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Had We But World Enough by Smuttysmutwriter (R)
Loki and Thor have been married since they were little and they grew up sharing a palace wing. The boys never shared a bed because Odin and Frigga wanted to make sure nothing inappropriate could happen while they were still young. They also used to get chaperoned a lot so that there could be no hanky panky. Everyone assumes that Loki and Thor’s marriage has progressed to include sex now that they’re adults and if the maids notice that there are still two beds being used in the princes’ wing, they know better than to gossip about it. Loki and Thor both desperately want to move their relationship to the next level. It’s just really awkward to change up a centuries old platonic relationship with your spouse. Neither of them ever had a change to figure out this romance stuff naturally and neither of them wants to pressure the other. It all comes to a head when the boys take a trip to another realm and are given a single room when their hosts hears that they’re married.
rating:r  fandom:marvel  genre:first-time  pairing:slash  genre:action/adventure  genre:mpreg  genre:domestic  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:epic  recs_by_chibifukurou  genre:au 
february 2013 by epic_recs
The Sustain Series by Maybe_Amanda (R)
"So now you're behaving like a six year old 'cause he didn't take you along on his honeymoon?" Lestrade said. "Grow the hell up."
fandom:sherlock_bbc  genre:au  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:post-canon  genre:pregnancy  length:super!epic  pairing:het  recs_by_chibifukurou  rating:r  from delicious
february 2012 by epic_recs
Which None May Buy by solvent (NC-17)
Starting with a marriage of convenience, the tale then jumps back in time to when Adam and Kris first met (Kris a tutor for a wealthy family, and Adam a visiting rake). Though they don't get along, somehow they start up an odd years-long correspondence. After another meeting, they loose touch entirely, until a chance meeting and financial difficulties lead to marriage. Throughout, it's chock full of miscommunications and misunderstandings, with Kris and Adam almost always at cross-purposes until the end, when with help from friends they realize their mutual love.
fandom:american_idol  genre:au  genre:harlequin  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:romance  length:long  pairing:kris/adam  pairing:slash  recs_by_jenna_marianne  rating:nc-17  from delicious
february 2012 by epic_recs
The Chosen by Allecto (R)
Numbers never lied. Vincent learned that at an early age, learned that numbers were the only things that didn't lie. Mothers lied, and fathers home from Azkaban, they lied a lot, and friends certainly lied. Numbers, though. Numbers never called him names, or sold him out to tall, cold men. Numbers were exactly what they claimed to be, and rather than manipulate him, Vincent could manipulate them. Numbers were cold, hard fact.

Numbers were telling him to marry Harry Potter.

Well, to be accurate (Vincent placed great store in accuracy), Hermione Granger was telling him to marry Potter. But she was using Arithmancy to do it, and having gotten his only N.E.W.T. O in Arithmancy, Vincent was inclined to believe her. Unfortunately.
fandom:harry_potter  genre:bonding  genre:drama  genre:humor  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:medium  pairing:slash  recs_by_tehopheliac  rating:r 
november 2011 by epic_recs
In Bond and Blood by The Hoyden (NC-17)
Kakashi wants to make Naruto his heir, but since Iruka has adopted him that means marrying Iruka first...
fandom:naruto  genre:family  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:long  pairing:kakashi/iruka  pairing:slash  recs_by_slytherin_gypsy  rating:nc-17 
august 2011 by epic_recs
A Gentleman's Agreement by Mahoni (NC-17)
Brian buys and sells unicorns and bicorns for the titled and wealthy. When Bob's stepfather defaults on a debt he owes Brian, he uses Bob as barter to pay the debt off.
fandom:bandom  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:creature/wing  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:supernatural  length:epic  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17 
june 2011 by epic_recs
Opacity of Paradise by The Hoyden (R)
After the events of "In Purgatory's Shadow"/"By Inferno's Light," Garak and Bashir decide to take their relationship to the next level and enter a Cardassian partnership to mutually safeguard their secrets and assuage their loneliness.
