Fairy Tale Architecture: The Death of Koschei the Deathless
The brother-sister duo of writer Kate Bernheimer and architect Andrew Bernheimer curate a series in which diverse architects explore the intimate relationship between the domestic structure of fairy tales and the imaginative realm of architecture.
5 weeks ago
Disability Studies Quarterly
The first journal in the field of disability studies
Archive  (dis)Ability 
6 weeks ago
Future Archive
The digital revolution in publishing has resulted in a wealth of online content; left behind, however, is a rich store of material which has limited cultural presence because it has limited digital presence. In line with Places’ commitment to public scholarship, “Future Archive” spotlights significant works of 20th-century criticism or history; each installment features the full text of the older article, introduced and contextualized by a contemporary scholar.
6 weeks ago
eCollectibles are tangible digital objects that you can collect, own, and share with your friends. ShakyPlanet is an iPhone application, and it is “The Only Place on the Planet” to get eCollectibles. Each eCollectible portrays a character or brand that are already established as real-world collectibles. Once you own an eCollectible it’s yours to keep.
7 weeks ago
Bruno Latour, the Post-Truth Philosopher, Mounts a Defense of Science - The New York Times
Wonderful article on the evolving reception of Latour's work on Science and Technology Studies and what he is up to now.
9 weeks ago
Theory, Culture & Society - Volume 30, Number 6, Nov 01, 2013
Special issue of Theory, Culture & Society on "Cultural Techniques"
Media_Archeology  Media_Theory 
11 weeks ago
Western theatre - Theatre of the 20th century and beyond | Britannica.com
they shared a belief that human life was essentially without meaning or purpose and that valid communication was no longer possible. The human condition, they felt, had sunk to a state of absurdity
11 weeks ago
Theatre of the Absurd | Britannica.com
...spend their days waiting—but without any certainty of whom they are waiting for or of whether he, or it, will ever come.
Language in an Absurdist play is often dislocated, full of cliches, puns, repetitions, and non sequiturs.
The characters in Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano (1950) sit and talk, repeating the obvious until it sounds like nonsense, thus revealing the inadequacies of verbal communication.
11 weeks ago
ryoji ikeda  |  news
Japan’s leading electronic composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda focuses on the essential characteristics of sound itself and that of visuals as light by means of both mathematical precision and mathematical aesthetics. Ikeda has gained a reputation as one of the few international artists working convincingly across both visual and sonic media. He elaborately orchestrates sound, visuals, materials, physical phenomena and mathematical notions into immersive live performances and installations.
Art  Sound  Noise  Archive 
11 weeks ago
Archive of Dieter Rams designs
12 weeks ago
Machiavelli I – S.P.Q.F. (Begins Machiavelli Series) – Ex Urbe
Series of posts on Machiavelli.
(consider the spatiality of saving articles to a library. Who saves them? When? Where? In what company? :)
october 2018
Setting the Record Straight by Going Wayback by Online News Association | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Talk by Mark Graham - Director, the Wayback Machine, The Internet Archive

"The public web is a fact checker’s dream, but not everything stays up forever. More than just an invaluable contribution to collective memory, the practice of web crawling, indexing and archiving empowers the research and journalism that is ultimately required to speak truth to power."
Archive  Media_Studies 
october 2018
The Internet’s keepers? “Some call us hoarders—I like to say we’re archivists” | Ars Technica
Little article and interview with the director of the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive
Archive  Media_Studies 
october 2018
The aesthetics of science fiction spaceship design by Kate Kinnear
In this thesis, we present a detailed analysis of the conventions that appear in fictional spaceship design, including a discussion of their origins, their uses in emulating certain traits, and reasons these conventions might be followed or ignored. We uncover these conventions by examining and comparing popular spaceship designs from the past sixty years, which we present in a detailed survey. We also examine an aesthetic interpretation of information theory, which can be used to describe the balance of uniformity amidst variety, and discuss specific strategies for incorporating these principles into the creation of spaceship surface details.
curiosities  Spaceships  design 
october 2018
Control Panel
"In praise of dials, toggles, buttons, and bulbs."
photography  curiosities 
october 2018
Drolleries | John Rylands Library Special Collections Blog
Drolleries are amusing figures or scenes, often depicted in the margins of a manuscript, or within an initial letter. Grotesques are fantastical or comic figures, often combining elements of human and animal forms.
Manuscripts  History  Media_Studies  curiosities  Drollerie 
september 2018
Paul Ricoeur (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Ricoeur came to formulate this as the idea of the “capable human being”. In it he seeks to give an account of the fundamental capabilities and vulnerabilities that human beings display in the activities that make up their lives, and to show how these capabilities enable responsible human action and life together.

Ricoeur had concluded that to study human reality properly, particularly in relation to the existence of evil, he had to combine phenomenological description with hermeneutic interpretation.
People  Philosophy 
september 2018
Marginal Scholarship
The principal aim was to analyze and interpret practices of annotating manuscripts in the early medieval period. For this purpose we collected observations on the annotations found in circa 350 manuscripts dating to the 8th, 9th and 10th centuries.
september 2018
Techniques of the Body
In fact, American walking fashions had begun to arrive over
here, thanks to the cinema. This was an idea I could generalise. The positions of the arms and hands while walking form a social idiosyncracy, they are not simply a product of some purely individual, almost completely psychical arrangements and mechanisms.
september 2018
A Companion to Digital Humanities
RP has as many facets as automatic writing has dimensions (see Fournel 1986). Generated text has a robotic author, itself created by a human programmer. There is a poetics of creating that author (here creativity lies in the writing of instructions); a poetics of generating a specific text ...
Robot  Poetry 
september 2018
RACTER, the author, is an automated algorithm, whose output confounds the metaphysics of authorship, refuting the privileged uniqueness of poetic genius. RACTER gives voice to its own electric.
delirium, doing so without cognition or intention, so that, much like a somniloquist, the device automatically blurts out statements that are syntactically orthodox, but semantically aberrant
Robot  Poetry  Media_Studies 
september 2018
Museum of Obsolete Media
"The Museum preserves the memory of those objects that held our memories, and every format listed in the Museum is represented by at least one example in the collection."
Media_Studies  History 
september 2018
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