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Setting `session$userData` on the parent session from within a module · Issue #1546 · rstudio/shiny
Related to #1512 I want to add a flag to the session so that I know if this is the first time or not that a function gets called. I do this using the new session$userData env. When modules are not involved, this is fine. If the function ...
shiny  R  followup  modules 
15 hours ago by eric-ruser
nteetor/yonder: A reactive web framework built on shiny
A reactive web framework built on shiny. Contribute to nteetor/yonder development by creating an account on GitHub.
R  shiny  packages  followup 
9 days ago by eric-ruser
R: Animating 2D and 3D plots
Try helping av package demo with one of these examples
R  graphics 
11 days ago by eric-ruser
Sketch of save/restore of input values for specific module
Sketch of save/restore of input values for specific module - app.R
R  shiny  rpharma2018  rstudio 
11 days ago by eric-ruser
Creating Sandbox Environments for R with Docker – Towards Data Science
As I’ve been learning R over the past year, one of the things that has struck me is just how difficult it can be to get an environment set up, and up and running with R. I recently came across a blog…
R  git  docker 
12 days ago by eric-ruser
r - displaying a pdf from a local drive in shiny - Stack Overflow
output$pdfview <- renderUI({
tags$iframe(style="height:600px; width:100%", src="foo.pdf")
R  shiny  stackoverflow 
15 days ago by eric-ruser
simstudy update: improved correlated binary outcomes
An updated version of the simstudy package (0.1.10) is now available on CRAN. The impetus for this release was a series of requests about generating correlated binary outcomes. In the last post, I described a beta-binomial data generating process that uses the recently added beta distribution. In addition to that update, I’ve added functionality to genCorGen and addCorGen, functions which generate correlated data from non-Gaussian or normally distributed data such as Poisson, Gamma, and binary data.
R  pharma  packages 
21 days ago by eric-ruser
RhoInc/datadigest: Concise interactive data summaries in R
Concise interactive data summaries in R. Contribute to RhoInc/datadigest development by creating an account on GitHub.
R  shiny  pharma  data  shinyexample  packages 
26 days ago by eric-ruser
iainmwallace/scaffoldingShiny: Quickly scaffold a shiny app - much less copy and pasting!
Quickly scaffold a shiny app - much less copy and pasting! - iainmwallace/scaffoldingShiny
R  shiny  packages 
28 days ago by eric-ruser
Add test app submodule by wch · Pull Request #1798 · rstudio/shiny
see barbara's comment on Aug 4 with a great tip on using git submodules and how to use details tag in markdown
R  shiny  git 
4 weeks ago by eric-ruser
RConsortium/r-pharma: R in Pharma
This is the production repo, don't use the other one
R  rpharma2018 
5 weeks ago by eric-ruser
r - ggplot2 custom legend shapes - Stack Overflow
shape = guide_legend(override.aes = list(colour = "pink"))
R  ggplot2  graphics  stackoverflow 
6 weeks ago by eric-ruser
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