Three leading online databases for Manny-like:
airtable, notion, coda

dabbledb and fieldbook have shut down
database  spreadsheet  tools  collaboration  manny 
february 2019
The Art of Turboing
circumventing poor customer service
january 2019
NSGA-II explained! - analytics lab @ OU
Genetic algorithm for multi-objective ... chooses non-dominated candidates
optimization  algorithm  geneticalgorithm 
december 2018
Egeria Spreadsheets
addresses some of the problems with spreadsheets?
spreadsheet  spreadsheet_evil 
december 2018
STAT 157 Book List
Reviews of non-technical books relating to Probability
books  probability 
december 2018
Library - The Rabbit Hole by Blas Moros
Summary and reviews of 400+ books. Much overlap with my interests.
books  reviews  summary 
october 2018
Pandoc - About pandoc
universal document converter
tool  markdown  html  pdf 
october 2018
front-end builder for apps on Google Sheets
api  tools  spreadsheet  database 
september 2018
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