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Local copy of a terabyte of the world's Free information.
devices  electronics  databases  storage 
june 2013 by esh
Find out mobile capabilities of browser useragent with an API call
useragents  databases  reference  tools  apis  mobile  browsers  esh-anvilon 
august 2012 by esh
Mobile Device Database by ScientiaMobile
useragents  databases  reference  tools  mobile  browsers  esh-anvilon 
august 2012 by esh
Look up vendor for ethernet/bluetooth MAC address
databases  tools  mac  ethernet  networking  sysadmin  esh-anvilon 
february 2010 by esh
Dabble DB
Simple online database application builder
databases  data  tools  esh-anvilon 
december 2009 by esh
OurDelta - Builds for MySQL » InnoDB Freeze
According to this, "FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK" may not be sufficient to get consistent database snapshots
mysql  databases  sysadmin  ec2  esh-anvilon 
january 2009 by esh
OurDelta - Builds for MySQL » Ubuntu
Thinking of testing this MySQL database with patches from Percona & Google on an EC2 Ubuntu system
ourdelta  percona  mysql  ubuntu  databases  esh-anvilon 
january 2009 by esh
databases for purchase including ZIP codes, area codes, metro areas, etc.
shopping  ZIP  areacode  metro  databases  esh-anvilon 
september 2008 by esh
Toolkit of utilities and tools for MySQL. Ubuntu package: maatkit
maatkit  mysql  tools  software  dba  databases  esh-anvilon 
august 2008 by esh
Running MySQL on Amazon EC2 with Elastic Block Store (EBS)
A tutorial I wrote which describes how I use Amazon EBS for MySQL with snapshot backup and restore
esh  tutorials  howto  Amazon  EC2  EBS  MySQL  databases  sysadmin  XFS  esh-anvilon 
august 2008 by esh
NAUPA: National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators
Once every few years it's good to see if you have forgotten money
money  unclaimed  government  search  databases  esh-anvilon 
july 2008 by esh
Another people lookup with questionable service privacy violations
privacy  databases  people  esh-anvilon  social 
june 2008 by esh
USPS - Address Information Systems (AIS) Products
"city state" product is a good place to get US city, state, ZIP mappings
USPS  ZIP  databases  reference 
may 2008 by esh
Amazon SimpleDB competitor built on Facebook's Thrift platform with several backend storage options including S3. Integrates with memcached, spread, Lucene, and more.
thrudb  databases  storage  ec2  s3  simpledb  esh-anvilon 
march 2008 by esh
Amazon SimpleDB™- Limited Beta
Another web service from that offers some interesting possibilities.
Amazon  databases  AWS  SimpleDB  tools  software  services  esh-anvilon 
december 2007 by esh
Campaign Finance
Find out what candidates your neighbors like (contribution zip search at top)
databases  privacy  search  politics  esh-anvilon 
november 2007 by esh
Pipl - People Search
Meta search for personal information
databases  privacy  search  esh-anvilon 
november 2007 by esh
List of useragent values for browsers and robots/spiders
useragent  databases  robots  reference  esh-anvilon 
september 2007 by esh
MySpace: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Article on the ways that MySpace scaled during their growth
articles  2007  MySpace  databases  scaling  performance  via:mijit  esh-anvilon 
may 2007 by esh
Open Tools for MySQL Administrators
Stuff I should look at when I need to figure out what's going on with MySQL
mysql  sysadmin  databases  tools  tips  monitoring  lists  esh-anvilon 
october 2006 by esh
MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual
The main online reference manual for MySQL 5
databases  documentation  mysql  mysql5  reference  manuals  sql  top 
september 2006 by esh
I'm going to start using this to figure out what telemarketer keeps calling my cell phone with a pre-recorded Spanish message.
phones  cell  databases  numbers  telemarketers  esh-anvilon 
august 2006 by esh
Missing Money - Free Search for Unclaimed Property
You should check this database every few years to see if any institution is holding money for you or someone in your family and has been unable to reach you (e.g., because you moved).
money  government  research  databases  esh-anvilon 
august 2006 by esh
MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 7.4.2 Make Your Data as Small as Possible
Didn't know this: "If you always use many columns when selecting from the table, you should use the column with more duplicates first to obtain better compression of the index."
mysql  reference  optimization  databases  index 
july 2006 by esh
Alex Davies: Linux HOWTOs - MySQL cluster
Tutorial for setting up a MySQL cluster with two servers using mysql-max
mysql  databases  sysadmin  architecture  loadbalancing  failover  tutorials  toread  linux 
december 2005 by esh
Multi-RBL check
Real time block list lookups
spam  email  tools  databases  rbl 
may 2005 by esh
SURBL Checker
Checks domain against URIBL's to see if it is being blacklisted for being in emails
email  spam  tools  databases  rbl 
july 2004 by esh
Documents domains that do not follow some RFCs so that other people can reject email from those domains
email  rfc  spam  tools  databases 
june 2004 by esh
MySQL Manual
Documentation for the increasingly powerful database
databases  mysql  reference  top 
may 2004 by esh

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