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Hell House by narukyu (NC-17)
A devotedly unreligious man sends his youngest son to a private religious school. If that wasn't suspicious enough, Sam can't get a hold of John or Dean, people are disappearing right and left, and, in the night, something whispers in the silence of the old chapel. Soon enough, Sam discovers that something terrible lingers behind the doors to the sacristy--something that sheds a light on the secret holy mission of the Soldiers of Christ as well what happened to his family so many years ago.
fandom:supernatural  genre:au  genre:drama  genre:friendship  genre:horror  genre:mystery  genre:pre-canon  genre:supernatural  length:epic  pairing:gen  pairing:slash  recs_by_ficreader1  rating:nc-17  from delicious
october 2012 by epic_recs
The Woebegone Kid by ahab2692 (R)
Derek wakes up without knowing much about himself, wanders into town and encounters an equally amnesiac Stiles. Together, they try to figure out what's happened to themselves and the empty town around them.
fandom:teen_wolf  genre:drama  genre:horror  length:long  pairing:derek/stiles  pairing:slash  recs_by_jenna_marianne  rating:r  from delicious
october 2012 by epic_recs
Not Even Silence in Chicago series by binz and shiplizard (NC-17)
Post-apocalyptic Chicago: Harry Dresden, the itinerant Winter Knight, is contacted by the errant Sheriff Karrin Murphy. Something is brutally murdering people in Wisconsin, and the local militia is driving off anyone who tries to check it out. It's up to Harry to root out the threat-- and figure out where his loyalties lie, between the Faerie Court he sold himself to, and the people he's always tried to save.
fandom:dresden_files  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:case_file  genre:drama  genre:horror  length:super!epic  pairing:dresden/marcone  pairing:gen  pairing:slash  recs_by_jenna_marianne  rating:nc-17  from delicious
october 2012 by epic_recs
Soundtrack to the Apocalypse by phantomjam (NC-17)
The best thing you can have during the apocalypse is a healthy sense of irony. Or a decent car, infinite replenishing supplies and magical powers, but the irony helps.
fandom:merlin  genre:au  genre:drama  genre:first-time  genre:horror  genre:repeating_time  genre:supernatural  length:medium  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:slash  recs_by_mothlights  rating:nc-17  from delicious
october 2012 by epic_recs
If the Darkness Lasts by Seascribe (NC-17)
When the dead begin to rise up and walk, Marcus, Cottia, and Esca must leave behind the little farm on the Downs and learn how to build a new life together out of the ruins of the world they once knew.
fandom:the_eagle  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:drama  genre:horror  genre:post-canon  genre:supernatural  length:epic  pairing:het  pairing:slash  pairing:threesome  recs_by_jenna_marianne  rating:nc-17  from delicious
september 2012 by epic_recs
The Erlking by Aisling-Siobhan (NC-17)
When Harry was a child no one warned him about the things that lurked in the forest. When he escapes from one, it follows him home. Now he’s trapped in the land of the Erlking as the King’s new beloved and Voldemort is the first to lay eyes on him.
fandom:harry_potter  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:dark  genre:horror  genre:romance  length:epic  pairing:slash  rating:nc-17  from delicious
february 2012 by epic_recs
Moonrise by Jadesfire (R)
1969, Torchwood House, Scotland. When Jack is sent to investigate a series of thefts, he finds that the history of the House is not as past as he'd thought.
fandom:torchwood  genre:creature/wing  genre:horror  genre:mystery  genre:pre-canon  genre:supernatural  length:long  pairing:gen  recs_by_veronicasleeps  rating:r 
october 2011 by epic_recs
Stack Your Stones by Cofax (PG-13)
On the wall behind the High King's chair hung a great spear: its bronze point shone in the firelight, and the feathers bound about it looked fresh, but there were dark stains on the wood.
fandom:chronicles_of_narnia  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:dark  genre:horror  length:medium  pairing:gen  recs_by_chibifukurou  rating:pg-13 
october 2011 by epic_recs
Legion by lavvyan (PG-13)
For the prompt "No divorce on the beach - Charles goes with Erik": Charles may be dead, but that doesn't mean he's gone.
fandom:x-men:first_class  genre:angst  genre:dark  genre:drama  genre:horror  genre:sad_stories  genre:supernatural  length:short  pairing:slash  recs_by_jenna_marianne  rating:pg-13  pairing:erik/charles 
october 2011 by epic_recs
Sixteen Hours by spastic_visions (PG-13)
“We’re going to have to quarantine you, Janice. Sixteen hours to be on the safe side. When that’s over, we forget this ever happened and get on with our lives."
fandom:scrubs  genre:dark  genre:horror  genre:sad_stories  genre:supernatural  length:short  pairing:jd/cox  pairing:slash  recs_by_lolitakun  rating:pg-13  fandom:small_fandom 
october 2011 by epic_recs
Sensing Evil by Lady Ra (NC-17)
While being stalked by something not entirely human, someone casts a spell on Tony that changes his life forever.
