sasskittenfics: FIC: The Wedding Date 1
link to j2au!moviefic The Wedding Date. Super cute. Written by sasskitten. Kinda hard to find. Rec links were broken. 2008 winner Best Supporting Cast and Best Romance SPN Real Person Slash.
spn  j2  au  aufic  moviefic  supernatural  good 
october 2010
Char's Fic Masterpost
Char's masterpost of awesome fics. Many avail in pdf format.
spn  supernatural  unread  bigbang 
october 2010
Walls Masterpost
Jensen Ackles, the son of a wealthy shipping magnate, is the head of the company’s Miami office. His life consists of his job, caffeine, and hours of shallow, meaningless sex, and he couldn’t be happier until he discovers artist Jared Padalecki. One look and he wants nothing more to get into his pants, so he hires Jared as an excuse to meet him. The problem is, Jared’s not just a pretty face and the more Jensen learns about him, the more he tries to hide about himself. Eventually, he’ll have to choose to come clean or risk losing Jared for good.
au  bigbang08  spn  supernatural  j2 
october 2010
Please Hold (Our Technicians Will Be Right With You) (Master Post)
Artist name: vorpal_pen
Genre: AU RPS
Pairing: J2, Sophia Bush/Tom Welling
Rating: NC-17 Word count: ~22,150 AU based on the TV show Chuck, so random spoilers for season 1. Jared was twenty-five and living with his sister and her live-in boyfriend; his best friend from elementary school, Chad, lived down the street and he's working at a Buy More. Barring drugs or hookers, Jared's pretty sure this is what rock bottom looks like. Then, his ex-BFF sent him an encrypted file and now he has a computer in his brain, bad guys chasing him, friends returning from the dead, and oh yeah- a super sexy CIA handler he can't get out of his head.
spn  j2  unread  supernatural  au  bigbang10  bigbang  author:biancathecookie  fic  fanfiction 
august 2010
lovesrain44: Master Fic Post: Blue Skies From Rain
What's the difference between love and lust? Castiel and Uriel have their own opinions about what's between the Winchester brothers, and each is determined to prove the other wrong. The true test comes in the form of multiple alternate scenarios which make one thing absolutely certain: Sam and Dean will always find each other, despite the circumstances in which they're placed. But is it love or lust?~50k
spn  supernatural  good 
august 2010
Beautiful Disaster
Freaking Very Best J2 Big BANG EVER!!! Nyxie is a Goddess of Hotness. She also wrote Homework verse. Someone said this fic unworthy. They no not. It is the worthiest of all. Jensen Guitarist/Jared Roadie HOT HOT HOT! AWESOME! JUST BLOODY FANFUCKINGTASTIC! Is it even bigbang? Not even sure. Doesn't matter. Best way to absorb is to download Chemm80's wonderful podfic from jinjury. It's got the music so you don't have to just read the lyrics. And she is the absolute best reader of ALL TIME! (Well, a tie between her and Juice817). Even tho its partially Jensen/omc,its Justin Hartley and well. HOT! You will ball and laugh and hug it all day. In chap 5 when they sing In The Blood by Better Than Ezra and then right after that. Yeah. I keep that chapter on my Ipod forever.
spn  supernaturalrecs  supernatural  bigbang  j2  aufic 
august 2010
SPN Recs
Older stories. No wincest. Just to see if any good.
spn  supernatural  supernaturalrecs 
july 2010
Signs and Portents - AESC fics
Where Dean doesn't realize it but everyone thinks he and Cas are together
spn  supernatural  castiel  pg-13  good  fic  fics  funny 
march 2010
Library of Sol
Cas reads fanfic Fourth Wall series
spn  supernatural  community  fic  fourthwall 
march 2010
abuse au audio aufic author:biancathecookie bigbang bigbang08 bigbang10 castiel community Dean dean/cas fanfiction fic fics fourthwall from funny girl!cas good j2 john/dean/sam Masterlist masterpost moviefic pg-13 Rated:G rescue revenge ruby sextoy!dean spn supernatural supernaturalrecs toy!dean unread wincest

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