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Hozier Full Performance on SNL 10/11/2014 - YouTube
Video link Hozier Full Performance on SNL 10/11/2014 Hozier Full Performance on SNL 10/11/2014
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october 2014 by eske
Jacob Appelbaum discusses the fallacy of Americans thinking that they won't be targeted, passive and active surveillance methods, AI and human analyst systems working together, satellite networks, deep packet inspection & injection, military contractors getting special access to surveillance programs, proprietary vs open source software, OTR messaging, hoarding exploits for self-gain. A great talk from an amazing person. 2014 Security Summit Video altered for audio clarity from ITWeb. No infringement intended.
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august 2014 by eske
This talk by the late David Foster Wallace might just change the way you see the tiny, sometimes annoying, details of life. This simple unChristian talk might just blow your mind & Make You a Better Christian. This was the commencement speech he gave at Kenyon College in 2005. The speech is published in a short book called This is Water.
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july 2014 by eske
Cordkillers Ep. 15 - Tamping the Musket with Chet Kanojia - YouTube
We interview CEO Chet Kanojia about Aereo's chances in the Supreme Court, what he'll do if they lose, and his plan for dealign with the broadcaster's threats to pull broadcasts from over the air.
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april 2014 by eske

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