fandom:ncis  genre:case_file  genre:horror  genre:supernatural  length:epic  pairing:gibbs/tony  pairing:slash  recs_by_epona34  rating:nc-17 
october 2011 by epic_recs
Some Say the World Will End in Fire by Nemo_the_Everbeing (PG-13)
In 1981 the FBI's newest forensic pathologist gets an invitation to a crime scene, and then a further invitation to strike at one of the roots of evil. He is less than thrilled.
fandom:twin_peaks  genre:angst  genre:dark  genre:horror  genre:humor  genre:post-canon  genre:pre-canon  genre:pre-slash  genre:supernatural  length:long  pairing:gen  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:pg-13  fandom:small_fandom 
august 2011 by epic_recs
Death of Today by Epic Soleminty (NC-17)
Raised hating Muggles, Harry arrives at Hogwarts a bitter boy. Unusually intelligent, he's recruited by both the Unspeakables and the Death Eaters. He becomes an Unspeakable young, and finds himself intrigued by the Veil and working with magic. His loyalty is not that to the Ministry, or the Death Eaters, but to himself. Thinking that joining the Death Eaters will prepare him for his own future and satisfy his need to destroy Muggles, he joins. But he finds himself falling deeper with the Death Eaters than he originally thought. Not only does he struggle to balance Unspeakable work, Hogwarts, and Death Eaters, but he also finds himself woven into the mystery of his parentage.
fandom:harry_potter  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:dark  genre:horror  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  length:super!epic  pairing:slash  recs_by_slyprentice  rating:nc-17 
july 2011 by epic_recs
Once Bitten by Fyre (PG-13)
Richard Castle likes to believe that there are monsters and aliens out there, waiting to cause chaos. Trouble is that this time, he's right.
fandom:castle  genre:horror  genre:humor  genre:supernatural  length:long  pairing:gen  recs_by_lolitakun  rating:pg-13 
june 2011 by epic_recs
One Father's Sons by stele3 (R)
AU for season two. After the car crash, Sam and Dean struggle to deal with their father's death, and make a startling discovery: they have a younger brother, Reese, who's got his own demonic issues.
fandom:supernatural_rps  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:dark  genre:drama  genre:family  genre:horror  length:super!epic  pairing:gen  recs_by_jenna_marianne  rating:r  medium:podfic 
april 2011 by epic_recs
Drowning Not Waving by reremouse & tabaqui (NC-17)
Xander never left Oxnard due to unexpected consequences of a one-night-stand. Just as things are about to change Xander stumbles upon the most unexpected of people in the most unexpected of places.
fandom:buffy  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:dark  genre:horror  genre:kids  genre:vampire  length:epic  pairing:slash  pairing:spike/xander  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17 
march 2011 by epic_recs
The Anatomy of a Fall by novembersmith (NC-17)
When Gerard and his family move to Glen Fell so Mikey can get the medical care he needs, Gerard doesn’t expect to fit in. Of course, he also doesn’t expect to be beat up on his first day of school by a guy with antlers on his truck. In hopes of avoiding any further punching, Gerard decides to hide in the forest until the bullies have left. And that’s where he meets Frank.
fandom:bandom  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:creature/wing  genre:dark  genre:drama  genre:supernatural  length:super!epic  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17  genre:horror  genre:mystery 
february 2011 by epic_recs
Running Gun Blues by lordnelson100 (PG-13)
Don't open the door! After midnight on the Idol Tour, some secrets come a knockin.' Warnings for: violence, language, sex, horror, issues of consent, black magic, Gokey family fuckery, illegal immigration. Goes AU, oh, three paragraphs in.
fandom:american_idol  genre:horror  genre:supernatural  length:medium  pairing:kris/adam  pairing:slash  recs_by_jenna_marianne  rating:pg-13 
november 2010 by epic_recs
Love Bites by themistoklis (R)
Amy and Stephen went out to save the world. Paul was just buying milk. But with only one in a million people resistant to the zombie virus chewing away at the edges of the world (including Stephen), every second counts, and a smartass pair of scientists could use an extra driver to get them to the east coast. Even if Paul is just a sci-fi writer. They meet up with his friend Janeane, who turns out to already be living with two other guys. Denis, now, Paul at least knows, but he's only heard stories about Jon. When the three of them agree to escort the scientists who looked after Paul across the city, Amy ends up getting bitten. And that's not the worst part.
fandom:fake_news  genre:action/adventure  genre:au  genre:horror  length:long  pairing:het  pairing:slash  recs_by_girlofjuly  rating:r 
november 2010 by epic_recs
Fade to Black by Whizzy (R)
When Rodney is made into the scapegoat at Dreamland Industries for a patent scandal, he does the only thing he can think of, packs everything up and moves into his Uncle Morty’s former cable television studio to have a nice quiet mid-life crisis. He’s getting along with the locals swimmingly when he picks up a distress signal over his giant dish.
