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Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API
Your data model has started to stabilize and you're in a position to create a public API for your web app. You realize it's hard to make significant changes to your API once it's released and want to get as much right as possible up front. Now, the internet has no shortage on opinions on API design. But, since there's no one widely adopted standard that works in all cases, you're left with a bunch of choices: What formats should you accept? How should you authenticate? Should your API be versioned?
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august 2016 by epochblue
Choosing an HTTP Status Code — Stop Making It Hard
A visual decision tree for how to choose the proper HTTP response code for (almost) any given situation.
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january 2016 by epochblue
The RESTful cookbook
REST is hot! And REST is finally rediscovered by API programmers all over the world. But REST isn't always as easy as it seems on first look. Dealing with HATEOAS, Code on demand and uniform interfaces can be really tricky and many people will fall back to not-so-restful approaches when things are starting to become more difficult. But it doesn't need to be. Once you get to know REST, you will like it. - See more at: http://restcookbook.com/#sthash.aIVMtmFC.dpuf
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july 2013 by epochblue
The Hypertext Application Language
HAL provides a set of conventions for expressing hyperlinks to, and embeddedness of, related resources - the rest of a HAL document is just plain old JSON or XML.
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november 2012 by epochblue
A simple PHP library for doing RESTful HTTP stuff
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may 2012 by epochblue
3 Tenets for Implementing a REST API
In the course of performing my duties at my day job I recently came across the need for our data to be accessible via an API. After researching the various types available, I settled on developing a REST API. The selection process wasn’t the interesting part of this exercise though. Actually implementing a REST API is what was.
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march 2011 by epochblue
Building Web Services the REST Way
I will first provide a brief introduction to REST and then describe how to build Web services in the REST style.
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february 2010 by epochblue

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