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Find a doctor/dentist by specialty and insurance coverage. Book your first appointment online.
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march 2013 by esh
Festive medical myths
I'm going to need this reference when I get into arguments in coming years
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january 2009 by esh
For people who like to cook and eat healthy
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december 2008 by esh
I use workrave to force me to take little breaks and remind me to focus back on work instead of distractions. Add to top panel and configure applet to show timers next to each other. Ubuntu: apt-get install workrave
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june 2007 by esh - 15 Ways to Live Longer
Perhaps some "questionable cause" fallacies here.
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may 2006 by esh
Take pictures of what you eat and have a "nutrition advisor" analyze it. Requires Sprint PictureMail
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may 2006 by esh

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