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Flavor Extraction Methods
There are two mediums which you can use to extract flavors in cocktail development and they are water and alcohol. Both are a solvent and the way that solvents pull flavor is that they have more positively charged ions than whatever is in them. Positively charged ions are like popular girls, all the flavors just want to hang out with them.
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december 2011 by epochblue
So Just How Old IS My Bottle, Anyway?
A forum thread about ways to determine how old a bottle of bourbon might be.
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november 2011 by epochblue
Post Prohibition - Amaro
Sure, the Europeans like to serve amaro neat, on the rocks or with tonic, but it’s one of my favorite liqueurs to mix in a cock tail. How ever, to make a proper cock tail uti liz ing amaro, you’ll need to know which one to use. Each has a unique recipe from the region where they orig i nated, so nat u rally each will have dis tinct aspects to lever age. With that said, lets review a few I’ve found myself using.
march 2011 by epochblue

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