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Sample Size Calculator - Optimizely
Desired sample size to measure AB test conversion improvement
abtest  calculators  statistics  significance  esh-anvilon 
july 2016 by esh
Nonlinear Least Squares Curve Fitting
Fits curves of different functions to your data
math  graphs  curvefitting  calculators  tools  esh 
may 2016 by esh
Calculator: Binomial Probabilities (and Poisson Distribution)
Probability calculator for questions like: "If 1000 events each have a 1% chance of success, what is the probability that there will be fewer than 5 successes?"
binomial  probabilities  statistics  poisson  math  calculators  tools  esh-anvilon 
december 2013 by esh
Financial calculators for buying vs renting and more
realestate  calculators  finances  tools  esh-anvilon 
october 2012 by esh
Cloud Compute Costs & Sizes
Nice analysis of EC2 instance types, memory, disk, CPU, and cost.
EC2  reference  calculators  esh-anvilon 
october 2012 by esh
AWS Policy Generator
Tool to generate AWS IAM policy documents for EC2, S3, etc.
aws  iam  calculators  tools  security  amazon  s3  ec2  esh-anvilon 
january 2011 by esh
If mechanics scare you, this site might help
mechanics  cars  calculators  repairs  esh-anvilon 
august 2008 by esh
USCF Chess Ratings Calculator
Figure out how a tournament results might affect your rating before they are published
chess  calculators  via:RoelSanchez  esh-anvilon 
may 2007 by esh
Web Chi Square Calculator
Very nice tool for calculating statistical significance for AB tests
calculators  math  statistics  tools  testing  abtest  chi-square  esh-anvilon  top 
march 2007 by esh
Web based spreadsheet that multiple people can edit at the same time
spreadsheet  calculators  web2.0  tools  ajax  via:joee 
april 2006 by esh
Expenses sharing calculator - Seems like a cool idea if well executed
calculators  tools  finance 
january 2006 by esh

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