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The Grammar of Animation
Slides from UseR2018 keynote from Thomas Pedersen
R  graphics  ggplot2  presentations  useR2018 
july 2018 by eric-ruser
karawoo/2018-06-02-cascadiarconf: Slides for my CascadiaRConf keynote
Kara Woo's presentation about using Git and R for contributions
R  presentations  git  github 
july 2018 by eric-ruser
Airtable spreadsheet api tutorial from satrday
R  conference  presentations  data  api 
june 2018 by eric-ruser
Make Your Presentations Fun in Xaringan | Steven V. Miller
I have a series of templates for R Markdown. Here's one for a Xaringan presentation. I offer a guide on how to use it.
R  markdown  presentations  tutorial  xaringan 
june 2018 by eric-ruser

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