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Trump poised to violate Constitution his first day in office, George W. Bush’s ethics lawyer says
Friday evening, the Washington Post reported that about 100 foreign diplomats gathered at President-elect Donald Trump’s hotel in Washington, DC to “to sip Trump-branded champagne, dine on sliders…
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november 2016 by ern
“Political Views” –
The tech world has ventured into the political landscape over the past couple of weeks thanks to Mozilla's misstep. Marco Arment offers a thought experiment that reflects my philosophy in recent years. Progress is only a matter of time.
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april 2014 by ern
YouTube - Stephen Colbert Opening Statement
Stephen Colbert gives his opening statement during a hearing of the Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship and Border Security.
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september 2010 by ern
U.S. announces arms control treaty with Russia -
RT : President Obama announces new nuclear arms pact with Russia.
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march 2010 by ern
Obama: Nobel Peace Prize is 'call to action' -
President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for not being President Bush like Win7 gets medals for not being Vista.
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october 2009 by ern
The Two Progressivisms -
Differences between rational and radical progressivisms
february 2009 by ern
Obama Promises New Era of Openness — Update | Threat Level |
Open and transparent from Day 1. Obama is such a breath of fresh air
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january 2009 by ern
A Failed War - The Daily Dish - The Atlantic
My thoughts exactly. Hey Obama, can you end the war on drugs too? Thanks.
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january 2009 by ern
President-Elect Barack Obama Holds First Press Conference - YouTube
It still hasn't fully sunk in that Obama won the presidency, but damn I can sure get used to press conferences like these
obama  politics  from twitter
november 2008 by ern
Obama’s Real Challenge: Shifting the Collective Consciousness
"Obama's uniqueness as a politician is that he understands that real change involves a change in consciousness"
obama  politics  from twitter
march 2008 by ern
Groups Respond to Obama’s Call for National Discussion About Race - New York Times
"Universities were moving to incorporate the issues Mr. Obama raised into classroom discussions and course work"
obama  politics  race  from twitter
march 2008 by ern

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