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Redacted Font
Redacted is a great open source font that keeps your wireframes free of distracting Lorem Ipsum dummy text.
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march 2013 by epochblue
Font Custom
Generate custom icon webfonts from the comfort of the command line.
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february 2013 by epochblue
24 ways: Displaying Icons with Fonts and Data- Attributes
The rise and adoption of web fonts have given us another alternative. By their very nature, they’re not only scalable, but resolution-independent too. No need to specify higher resolution graphics for high resolution screens!
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december 2011 by epochblue
Jonathan Hoefler: Type at the Crossroads
Today, as webfonts are buoyed by a wave of early-adopter enthusiasm, they’re marred by a similar unevenness in quality, and it’s not just a matter of browsers and rasterizers, or the eternal shortage of good fonts and preponderance of bad ones. There are compelling questions about what it means to be fitted to the technology, how foundries can offer designers an expressive medium (and readers a rich one), and what it means for typography to be visually, mechanically, and culturally appropriate to the web. This is an exploration of this side of web fonts, and a discussion of where the needs of designers meet the needs of readers.
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december 2011 by epochblue
Best Free Fonts of 2011
A roundup of some of the better font freebies of this year.
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november 2011 by epochblue
Awesome Free Fonts for Kick-Ass Web Designs
30 free fonts worthy of your font library, and your next web design.
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january 2011 by epochblue
Best Practices of Combining Typefaces (Smashing Magazine)
Creating great typeface combinations is an art, not a science. Indeed, the beauty of typography has no borders. While there are no absolute rules to follow, it is crucial that you understand and apply some best practices when combining fonts in a design. When used with diligence and attention, these principles will always yield suitable results.
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november 2010 by epochblue
Review of Popular Web Font Embedding Services
Smashing Magazine runs down 10 popular font embedding services.
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october 2010 by epochblue

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