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The Locker Project
Cool project to enable off-site backing up of your personal content on various services. Very early development stages
twitter  facebook  flickr  imap  data  security  privacy  backups  software  tools  esh-anvilon 
may 2011 by esh
Facebook Graph API
Facebook's documentation on their Graph API
facebook  api  reference  esh-anvilon 
july 2010 by esh
The CPAN module for accessing Facebook information with Perl
perl  CPAN  facebook  api  software  esh-anvilon 
july 2010 by esh
Facebook Notify
Works in Ubuntu desktop to notify when anything happens on Facebook
facebook  Ubuntu  software  tools  esh-anvilon 
june 2010 by esh
Facebook Chat
Facebook supports Jabber / XMPP (Pidgin)
facebook  jabber  xmpp  pidgin  chat  esh-anvilon 
february 2010 by esh
Facebook | statustalker
Some friends just launched this Facebook app. Get a few friends on it and have some fun with interactive status message conversations
facebook  extensions  social  tools  statustalker  esh-anvilon 
november 2007 by esh
The next generation of social networking services.
social  networking  facebook  top  esh-anvilon 
august 2007 by esh

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