey/Finn/Poe  short  'ao3  getting-together 
3 days ago
Heart of a Dragon - marinoa - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
Everyone says there's a dragon pestering Crestwood. Funny, though, that the Crestwood villagers themselves seem to know nothing about it. Funnier still that some Vint appears to have moved in the area at around the same time as the rumoured dragon. Coincidence? Bull thinks not.

Or, Bull goes looking for a dragon and instead finds Dorian.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  slash  s:IronBull/Dorian  AU  AU:canon_divergence  'ao3 
4 days ago
Baby, Baby - Sholio - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
"No," said Mrs. Kurzweiler, the sex-ed teacher for the greater Hawkins-area school district, looking down her nose at Nancy over her glasses. "No, you cannot claim shared credit on the Parenting Enrichment Experience project, Miss Wheeler. I'm surprised you're even asking, given the nature of the assignment."
fic  f:Misc.TV  gen  short  'ao3 
4 days ago
Are You Falling For Me (Like I'm Falling For You)? - Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup) - King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
In another world, what happened with Lancelot might have been the end rather than the beginning: a step toward the destruction of Camelot rather than a new-laid cornerstone. But to a fighter who'd lived most of his life as a nothing from nowhere, who'd wed for trust rather than romance, a companion for bed and battlefield was the best dowry Arthur could have asked for.

(A Magic Made Them Do It story, with a twist.)
fic  id:JediButtercup  f:misc.Movies  f:ArthurianMythology  poly  het  slash  s:Canon_Pairings  'ao3 
4 days ago
What are friends for - Hagar - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Her ex-husband's associates are occasionally useful. For example, when Maggie has a really bad feeling about her latest client.
fic  f:Leverage  gen  short  futurefic  'ao3 
5 days ago
Particular Peculiarity - Chapter 1 - saavik13 - Sherlock Holmes (1984 TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“How high is your regard for me, Watson?” He asked abruptly, his eyes still trained on the fire. “If I were to confess my darkest secret would you leave? Would you abandon me here to my melancholy?”

A case forces Holmes to reveal the truth to Watson and risks both their reputations and their liberty. Just how understanding is John Watson?

Can be read as either ACD or Granada. Words:43981
fic  f:SherlockHolmes  slash  s:Holmes/Watson  casefic  long  getting-together  'ao3  via:skogsraa 
5 days ago
The Yeast We Could Brew - lady_ragnell - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Amy spends a lot of time around the brewpub, and guesses a thing or two while her bosses argue about what to name a new beer.
fic  f:Leverage  poly  s:Parker/Hardison/Eliot  outsiderpov  short  'ao3  id:lady_ragnell 
5 days ago
the gift we cannot destroy - Anonymous - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Julian has no soulmark. He knows what that must mean, and he's learned to accept it. Meeting Garak, getting to know him, is almost enough to make him think—but it's not possible. Garak must have a soulmate, and there's simply no way it could be Julian. Right?

(Or: five times Julian thought he was alone, plus the time he realized he'd been wrong all along.)
fic  f:StarTrek  f:ST:DS9  slash  s:Garak/Bashir  AU  soulbonds  5things  short  'ao3 
5 days ago
Slippery slope - WhatIfImaMermaid - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
McCoy spends the first six weeks on board of the Enterprise muttering to Jim about unfeeling hobgoblins and the undeniable stupidity of having a green-blooded supercomputer as the executive officer, and the first day of the seventh leaning back against the bulkhead in someone’s quarters, the lips of the Vulcan in question stretched around his cock.


If McCoy could have stopped himself from falling for Spock, he would have done it, dammit.
fic  f:StarTrekAOS  slash  short  'ao3  s:Spock/McCoy 
6 days ago
An Old Folk's Guide to Causing Trouble - PersonalSpin - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
“I fully intend to commit a number of petty crimes to draw our children home. If we should return home with some more of that Antivan vintage, it is all to the good.”

