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G Suite Toolbox: Check MX
Tool to review MX DNS entries for a domain
email  dns  mx  tools  esh-anvilon 
april 2017 by esh
CloudWatch Events => Lambda => automatically create Route53 DNS entries for new EC2 instances
aws  cloudwatch  awslambda  dns  ec2  route53  tools  esh-anvilon 
december 2016 by esh
dmarcian - SPF Surveyor
Validate SPF records in DNS. Also provides record flattening suggestions
spf  dns  email  tools  esh-anvilon 
july 2015 by esh
kitterman SPF validation
Validate SPF records in DNS
spf  dns  email  tools  esh-anvilon 
july 2015 by esh
SPF Policy Tester
Looks up SPF DNS entries for domain and tests to see if an IP address would pass. Also shows all of the recursive lookups which is handy.
SPF  testing  tools  email  DNS  esh-anvilon 
june 2013 by esh
Public domain suffix list
List of effective TLD names kept by Mozilla (thinkgs like ".com" and "")
TLDs  domains  reference  lists  esh-anvilon  data  dns 
september 2012 by esh
DNS alternative based on Bitcoin
bitcoin  namecoin  dns  software  privacy  security  esh-anvilon 
may 2011 by esh
Converts bind9 DNS zone file to Amazon Route53 XML format
bind  dns  route53  aws  tools  software  esh-anvilon 
february 2011 by esh
Amazon Web Services Blog: DNS30 - A Visual Tool for Amazon Route 53
Clear, practical tutorial on how to use AWS IAM (identity and access management) to restrict third party permissions to just what they need to be allowed to do with your AWS account.
amazon  aws  iam  dns30  route53  tutorials  howto  blogs  dns  jbarr  esh-anvilon 
february 2011 by esh
Free DNS and secondary DNS hosting
dns  tools  services  esh-anvilon 
december 2008 by esh
Thinking of switching. ISP are becoming less trustworthy.
dns  tools  services  security  networking  sysadmin  esh-anvilon  toread 
july 2008 by esh
DNS Made Easy
Seems to be a cheap and popular dynamic DNS service
dns  dynamicdns  service  sysadmin  network  tools  esh-anvilon 
january 2008 by esh
Another dynamic DNS service which seems to have a number of recommendations and software support
dynamicdns  dns  tools  services  sysadmin  networking  esh-anvilon 
december 2007 by esh
Might try this inexpensive domain registrar with free/cheap whois privacy and free dynamic DNS (supported by ddclient package in Ubuntu)
domains  registrars  dns  dynamicdns  tools  networking  sysadmin  services  shopping  esh-anvilon 
october 2007 by esh
DNS services including dynamic DNS. Cost based on network bandwidth used.
dns  services  dynamicdns  tools  network  sysadmin  esh-anvilon 
october 2007 by esh
Various DNS services including dynamic DNS
dns  services  dynamicdns  network  sysadmin  shopping  tools  esh-anvilon 
october 2007 by esh
Dynamic DNS and other services
dns  services  dynamicdns  network  sysadmin  shopping  tools  esh-anvilon 
september 2007 by esh
SURBL -- Spam URI Realtime Blocklists
Used to detect possible spam URLs based on domains.
spam  phishing  blocklisting  URLs  DNS  services  tools  top  esh-anvilon 
october 2006 by esh
"Reliable Free DNS, Static DNS, Dynamic DNS, URL Redirection"
tools  dns  via:jm 
august 2006 by esh
O'Reilly Network -- Cooking with DNS & BIND
If your bind9 forwarding dns server has picked up a bad IP address for some host name, you can flush it out and have the server go query the name again by using the command: "rndc flushname HOSTNAME". Looks like a book I might want to read.
dns  bind9  linux  reference 
june 2006 by esh - Community Geotarget IP Project
Interesting approach to create a free IP address location database competing with the commercial "MaxMind" version. This one is a little to a lot wrong for my IP addresses of interest, but is probably going to keep improving.
via:jm  geo  networking  data  dns  ip 
april 2006 by esh
COM NET Registry - TLD Zone Access Program from VeriSign, Inc.
Simple process to get access to the complete list of .com/.net domain names that are currently registered (and have name servers).
domains  registration  registrars  dns  data 
march 2006 by esh
DNS Report
Runs lots of great tests against your domain's DNS including parent, NS, SOA, and MX
dns  email  rfc  tools  top 
july 2004 by esh
FreeDNS - Free DNS, Dynamic DNS, subdomain and domain hosting.
Free DNS, Dynamic DNS, subdomain and domain hosting
dns  free  sysadmin  tools 
june 2004 by esh

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