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Command line tool to ssh into ec2 instance using instance id. Can start/stop instances.
ec2  aws  ssh  tools  software  esh-anvilon 
september 2016 by esh
ssl/ssh multiplexer to support https web server and ssh server on same port 443
ssh  443  https  ssl  openvpn  tools  software  security  firewalls  esh-anvilon 
september 2012 by esh
Retrieve Public ssh Key From EC2 -
How to retrieve your public ssh key from Amazon EC2 when you don't have the private key
ec2  esh  articles  howto  tutorials  ssh  esh-anvilon 
december 2011 by esh
Solving: "I can't connect to my server on Amazon EC2" -
Wrote this article to help people solve common EC2 connectivity problems.
esh  EC2  Ubuntu  alestic  ssh  connectivity  tutorials  howto  esh-anvilon 
august 2009 by esh
Using sudo, ssh, rsync on the Official Ubuntu Images for EC2 -
Instructions on how to use the "ubuntu" account on the official Ubuntu images for EC2.
blogs  ec2  ubuntu  sudo  ssh  rsync  esh  esh-anvilon 
may 2009 by esh
Public Debian ssh server with registration through IRC
free  ssh  Debian  tools  services  irc  esh-anvilon 
april 2009 by esh
SSLkeys - Debian Wiki
Specific instructions on how to regenerate weak SSL keys in various software packages
security  SSL  ssh  encryption  tutorials  howto  esh-anvilon  toread 
may 2008 by esh
Cryptography of SSH
Step-by-step overview of the SSH2 protocol
cryptography  ssh  reference  security  privacy  esh-anvilon  via:Allan 
may 2008 by esh
SSH Authentication: A Basic Overview
"Simple" explanation of how ssh encryption/authentication works. Perhaps too simple.
ssh  encryption  privacy  security  tutorials  esh-anvilon 
may 2008 by esh
Amazon EC2 and ssh host key security
Doing my part to spread fear and paranoia through the Amazon EC2 community
Amazon  EC2  security  ssh  esh-anvilon 
may 2008 by esh
How to add an "ssh to public DNS name" option to the EC2 Firefox extension
Amazon  EC2  Firefox  extensions  software  tools  ssh  esh-anvilon 
november 2007 by esh
Creates a toolbar menu to open ssh terminals to various hosts. I edit the config file manually for maximum customization
ssh  linux  ubuntu  software  tools  esh-anvilon  top 
september 2007 by esh
Nice looking offsite backup option from the folks who run JohnCompanies. A bit expensive when compared to Amazon S3, but much cleaner.
linux  backup  tools  services  sysadmin  esh-anvilon  filesystem  hosting  isp  rsync  ssh  storage  security  networking 
july 2007 by esh
Share mouse and keyboard using x2x and ssh
Like dual-head monitors, but you can move your mouse between displays on different computers and it moves keyboard focus to each computer. No KVM switch involved.
x2x  ssh  tools  software  Ubuntu  Linux  KVM  tutorial  howto  dual  laptops  displays  via:jm 
august 2006 by esh
GNU screen and SSH agent forwarding
Working on my own approach to this problem, but there are some good notes here
ssh  screen  linux  toread 
june 2006 by esh
Cluster SSH - Cluster Admin Via SSH
Open xterms on multiple remote hosts and send keystrokes to all of them simultaneously. More interactive than multissh and Ubuntu package is available. Doesn't seem to work well with gnome-terminal, so: echo "terminal=/usr/bin/xterm" >>$HOME/.csshrc
ubuntu  ssh  cluster  sysadmin  xterm 
april 2006 by esh

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