Dorian and the Bull, now both elderly and happily retired from world-saving, have to resort to petty crime so their kids will call. Along the way they terrorize some Orleisians, go to the opera, and adopt a couple of strays. It's a nice way to keep busy.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  slash  s:IronBull/Dorian  futurefic  fluff  'ao3 
6 days ago
Ducks on the Pond - Chapter 1 - The Stephanois (ballantine) - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Harrington knows two things to be true: the St. Louis Cardinals are the best baseball team in the world, and Nancy Wheeler is far too amazing for him to hog all to himself.
fic  f:Misc.TV  poly  long  futurefic  'ao3 
7 days ago
Fighter - PlaneJane - The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Marcus Aquila is an undercover Metropolitan police officer. His assignment is to infiltrate a slave-trafficking organisation which trades in men, bought and sold to fight in cages, sometimes to the death. When he makes the impulsive decision to intervene during a 'kill fight' involving a fierce young fighter called Esca, Marcus inadvertently finds himself the owner of his very own slave. Now Marcus has to find a way to complete his assignment, as well as gaining Esca's trust, without blowing his cover. The question is, can he do it before the secrets and lies catch up with him, and Marcus loses everything?
fic  f:TheEagle  slash  s:Esca/Marcus  AU  AU:modern_day/real_world  undercover  long  'ao3 
8 days ago
The Opposite of a Torture Device - zenonaa - Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc [Archive of Our Own]
"It’s... a pleasuring machine.”

With tentacles.

Still, Togami will survive, and Fukawa is happy to indulge.
fic  f:misc.anime/manga  het  s:unspecified  tentacles  pwp  explicit  sextoys  'ao3 
8 days ago
There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe - Shoshanah-ben-hohim (Shoshanah_ben_hohim) - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Amidst rising political tensions between Russia and NATO countries, the KHL and NHL failed to renew their labor agreement this summer. Due to the failed agreement and intense political pressure at home, the Russian NHL players do not return to the NHL.

By March, Geno has played almost a season in Russia, and accepts this is his new reality, no matter how much he misses Sid – until he finds the first child. This sets him and everyone he involves down a dangerous path of international intrigue.
fic  f:RPF  f:Sports  s:Crosby/Malkin  long  plotty  locked  extra-long  'ao3 
8 days ago
The Things Dreams Birth - estelraca - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
When Cassian decides that the best way to get himself out of a tough situation is to reprogram an Imperial enforcer droid, he doesn't realize exactly what he's getting into. The first thing K-2SO sees at his rebirth is Cassian Andor's face, and he spends the next few years trying to understand (and protect, and assist) his human.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/Bodhi  AU  AU:denial-fic  robots  'ao3 
8 days ago
Expansion Theory - Bright_Elen, misskatieleigh - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Bodhi’s not used to this yet. Getting to be with Cassian, to touch him without immediately pulling away is a novelty. The fact that he’s very much aware of someone else’s desire to touch Cassian is something new also. Compounding that with the realization that he very much doesn’t mind the thought of a certain droid touching his - boyfriend? partner? - whatever they are, well, he’s certainly confused.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/Bodhi  s:Cassian/K2SO  poly  robots  'ao3  AU  AU:denial-fic 
8 days ago
The Red Coast - Maldoror_Chant - One Piece [Archive of Our Own]
The plan was simple, as good a plan as a clan of shipwreckers and bounty-hunters could ever come up with. Capture one of the weaker Straw Hats, the ones without bounties, and make them beg for mercy until the stronger ones surrendered. Nothing can possibly go wrong with such an easy, straightforward scheme. Time to make some money!
fic  id:maldoror  f:OnePiece  gen  outsiderpov  humor  short  'ao3 
8 days ago
All Our Fellow Mortals - Sholio - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Follow-up to Best Laid Plans, in which Peter managed to get the spacesuit off. Now comes the h/c part.
fic  id:Sholio  f:Marvel  f:GotG  gen  h/c  short  'ao3 
8 days ago
The Sport of Steeles - tigerbright - Remington Steele (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Laura Holt-Steele was not pleased.

