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Java Tuning in a Nutshell - Part 1
While delivering a training recently, I got a request to put together a JVM tuning cheat sheet. Given the 50+ parameters available on the Sun hotspot, this request is understandable. The diagram below is what I came up with. I’ve tried to narrow down the most important flags that will solve 80% of JVM performance needs with 20% of the tuning effort. This article assumes basic JVM tuning knowledge - the different generations used in the Sun hotspot JVM, different garbage collection algorithms available, etc. Although this is intended primarily for enterprise grade Oracle Fusion Middleware products, it applies to most server JVM’s with large heaps and hosted on server class, multi-core machines.
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april 2012 by epochblue
How to Design a Good API & Why it Matters
In this talk (recorded at Javapolis), Java library designer Joshua Bloch teaches how to design good APIs, with many examples of what good and bad APIs look like.
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april 2010 by epochblue
The Maven 2 POM Demystified
More than another build tool, Maven is a build framework. It cleanly separates your code from configuration files, documentation, and dependencies. Maven is surprisingly flexible in letting users configure most aspects of their code, as well as in controlling the behavior of plug-ins, individual goals, and even the build lifecycle itself. [...]

But the problem still remains: managing the work of thousands of custom build scripts within a single framework is tough and, to be done correctly, requires much information. [...] In order for Maven 2 artifacts to be easily portable units, that complex configuration falls into a single file. Enter the Maven POM.
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march 2010 by epochblue

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