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Colorado Springs Math Teacher + Electoral College = Rebellion | The Colorado Ind...
ast their vote for whomever won their state. But no collaborative revolt ever
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november 2016 by erinfinnegan
Homeschooled with MIT courses at 5, accepted to MIT at 15 | MIT News
After acquiring his entire elementary and secondary education from OpenCourseWare an
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november 2015 by erinfinnegan
A World Without Work - The Atlantic
The word school, he pointed out, comes from skholē, the Greek word for “leisure.” “We used to teach people to be free,” he said. “Now we teach them to work.”
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june 2015 by erinfinnegan
When the heck did learning to code become cool? — Medium
Data Structures, Linked Lists, Trees, Depth First Search, Floyd’s Cycle Detection Algorithm. However it’s also a list of some stuff that comes up incredibly frequently on technical interviews.
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june 2015 by erinfinnegan
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