fandom:star_trek_ds9  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:romance  length:medium  pairing:garak/julian_bashir  pairing:slash  recs_by_slytherin_gypsy  rating:r 
march 2011 by epic_recs
A Muggle-Born Magic by Musyc (NC-17)
Regency-era AU. Physician's daughter Hermione Granger finds herself in need of a way to pay off her father's debts after his death. Draco Malfoy, retired from the politics of the Isolationists, a group of pure-bloods bent on separating 'true' magic from lesser folk, finds himself in need of a tutor for his son, Scorpius, who appears to be incapable of magic and must learn to survive in a world without it. Draco also needs a wife and mother for Scorpius, to satisfy a promise to his unwell father. After she saves his son from an attack by Isolationists, Draco hires the Muggle-born Miss Granger for the former, and after a riot in Vauxhall Gardens and a scandalous discovery made by his mother, weds that selfsame Muggle-born for the latter. While making the best of her marriage of (in)convenience, Hermione discovers that Scorpius' history of wild imaginings and dreams is more than just imagination...
fandom:harry_potter  genre:au  genre:drama  genre:harlequin  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:romance  length:epic  pairing:het  recs_by_slyprentice 
march 2011 by epic_recs
Blanket Made of Stars by Arsenic (NC-17)
When Ryan’s brother Pete shoots Bob Bryar’s prize stallion, Bryar and his brothers have no choice but to retaliate. And when Ryan catches them at it, he offers the only thing he can to get Pete out of this mess.
fandom:bandom  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:drama  genre:family  genre:harlequin  genre:holiday  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:romance  genre:virgin  length:long  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17 
march 2011 by epic_recs
Heir to the Throne by Random Inspiration and alter3d.c0re (R)
For reasons that really don't matter at this junction, Ichigo is next in line to be king of Soul Society (just go with it). As part of his coronation, he has to get courted by a representative of each of the four noble families and then marry one. Guess who the Kuchiki family is putting forth as a potential bride. (Hint: Ichigo likes to call her 'midget'.)
fandom:bleach  genre:angst  genre:harlequin  genre:humor  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:romance  pairing:het  pairing:ichigo/rukia  recs_by_jane  rating:r 
february 2011 by epic_recs
Aspire to Touch the Sky
When Themyscira decides to rejoin the world of men, they decide that the best way to make it happen is with a diplomatic marriage.
fandom:dc_comics  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:medium  pairing:het  recs_by_jane  rating:pg-13 
september 2010 by epic_recs
Repent at Leisure
When Lois gets herself covered in one of Lex's more lethal experiments, Clark begs Lex to heal her. Lex has conditions.
fandom:smallville  genre:angst  genre:fluff  genre:future  genre:humor  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:long  pairing:clark/lex  pairing:slash  recs_by_jane  rating:nc-17 
september 2010 by epic_recs
With This Ring
For reasons that aren't particularly important, Clark and Lex decide to embark on a marriage of convenience. Fluffy, fast-moving romance ensues.
fandom:smallville  genre:fluff  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:medium  pairing:clark/lex  pairing:slash  recs_by_jane  rating:r 
august 2010 by epic_recs
The Son of Suns Trilogy by Blank101 (R)
This fic trilogy has everything in it, from political intrigue, drama, action, mystery, darkness, questionable morality and even a side note of romance. It's a fic where it's not all goodness and light but it definitely ends positively. What the author has done is make a believable, fascinating and comprehensive universe, it spins off from a point in the original canon verse and asks what if Luke had been captured? How would he survive? What would be the consequences? Would he succumb?
fandom:star_wars  genre:action/adventure  genre:au  genre:dark  genre:drama  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:epic  pairing:het  recs_by_our_readers  rating:r 
may 2010 by epic_recs
Leave My Heart out of This
AU. Jensen needs to get married in order to get his grandfather’s inheritance and open his own law firm. Jared would do anything to help his best friend. The plan is simple- pretend to date, get married, get the inheritance, get divorced. But things grow complicated when one of them starts falling for his fake boyfriend. Can they find their happily-ever-after from all the lies they’ve built around them?
fandom:supernatural_rps  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:romance  length:epic  pairing:jared/jensen  recs_by_meishali  rating:nc-17  genre:domestic 
april 2010 by epic_recs
Between Love and Duty
In addition to being a Forced Engagement/Marriage of Convenience fic this is one of my favorite Mpreg stories because men having babies has a practical and scientific explanation, which negates the need for a complicated and absurd “getting pregnant” scene. The other thing I like about it is the fact that the pregnancy isn’t the main focus.
fandom:gundam_wing  genre:angst  genre:dark  genre:drama  genre:family  genre:future  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:mpreg  genre:post-canon  genre:romance  length:epic  recs_by_chibifukurou  rating:nc-17 
february 2010 by epic_recs
Three Hundred and Sixty-Four
When the IOA, in their infinate wisdom, decides that all citizens of planets other than Earth have to leave Atlantis, Ronon and Teyla have to get married. Stat.
