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Database of Early Computer Art
"Early" refers to the timespan from 1950 to 1979 
new_media_art  computer_art 
march 2010 by ericie
Tale of Tales
Belgian game company (Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn)
games  new_media_art 
april 2008 by ericie
The Institute For Figuring
The Institute For Figuring is an organization dedicated to the poetic and aesthetic dimensions of science, mathematics and the technical arts.
new_media_art  mathematics  science  geometry  visualization 
august 2007 by ericie
SantiagoOrtiz is Santiago Ortiz´s website including his interactive works and texts, and also information about exhibitions and events.
math  new_media_art 
august 2007 by ericie
Toshio Iwai on Wikipedia
New Media/Installation/Video Game artist Toshio Iwai
artist  new_media_art 
july 2007 by ericie
RSUBOX: Razorfish Subnetwork
A sponsored new media art site from 1999
april 2007 by ericie
Code & form » Computational aesthetics
Marius Watz blog about generative/interactive/media art and technology
generative  new_media_art 
march 2007 by ericie
artist working with games
new_media_art  games 
october 2006 by ericie
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