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dyndns checkip
"What is my IP" - for automated scripts
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march 2015 by esh
Upper Limits on Number of Amazon EC2 Instances by Region -
Amazon has reserved nearly a million IP addresses for use by EC2 instances
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august 2011 by esh
garnaat/missingcloud - GitHub
Useful data about Amazon AWS/EC2 service (ip addresses, endpoints, and more) that you can't find in one place anywhere else, especially in a format for programs to read
amazon  aws  EC2  instance-types  ipaddress  endpoints  reference  github  esh-anvilon  ip  addresses  networking 
april 2011 by esh
Symantec IP Reputation Lookup
Another tool to check IP address reputation. Seems to be a bit too aggressive so far.
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november 2009 by esh
Looks like it has some good data about domains, IP addresses, etc, but requires payment for most of it.
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january 2009 by esh
IP Address Range by country
Not sure where they get their info or how up to date it is
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december 2007 by esh
APNIC IP ranges by country
Useful if you need to block all traffic from specific Asia-Pacific countries
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december 2007 by esh - Community Geotarget IP Project
Interesting approach to create a free IP address location database competing with the commercial "MaxMind" version. This one is a little to a lot wrong for my IP addresses of interest, but is probably going to keep improving.
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april 2006 by esh
Automated IP address failover for clustering
scaling  sysadmin  networking  failover  loadbalancing  via:ask  clustering  architecture  ip  tools  software  linux 
december 2005 by esh

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