To her left, determinedly staring out the window of the train, was the man she had just kissed. Archaeologist? Immigrations agent? CIA? Double agent? She didn't know, and as attractive as he was, she was sick of his getting in the way of her honeymoon.
fic  f:RemingtonSteele  short  het  s:Canon_Pairings  'ao3 
8 days ago
Thingummy's - tigerbright - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
You did ask for a happy ending for Mac... her friends thought she needed one too.
fic  f:PhryneFisher  femslash  s:OCpairing  short  fluff  'ao3  s:Mac/Other 
8 days ago
Anchoring - tigerbright - Batman Beyond [Archive of Our Own]
One thing that all of the stable metahumans have in common is their support system.
fic  f:BatmanBeyond  femslash  s:OCpairing  awesome  'ao3  f:DC  cartoon-verse 
8 days ago
Hair - buttsonthebeach - Mass Effect: Andromeda [Archive of Our Own]
"Jaal was admittedly… fascinated by Sara’s hair."

Or, some random fluff and introspection about Jaal's attraction to Sara's alienness, and his determination to make sure she has little luxuries.
fic  f:MassEffect:Andromeda  het  s:Ryder/Jaal  fluff  short  'ao3 
9 days ago
Give or take - ThreeDaysofRain - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
“I am an Imperial enforcer droid,” said Kay, a notch more determined. He straightened, his luminous eyes oddly haunting in the dim. “One part of me wishes to keep that as far from you as possible.”

Cassian squeezed his knuckles, swallowed.

“And the other?” he managed.

“Finds your interest in what that might entail… appealing.”
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/K2SO  explicit  kink  roleplay  'ao3 
10 days ago
Etched on your Skin - smaragdbird - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Cassian always had a seemingly random string of letters and numbers on his wrist but he wasn't too concerned since he knew that people like clone troopers only had identification numbers instead of names.

No one ever thought that the name printed on one Kx unit's wrist was anything but a production error. After all droids couldn't have soulmates since they didn't have a soul, did they?
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/K2SO  soulbonds  short  'ao3 
10 days ago
We Were Living on Borrowed Time - smaragdbird - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Cassian and K-2SO know that the attack on Scarif is a suicide mission. They know the chances of one of them making it out alive is slim and for both of them they're next to nothing.

So they say their goodbyes to each other before they leave for Scarif. For once they leave nothing unsaid, for once they touch each other with all the affection they always held back. Because they know they have only a few hours left to live. Because they know this is their last chance.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/K2SO  angst  short  'ao3 
10 days ago
The Birds and the Bees - Artemis1000 - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Cassian had expected their relationship to cause a stir, he had braced himself for that. He hadn't counted on this bizarre fascination with their (non-existent) sex life.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/K2SO  established_relationship  short  robots  'ao3 
10 days ago
Can't Let You Go - smaragdbird - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
So a miracle happens, the death star gets delayed in space traffic, Bodhi chucks that grenade back where it belongs and goes to save everyone.

Cassian insists that they go and get K-2SO's body as well so he can repair him. That already gets him a few raised eyebrows because it's "just" a droid. But it's the the affectionate manner K-2SO and Cassian have while Cassian repairs him that gives away that they're more than just friends.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/K2SO  established_relationship  short  'ao3 
10 days ago
we're in the process of rebuilding (and we're starting from scratch) - pseudoanalytics - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
“I think my best friends have replaced me,” Cassian said over his breakfast.

Jyn was the only one left at their table, and she raised an eyebrow in reply. He knew what that meant. She was just interested enough to continue listening but not so curious that she’d ask him to go on. He did anyway.

“Bodhi and Kay have been sneaking off to spend time together when I’m not around.”

