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ImperialViolet - Overclocking SSL
Google claims SSL (https) can be done cheaply and describes how
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august 2010 by esh
Cryptography of SSH
Step-by-step overview of the SSH2 protocol
cryptography  ssh  reference  security  privacy  esh-anvilon  via:Allan 
may 2008 by esh
Perl implementation of an 80-bit key, 32-bit block cipher based on Skipjack. Useful for encrypting internal database ids into short strings to show on URLs, and decrypting them on page request.
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september 2007 by esh
Skip32 - 80-bit key, 32-bit block cipher based on Skipjack
I translated this to Perl and am looking to upload it to PAUSE/CPAN
C  software  tools  cryptography  security  esh-anvilon 
september 2007 by esh
HOWTO: Encrypted directory with EncFS
Simple instructions to automatically and transparently encrypt files in an Ubuntu file system (though metadata is still visible)
security  encryption  cryptography  howto  tutorials  reference  Ubuntu  Linux  filesystem  software  esh-anvilon 
august 2007 by esh
Interesting idea for using a single password to generate unique password for web sites (if you trust the web service or can always install the firefox extension)
cryptography  passwords  security  software  tools  extensions  firefox  esh-anvilon 
january 2007 by esh
Nice plugin to gaim that supports encryption (at least between to gaim users that have this installed an enabled).
cryptography  privacy  security  plugins  gaim  linux  ubuntu  top  software 
june 2006 by esh
I use encrypted file systems, but it looks like this makes it easier than ever and the Windows/Linux portability is attractive (e.g., flash drive).
storage  cryptography  software  linux  sysadmin  security  privacy  windows  via:mijit 
march 2006 by esh
SSH Filesystem
I've been waiting a long time for something like this. There's a package in Ubuntu, but it doesn't quite work for me when followng the simple instructions.
ubuntu  debian  linux  sysadmin  filesystem  cryptography  security  networking  via:mijit 
march 2006 by esh
OpenVPN - An Open Source SSL VPN Solution by James Yonan
Great VPN system. Lets you connect two networks securely over UDP.
top  vpn  security  linux  sysadmin  networking  ubuntu  cryptography 
january 2006 by esh
Manual encryption/decryption with a deck of cards and a shared secret.
cryptography  security 
september 2004 by esh

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