fandom:stargate_atlantis  genre:drama  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:long  pairing:rodney/ronon  recs_by_jane  rating:nc-17 
february 2010 by epic_recs
"An inopportune meeting in a wooded area near Longbourn results in salacious gossip which threatens to wreak havoc to both Darcy's and Elizabeth's reputation. A forced marriage results wherein both characters must convince a discerning public that their marriage is "real". Private angry battles are at war with a public united front."
fandom:jane_austen_(pride_and_prejudice)  genre:angst  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:romance  length:epic  pairing:elizabeth/darcy  recs_by_slytherin_gypsy  rating:r 
february 2010 by epic_recs
The Consort
Due to the Queen's rapidly failing health, DG is about to be elevated to the throne. Only problem is (for reasons that do not bear repeating) she needs a husband/consort first. Fortunately, Cain is just the man for the job.
fandom:tin_man  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:drama  genre:friendship  genre:harlequin  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:post-canon  genre:romance  length:super!epic  recs_by_jane  rating:r  fandom:small_fandom 
february 2010 by epic_recs
Leave No Man Behind
"So can I have your coffee table?"
"Like you can bring all your stuff with you to the Casbah."
"The Casbah is in Algeria. I'm moving to Morocco."
"Whatever. So can I have your coffee table?"
fandom:how_i_met_your_mother  genre:humor  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:romance  length:medium  recs_by_k_puff  rating:pg-13  fandom:small_fandom 
february 2010 by epic_recs
The Destiny Arc
The Destiny Arc is an exploration into the reason why Neroon, the winner, did not kill Marcus after besting him, which was well within his rights, but allowed him to live and even offered him medical assistance.
fandom:babylon5  genre:au  genre:drama  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:romance  genre:virgin  length:long  pairing:marcus/neroon  recs_by_slyprentice  rating:nc-17 
april 2009 by epic_recs
Tempered Steel
Victoria Escalante, a spirited and independent Tavern owner, as Zorro’s love interest, while she considers Diego, his alter-ego, as merely a good (if somewhat spineless) friend. Based on the TV series that aired from 1990 to 1993 on the Family channel (also known as the New World Zorro).
fandom:zorro  genre:action/adventure  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:romance  length:epic  recs_by_slytherin_gypsy  rating:pg-13 
november 2008 by epic_recs
Convenience by Moth (NC-17)
Snape can't inherit Prince Manor unless he gets married within a month. Coincidentally enough, Harry has a little, er, *problem* that can only be cured by a massively complicated potion that only Severus is good enough to make. The solution? Marriage of course! If only Harry had bothered to ask if there was such a thing as divorce in the wizarding world...
fandom:harry_potter  genre:harlequin  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:long  pairing:harry/severus  recs_by_jane  rating:nc-17  genre:first-time 
september 2008 by epic_recs
The Convenient Husband by Brighid (NC-17)
The Convenient Husband is yet another 'must marry someone to get a legacy' fics...John and Rodney aren't complete strangers -- they were friends as kids and Rodney has had a crush on John for most of his life.
fandom:stargate_atlantis  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:harlequin  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:long  pairing:mckay/sheppard  recs_by_jane  rating:nc-17 
may 2008 by epic_recs
No Refunds or Exchanges by astolat (NC-17)
Rodney McKay is stationed at a mostly safe and, apparently, not too classified Atlantis and is in desperate need of a maid. Unfortunately, any and all support personnel are immediately sucked up by the severely understaffed labs, so Rodney goes for the obvious second choice: mail-order bride. You can see why I like this story so much. Also? I bet you can guess exactly who the 'bride' turns out to be.
fandom:stargate_atlantis  genre:au  genre:fluff  genre:harlequin  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:medium  pairing:mckay/sheppard  recs_by_jane  rating:nc-17 
may 2008 by epic_recs
A Modest Proposal by ignazwisdom (NC-17)
Tritter's case against House still depends on subpoenaed testimony from Wilson. To save House from losing everything, the doctors of PPTH decide on an unusual solution, which in turn leads to unexpected consequences.
fandom:house  genre:harlequin  genre:marriage_of_convenience  length:epic  pairing:house/wilson  recs_by_jane  rating:nc-17 
april 2008 by epic_recs

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