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Dark Sky API
Excellent localized weather data including near-term and 7-day forecasts, and historical data.
apis  weather  darksky  tools  data  forecasts  history  esh-anvilon 
september 2017 by esh
Command line tool that flattens JSON to CSV format
csv  json  conversion  data  tools  software  esh-anvilon 
september 2013 by esh
Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks
Neighborhood income maps of U.S. cities
income  census  economics  maps  geo  data  esh-anvilon 
january 2013 by esh
Open repository of web crawl data
data  www  database  archives  web  internet  robots  crawl  esh-anvilon 
january 2013 by esh
Public domain suffix list
List of effective TLD names kept by Mozilla (thinkgs like ".com" and "")
TLDs  domains  reference  lists  esh-anvilon  data  dns 
september 2012 by esh
APIs - US Census Bureau
The US census data is available through APIs
API  US  census  data  tools  reference  esh-anvilon 
august 2012 by esh
Weather graphs and maps for weather addicts
weather  tools  esh-anvilon  charts  data 
december 2011 by esh
The Locker Project
Cool project to enable off-site backing up of your personal content on various services. Very early development stages
twitter  facebook  flickr  imap  data  security  privacy  backups  software  tools  esh-anvilon 
may 2011 by esh
Export Your Bookmarks on Delicious
Export your Bookmarks on Delicious ... before the site is closed
delicious  export  data  esh-anvilon 
december 2010 by esh
the Data Liberation Front
Team (at Google) working to make it easy to get your data into and out of Google products and services
data  migration  Google  esh-anvilon 
december 2010 by esh
Dabble DB
Simple online database application builder
databases  data  tools  esh-anvilon 
december 2009 by esh
Altos Research
Local real estate market trends, some info free
realestate  data  via:joee  esh-anvilon 
december 2006 by esh
Wipe: Secure File Deletion
A utility that tries to delete a file (or directory tree) and write over the contents so that it can't be recovered. Ubuntu: apt-get install wipe
wipe  sysadmin  ubuntu  disks  security  privacy  data  tools  software  esh-anvilon 
august 2006 by esh
TestDisk / PhotoRec
photorec recovers deleted files from a disk or memory card. Poorly documented and ancient interface, but it does an amazing job. Find the option to recover only the file types you want.
Ubuntu: apt-get install testdisk
undelete  data  recovery  photos  security  privacy  tools  software  ubuntu  disk  esh-anvilon 
august 2006 by esh - Community Geotarget IP Project
Interesting approach to create a free IP address location database competing with the commercial "MaxMind" version. This one is a little to a lot wrong for my IP addresses of interest, but is probably going to keep improving.
via:jm  geo  networking  data  dns  ip 
april 2006 by esh
COM NET Registry - TLD Zone Access Program from VeriSign, Inc.
Simple process to get access to the complete list of .com/.net domain names that are currently registered (and have name servers).
domains  registration  registrars  dns  data 
march 2006 by esh

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