“Pretty sure that’s just called ‘hanging out,’” said Jyn.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/Bhodi  s:Cassian/K2SO  'ao3  short  robots  AU  AU:denial-fic 
10 days ago
Ordinary Lives for Ordinary Men - Artemis1000 - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
They live ordinary lives, just that regular fighting an evil empire thing and breaking a little under the pressure; oh yes, and there's being constantly torn between finding your droid partner charming and infuriating.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/K2SO  explicit  established_relationship  short  'ao3 
10 days ago
See which pieces send smoke signals - thought - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Cassian and K-2 create their narrative in ways that suit them best. They're spies. It's what they do.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/K2SO  short  pre-canon  'ao3 
10 days ago
a translation for “distress” - vislors (thetactician) - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
“You are, objectively speaking, the worst,”
K2SO tends to Cassian’s wounds when he really wants to kill him.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/K2SO  h/c  short  'ao3 
10 days ago
You get your day in the sun to be young - thought - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
"Your ability to martyr yourself for the Rebellion in even the smallest ways is astounding. You do know there are people here who are tasked solely with performing maintenance on organics and their feelings?"
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/K2SO  robots  short  'ao3 
10 days ago
Fevered - Bright_Elen - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Normally it's Cassian who needs obscure first aid, so he's more than willing to help when Kaytoo comes down with a weird digital virus.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/K2SO  pwp  DeusSexMachina  SexPollen  explicit  'ao3 
10 days ago
Unorthodox Modifications - Bright_Elen - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
K-2SO finds out about hedonic processors by accident. What he ultimately does with that information is quite deliberate.

Meanwhile, Cassian is maybe less than successful at controlling his emotions.
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:RogueOne  slash  s:Cassian/K2SO  robots  explicit  long  getting-together  'ao3 
10 days ago
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Dragonslayers - coveredinfeels - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
Harmon knows how this goes. He's from Nevarra, and he's read books. Plural. If you want to fight a dragon you need to find a Kindly Mentor who can teach you all their Secret Strategies.

So all he needs to do is find this old Tal-Vashoth dragonslayer his cousin keeps going on about, get him to teach Harmon about dragons, convince everyone else to go along with his dragon-hunting plans, fight a dragon, and win.

Easy, right?

Starring one cheerful qunari grandpa, one grumpy necromancer grandpa, and a bunch of Nevarran mercenaries who are about to have a very educational experience.
fic  id:coveredinfeels  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  slash  s:IronBull/Dorian  futurefic  outsiderpov  'ao3  fluff 
11 days ago
Not Quite Plan M
Summary: One of them had to get caught eventually.

|| Nate was always aware that one of them could get caught by the people they're conning, who could then turn out to be smarter than they thought, leaving the person in the hands of hostile, angry people without any way to communicate with the rest of the team.

He isn't particularly surprised when that person turns out to be Hardison.

He's a little surprised, though, at the way Parker goes pale and fidgety and quiet when they realize they’ve lost all contact. Eliot's growl he expects, but the punch through the wall as he swears long and low — that catches Nate a little off guard, too.
fic  f:Leverage  poly  s:Parker/Hardison/Eliot  established_relationship  teamfic  'ao3 
11 days ago
Paying It Forward (The Ain't Gonna Happen, X Remix) - Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Archive of Our Own]
A minion of a dark power seeks to visit an injustice on Anya. But what goes around, comes around this time, thanks to Faith.
fic  id:JediButtercup  f:BtVS  AU  AU:canon_divergence  fixit  short  'ao3 
13 days ago
we the penitent (with humble heart) - Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup) - Sleepy Hollow (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
No amount of linguistic detachment could ever now change the fact that regardless of his feelings on the subject, Ichabod had, when put to the question, chosen her partnership over his marriage.
fic  id:JediButtercup  f:SleepyHollow(TV)  AU  AU:canon_divergence  fixit  het  s:Abbie/Ichabod  'ao3  long 
16 days ago
Just This Side of Sanity - Sholio - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Being married to Diana means dealing with Diana's weird friends. Christie is mostly okay with this. Mostly.
fic  id:Sholio  f:WhiteCollar  femslash  s:Canon_Pairings  'ao3 
16 days ago
Truth in Advertising - misura - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Wait," Quill says. "You mean that thing's real?"

