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Reader's Recs--Fredericks's Fandoms
Recs by our readers for the fabulous Fredericks, who is taking a break from reccing due to a busy RL schedule. We will miss you. :)
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september 2008 by epic_recs
Broken Wings series
A serial story of what-if: what if Cam had been a little more injured, and what if Jack's clone had been a little less willing to walk away.
fandom:stargate_sg-1  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:romance  length:epic  recs_by_fredericks  rating:r 
september 2008 by epic_recs
This started out as comment fic in Pearl-O's Live Journal. She wrote the first letter and invited responses. This is the result.
fandom:due_south  genre:angst  genre:epistolary  genre:romance  length:short  pairing:fraser/kowalski  recs_by_fredericks  rating:pg 
august 2008 by epic_recs
Detour: A Dangerous Man
The X-Men makes a diplomatic trip due north, where they run into Canada's Alpha Flight and that team's political dissident, Jean-Paul Beaubier. Northstar makes it his mission to pull the shy and repressed Cyclops out of his shell, and Northstar's snarky but heartfelt persistence eventually begins to work on his intended target.
fandom:marvel  fandom:x-men  genre:au  genre:romance  length:long  recs_by_fredericks  rating:nc-17 
august 2008 by epic_recs
Just Geography
One thing Ray had learned in Canada was that your problems didn't get further away the further north you went; they just got louder.
fandom:due_south  genre:post-canon  genre:romance  length:long  pairing:fraser/kowalski  pairing:kowalski/vecchio  recs_by_fredericks  rating:nc-17 
july 2008 by epic_recs
Flamingo Beach
Radek is convinced to spend the summer with his sister in her sleepy little seaside town.
fandom:stargate_atlantis  genre:au  genre:romance  length:medium  recs_by_fredericks  rating:r 
july 2008 by epic_recs
Rules of Evidence
Daniel and Jack work towards forming a relationship. Set in season seven, sometime between Orpheus and Revisions.
fandom:stargate_sg-1  genre:angst  genre:pwp  genre:romance  length:long  pairing:daniel/jack  recs_by_fredericks  rating:nc-17 
july 2008 by epic_recs
Fraser is a contract-killer, and Detective Ray Kowalski needs to stop him before he kills again.
fandom:due_south  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:romance  length:long  pairing:fraser/kowalski  recs_by_fredericks  rating:r 
june 2008 by epic_recs
A Heart for Every Fate by Destina (R)
This story is an AU which takes off from the last few minutes of Torment of Tantalus. However, this time instead of making it through with seconds to spare, they miss.
fandom:stargate_sg-1  genre:angst  genre:romance  length:long  pairing:daniel/jack  recs_by_fredericks  rating:r 
may 2008 by epic_recs
Standing in the Common Spaces by Seperis (NC-17)
This story is about lies and truth laid bare, and the disguises used to hide them. Peter Parker reveals himself - all of himself - to Lex Luthor, who's attempting to come to grips with his feelings towards Clark Kent. Years later, Lex calls on Peter's skills with a camera to snap pictures of Superman. In the process Peter discovers his subject's feelings towards Lex, and ultimately attempts to help things along.
fandom:smallville  fandom:spiderman  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:crossover  genre:post-canon  length:long  pairing:lex_luthor/peter_parker  recs_by_fredericks  rating:nc-17 
may 2008 by epic_recs
Coming Around Again by Yin and WesleysGirl (R)
The story begins with Xander being persuaded to join the gang over in England, where Buffy and Co. are united in an attempt to fight another Big Bad. The battle itself is in the background - the meat of the story concerns Xander and Spike (a souled and conscientious Spike) coming to terms with their failed relationship and trying to find a way to reconnect while dealing with their respective emotional wounds.
fandom:buffy  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:post-canon  length:long  pairing:spike/xander  recs_by_fredericks  rating:r 
may 2008 by epic_recs
The Road Between The Walls by Keiko Kirin (NC-17)
Jack and Daniel are stuck offworld without ready access to a Stargate. As they wait for an opportunity to escape they're drawn into a mysterious pilgrimage with, as they come to find out, the most peculiar rites. And the roles they mistakenly assume don't make their trip any easier. However, as they make their way from one conflict and misunderstanding to the next, they learn things about each other that end up changing the nature of their relationship forever.
fandom:stargate_sg-1  genre:action/adventure  genre:romance  length:long  pairing:jackson/o'neill  recs_by_fredericks  rating:nc-17 
may 2008 by epic_recs
Of Old Mystics by Wolfling and Magpie (NC-17)
Picking up after the events of the last episode of Buffy, it begins with Giles breaking former foe-slash-former friend-slash-former lover Ethan Rayne out of a facility of the Initiative (the Initiative being a covert government funded supernatural investigate/testing operation) where he's been held captive for the last couple of years. They return to England and begin to heal, physically and mentally, while building a life together. What I particularly enjoyed were the sections devoted to fleshing out the backstory between Giles and Rayne, as in how the two came to meet and what kept them together.
fandom:buffy  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  length:epic  pairing:giles/rayne  recs_by_fredericks  rating:nc-17 
may 2008 by epic_recs
Subtleties by Anna S. (NC-17)
A fic about Xander Harris, resident comedian/heart of the Scooby Gang bringing home, inadvertently connecting with and falling in love with Spike, vampire/wiseass supreme.
fandom:buffy  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:post-canon  genre:romance  length:epic  pairing:spike/xander  recs_by_fredericks  rating:nc-17 
may 2008 by epic_recs
30 Days in Europe by Capella (NC-17)
Ray and Fraser spend a month trekking across Europe, visiting tourist highlights while making personal highlights of their own.
fandom:due_south  genre:established_relationship  genre:post-canon  genre:romance  length:long  pairing:fraser/kowalski  recs_by_fredericks  rating:nc-17 
may 2008 by epic_recs
Two Sides of the Coin by Dith (NC-17)
Stranded on a world with no Stargate, Daniel has to come to terms with what Shifu taught him about himself, while Jack has to come to terms with his attraction to Daniel - and they both have to get home.
fandom:stargate_sg-1  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:romance  length:epic  pairing:daniel/jack  recs_by_fredericks  rating:nc-17 
may 2008 by epic_recs
The Music of the Spheres series by Jen In Japan (G - NC-17)
Superman and Batman meet for the first time. Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne also meet for the first time. Neither meeting goes particularly well.
fandom:dc_comics  genre:angst  genre:drama  genre:post-canon  genre:romance  length:epic  pairing:bruce_wayne/clark_kent  recs_by_fredericks  rating:g  rating:nc-17 
may 2008 by epic_recs

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