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Nonlinear Least Squares Curve Fitting
Fits curves of different functions to your data
math  graphs  curvefitting  calculators  tools  esh 
may 2016 by esh
Generates large screen business dashboard from your data
analytics  metrics  tools  dashboards  graphs  esh-anvilon 
may 2013 by esh
Data visualization for IPEDS 2010 data
Graphs and charts for IPEDS 2010 college data
ipeds  graphs  charts  tools  colleges  esh-anvilon 
september 2011 by esh
thecloudmarket: EC2 spot price history charts
Includes the ability to compare historical prices across instance types and regions
EC2  spot  prices  charts  graphs  esh-anvilon 
january 2010 by esh
Graphs of EC2 spot instance price history
ec2  spot  prices  charts  graphs  esh-anvilon 
december 2009 by esh
Graph the growth in Twitter followers over 3 months.
twitter  analytics  statistics  metrics  graphs  tools  esh-anvilon 
may 2009 by esh
The Frugal Future [PDF]
Everybody has an agenda and there are a number of chart games played here, but there are still quite a few points worth noting
charts  graphs  economics  realestate  papers  articles  2008  esh-anvilon  filetype:pdf  media:document 
october 2008 by esh
My twitter chart at Xefer shows that I tend to sleep in the early-late morning hours.
twitter  tools  charts  graphs  esh-anvilon 
october 2008 by esh
Simple, but useful Twitter statistics for your account
Twitter  statistics  graphs  tools  esh-anvilon 
april 2008 by esh
Open Flash Chart
You provide the data, it provides the pretty picture
charts  graphs  graphics  flash  esh-anvilon  via:stevecaldwell 
december 2007 by esh
Ask recommends Munin, so I'm going to have to investigate. I have a need in this area, am fed up with automating MRTG configurations, and Cacti didn't grab me. Based on Perl and RRD Rool with a plugin architecture and an Ubuntu package, Munin sounds per
munin  monitoring  software  graphs  networking  performance  memory  rrdtool  mrtg  sysadmin  tracking  ubuntu  via:ask  esh-anvilon 
may 2007 by esh
RRDtool - rrdgraph
Documentation on how to use "rrdtool graph" to generate graphs from RRDs (round robin databases) which were generated by rrdtool (possibly using MRTG)
rrd  rrdtool  mrtg  graphs  sysadmin  top  reference 
june 2006 by esh
SF Gate: California residents born in another country
Based on data from the US Census (which may not be quite accurate for this particular data)
articles  graphs  california  imigrants 
may 2006 by esh

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