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Postgres Guide
We here are very big fans of Postgres as a database and believe it is often the best database for the job. For many though, working with and maintaining Postgres involves a steep learning curve. This guide is designed as an aid for beginners and experienced users to find specific tips and explore tools available within Postgres.
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october 2015 by epochblue
The Serious Eats Guide to Rye Whiskey
I don't know about any of you, but I'm a boozer who likes to drink rye whiskey year 'round. Winter, summer, whatever, no day's too hot to enjoy a nice rye old-fashioned. But normal people, I hear, think of rye as a cold-weather treat. Its spicy, robust character and bone-dry palate certainly help take the edge off a brisk, autumn day. And since we in the Northeast have had several such days lately, it's time to talk all things rye.

While you're Halloween-shopping for sparkle-vampire costumes and candy corn, you're probably ready to pop into your local likker shop for grand old rye whiskey. Today, I'll get you up to speed on rye's origins, its future, what makes it unique, and how it's made.
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july 2013 by epochblue
The Serious Eats Guide to Blended Scotch Whisky
Last week, we discussed single malts, their history, and how they're made. Today, we'll look at the largest whisky category, by sales, in the world: blended Scotch whisky.

As I discussed a couple of weeks ago, blended Scotch is produced by mixing a number of single malts along with other grain whiskies. The result is a whisky that tastes both smoother and milder—some would say more boring—than most single malts. The bulk of a blended Scotch is mild grain spirit: the proportion is about 65% grain spirit to 35% malt whisky.
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july 2013 by epochblue
The Serious Eats Guide to Japanese Whisky
Japan has the largest number of whisky distilleries after Scotland and the United States, but up until very recently, Suntory was the only brand of Japanese whisky available for sale in the US, starting in 1990 with a single expression, and expanding the line with one additional expression in 2005, and then finally two more in the past three years. Late last year, Suntory's major rival, Nikka, joined the party, bringing two whiskies stateside to test the market with Anchor Distilling as their import/distribution partner. But while the US selection may still be limited, it's a good range of offerings that allow us to sample some of the diversity of Japanese whisky, and to prime our palates for new expressions when they arrive, which one hopes is only a matter of time.
whiskey  liquor  guide 
july 2013 by epochblue
The Serious Eats Guide to Tennessee Whiskey
Following up on last week's bourbon primer, we're going to shift our eyes and livers one step to the south this week, and look at bourbon's delicious and popular cousin: Tennessee whiskey.

The best known of the Volunteer State hooches is a brand that is also the best-selling whiskey in the world: Jack Daniel's. The state produces three other, somewhat lesser-known, whiskeys as well, though: George Dickel, Collier and McKeel, and Prichard's.

First, though, what is Tennessee whiskey, and what distinguishes it from bourbon?
whiskey  liquor  guide 
july 2013 by epochblue
The Serious Eats Guide to Single Malt Scotch
Last week, we examined the distinction between single malt and blended Scotch whiskies. Today, we'll step back a bit and take a more detailed (much more detailed) look at the single malt. I'll describe what single malts are, explain how they're made and aged, discuss the concept of Scotch terroir, and explore some of the regional variations.

Grab a tasting glass and let's get started!
whiskey  liquor  guide 
july 2013 by epochblue
The Serious Eats Guide to Irish Whiskey
Irish whiskey is on a tear these days, but it wasn't always thus. This week, just in time for a certain mid-March holiday, I'll look at the definition and history of Irish whiskey, discuss what distinguishes it from its Scottish cousin, and talk about the major distillers and brands. Slàinte!
whiskey  liquor  guide 
july 2013 by epochblue
The Serious Eats Guide to Bourbon
After wading in barrels of the Scotch and Irish drams, it's time to turn our attention homeward, to that quintessential American spirit: good old bourbon whiskey. We'll look today at what makes bourbon unique, how it's made, and how it came to be.
whiskey  liquor  guide 
july 2013 by epochblue
Composting Guide
Compost is the main soil amendment used in organic gardening and every organic gardener must produce compost. In fact, compost is the most important thing produced in the garden. ... There's just nothing like compost for plants; if there's a magic elixir for the garden, compost is it.
compost  guide  garden 
july 2013 by epochblue
Guide Table of Contents - OWASP
The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a 501(c)(3) worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of software.
web  security  reference  guide 
july 2012 by epochblue
PHP: The Right Way
There’s a lot of outdated information on the Web that leads new PHP users astray, propagating bad practices and bad code. This must stop. PHP: The Right Way is an easy-to-read, quick reference for PHP best practices, accepted coding standards, and links to authoritative tutorials around the Web.
guide  php  programming 
july 2012 by epochblue
Hacking the Technical Interview
NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a rogue branch of pschylogy that is
based on the premise that language and communication can be used to influence
people. Using these skills in a technical interview would produce remarkable
interview  guide  talk 
march 2010 by epochblue
The Ultimate Guide To Cloning In Photoshop
Photoshop’s wide array of cloning tools is the cause of many of the absolute best and worst works created with the application. In a skilled and experienced hand, these tools lead to phenomenal results. In the hands of a careless artist, Photoshop cloning can be disastrous to the credibility of the result. This article introduces the several cloning tools available in Photoshop and goes over the proper usage and best practices of each.
photoshop  guide 
march 2010 by epochblue
Stumptown Brewing Guide
A guide to different coffee brewing methods.
coffee  guide 
february 2010 by epochblue

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