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Flat UI
Flat UI, a free web user interface kit.
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march 2013 by epochblue
wireframe.cc - minimal wireframing tool
Create super simple wireframes of websites and mobile apps. 100% free.
design  ui  wireframe  application 
january 2013 by epochblue
IxEdit is a JavaScript-based interaction design tool for the web. With IxEdit, designers can practice DOM-scripting without coding to change, add, move, or transform elements dynamically on your web pages. Especially, IxEdit must be useful to try various interactions rapidly in the prototyping phase of your web application.
javascript  jquery  design  ui  web_design 
february 2011 by epochblue
Video: I gave a talk on “UI Fundamentals for… - (37signals)
Ryan Singer of 37signals gave a talk on “UI Fundamentals for Programmers” at WindyCityRails in Chicago in August 2009. The talks covered modeling, breaking apps into screens, visual techniques, flows, and a few coding tips.
design  ui  web_design 
august 2010 by epochblue
Crafting Subtle & Realistic User Interfaces
The underlying secret to beautiful user interface design is realism: making 2D objects on your screen appear to sit in 3D space with volume, surface properties and undulations that might appear in real life.
design  ui 
january 2010 by epochblue

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