Peter Quill/Garthan Saal
fic  f:Marvel  f:GotG  MCU  slash  s:unspecified  short  'ao3 
20 days ago
Passing Through - icarus_chained - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
While on her way through the haunted greywoods after escaping a rather angry lordling, mercenary Halethe Longstrider stumbles across a gaunt, frightened runaway in an old ruin. He's not the worst thing she could have stumbled across, though. At least he isn't a haunt.
fic  id:icarus_chained  f:OriginalFiction  gen  short  'ao3 
21 days ago
Night Shift - icarus_chained - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
They were supposed to go quiet, leave the heroing to people better suited to it. They left too many bodies behind them. They needed to stop before some cop or some daylight hero started taking proper interest. But one night Ellie Lime comes up to Mona Rambeau with a missing friend and a bloodstained necklace in her hand. There's been murders lately. There's been bodies. Maybe there's still some work left for the Night Shift to do.

Dark urban fantasy/superhero noir.
fic  id:icarus_chained  f:OriginalFiction  gen  'ao3 
22 days ago
a gold star for chocolate stars - aliencereal - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Valentine's Day turns UA into a battlefield.

Okay, technically it's a battlefield all the time. They have literal fields for battling in.

Still, the metaphor stands.
fic  id:aliencereal  f:misc.anime/manga  slash  s:unspecified  short  'ao3 
22 days ago
Setting The Stuns'ls - Primarybufferpanel (ArwenLune), glasscannon - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
When word reaches Nassau that Captain Derrick of the Nemo has kidnapped Abigail Ashe, daughter of the Lord Governor of the Carolinas, and intends to sell her to the pirate crew offering the highest bid, Captain Flint and his crew take matters into their own hands and mount a rescue.

Though she is no longer a prisoner, Abigail's journey is far from over.
fic  id:ArwenLune  f:BlackSails  long  extra-long  AU  AU:canon_divergence  het  s:unspecified  'ao3 
23 days ago
Of Cats and Mortgages - SvengoolieCat - Skyfall (2012) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
“He did my job for me, killing his master,” Bond said. “He got around his feet and tripped him down a flight of stairs. Leaving him to get blown up with the rest of them seemed a churlish way to repay him.”

The cat chirruped agreeably, and washed a paw. Despite being brought from south Ireland in a bag, the feline looked well-cared for.

“You brought me a cat. A murder cat, owned by your villain du jour.”

In which Q is brought offerings of murder cats, keeps losing his pens to a certain kleptomaniacal agent, and is generally oblivious to/confused by Bond's attempts at catching his attention.
fic  f:JamesBond  slash  s:unspecified  short  animals  'ao3  oblivious 
24 days ago
Stranger the Better - mautadite - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin [Archive of Our Own]
“It… still doesn’t mean we’re dating Jon and Sam, does it?”

“Well, Iunno,” says Ygritte, “maybe we should be.”

Gilly/Jon Snow/Samwell Tarley/Ygritte (ASoIaF)
fic  f:GameOfThrones  poly  s:unspecified  explicit  'ao3 
24 days ago
Three Months is a Long-Ass Time - Write_like_an_American - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When Yondu first saw the gonk, he thought that’s my boy.

But it wasn’t long - barely a minute, in fact - before his broad grin faded. It shrunk, wizening into a downturned line as Yondu realized not only that Quill had cost his faction their reputation, their prize, and their money, but also that the goofy doll in the containment sphere was the closest he was getting to a goodbye.

Yondu tries to understand why Peter left, with the help of a certain Zune.
fic  f:Marvel  f:GotG  MCU  gen  family  'ao3 
25 days ago
Wolf Star - Sholio - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Peter goes to the stars with a secret. (Mildly AU. Peter is a werewolf. Uses the same werewolf "rules" as my White Collar werewolf 'verse.)
fic  id:Sholio  f:Marvel  f:GotG  MCU  gen  AU  AU:supernatural  short  'ao3 
25 days ago
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