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Equivalent of cp dir1/* dir2/ with file_copy · Issue #117 · r-lib/fs
This is probably related to #102, I'm trying to copy the content of a directory into another directory with dir_ls() %>% file_copy() but the directories are empty on the target directory: library(fs) library(magrittr) source <-
17 days ago by eric-ruser
LukasK13/ldapr: Access a LDAP-server from R
Access a LDAP-server from R. Contribute to LukasK13/ldapr development by creating an account on GitHub.
R  packages 
6 weeks ago by eric-ruser
jennybc/here_here: I love the here package. Here's why.
I love the here package. Here's why. Contribute to jennybc/here_here development by creating an account on GitHub.
R  packages  tutorial 
6 weeks ago by eric-ruser
What I Wish I Knew When I Started R
Great example of using xaringan and ninjintsu theme
R  markdown  xaringan  slides 
7 weeks ago by eric-ruser
PSPmodel shiny app
Shiny app used in manuscript co-authored by Andrew McCarthy
R  pharma  shiny  shinyexample 
7 weeks ago by eric-ruser
Setting `session$userData` on the parent session from within a module · Issue #1546 · rstudio/shiny
Related to #1512 I want to add a flag to the session so that I know if this is the first time or not that a function gets called. I do this using the new session$userData env. When modules are not involved, this is fine. If the function ...
shiny  R  followup  modules 
8 weeks ago by eric-ruser
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