fandom:stargate_atlantis  genre:au  genre:dark  genre:horror  genre:humor  length:long  pairing:mckay/sheppard  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:r 
november 2010 by epic_recs
Death Is The New Black by Yahtzee (PG-13)
Manhattan faces its most fabulous apocalypse yet when fashionista zombies take to the streets.
fandom:ugly_betty  genre:au  genre:crack  genre:horror  genre:humor  length:medium  pairing:het  recs_by_lolitakun  rating:pg-13 
november 2010 by epic_recs
Red by big_pink (PG-13)
Something evil is killing treeplanters in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, possibly the same predator that Dean narrowly escaped years before. How Grimm will things get before the brothers figure it out?...Washington state logging, treeplanters. A Big Bad Wolf and a secret that Dean won’t spill. Ten chapters in three time periods. Season One and pre-series.
fandom:fairytale/mythology  fandom:supernatural  genre:case_file  genre:dark  genre:drama  genre:horror  genre:mystery  genre:pre-canon  length:epic  pairing:gen  recs_by_jenna_marianne  rating:pg-13 
november 2010 by epic_recs
Dark Horse by wiseacress (R)
When Spike sees him, head shorn and mostly broken, he doesn’t know what prompts him to buy the former Scooby.
fandom:buffy  genre:au  genre:dark  genre:future  genre:horror  genre:slave  length:medium  pairing:spike/xander  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:r 
november 2010 by epic_recs
Unholyverse by bexless (NC-17)
When Frank gets his new tattoo, he really thinks his bad luck has finally changed. After all, she’s such a beautiful one, with all her wings torn. And then he starts feeling these inexplicable pains. Nothing can really stop them, that is, until he meets Gerard.
fandom:bandom  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:case_file  genre:creature/wing  genre:dark  genre:drama  genre:family  genre:fluff  genre:friendship  genre:homeless  genre:horror  genre:humor  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:mystery  genre:romance  genre:supernatural  length:super!epic  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17 
november 2010 by epic_recs
The Uncharted Sea by Mahoni (R)
In a world where T.V. stands for ‘telepathic vision’ box and healers are more trusted than doctors, Jon is just going through the motions. He doesn’t have any real friends; after all he survives on robbery and other crimes. But one night he runs into Brendon and his friends. That’s the night everything changes.
fandom:bandom  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:creature/wing  genre:dark  genre:drama  genre:family  genre:friendship  genre:homeless  genre:horror  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:mystery  genre:pre-slash  genre:slave  genre:supernatural  length:super!epic  pairing:gen  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:r 
october 2010 by epic_recs
Red Apple Falls by _dellamore (R)
When a string of murders turns up in Sunnydale, Buffy and Co. are ready to act. But when they realize the victims are being murdered by railroad stakes to the heart, it’s not too difficult to figure out Spike finally got the chipectomy.
fandom:buffy  genre:dark  genre:horror  genre:vampire  length:medium  pairing:spike/xander  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:r 
october 2010 by epic_recs
Now, as Before
It's the zombie apocalypse and the Watchmen characters have gotten caught in the middle of the claticlism. Rorschach has been infected with the zombie virus, and now they have to decide what to do about it.
fandom:watchmen  genre:au  genre:horror  genre:pre-canon  genre:romance  length:long  pairing:slash  recs_by_chibifukurou  rating:nc-17 
september 2010 by epic_recs
City of a Thousand Wonders by astolat / shalott (NC-17)
"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." -- Hunter S. Thompson. This is a story about the negative side.
fandom:american_idol  genre:bonding  genre:horror  genre:supernatural  genre:virgin  length:long  pairing:kris/adam  pairing:slash  recs_by_jenna_marianne  rating:nc-17 
september 2010 by epic_recs
Dead Lover
Eight British survivors of Europe's deadly zombie virus Decay attempt a cross country journey through America in an attempt to reach zombie-free California. Rural America, however, isn't very safe.
fandom:the_it_crowd  genre:action/adventure  genre:horror  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:supernatural  length:long  pairing:slash  recs_by_meishali  rating:r  fandom:small_fandom 
july 2010 by epic_recs
Snake Oil
After a trip to LA, very strange, very dark, and very, *very* creepy things begin happening to Jim and Blair.
fandom:sentinel  genre:angst  genre:dark  genre:horror  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:supernatural  length:epic  pairing:blair/jim  recs_by_jane  rating:nc-17 
october 2009 by epic_recs
The Last Two Men
On the 13th of November 2010, the dead began to remain undead. Two years later, the last men on Earth struggle to survive.
fandom:heroes  genre:angst  genre:dark  genre:established_relationship  genre:horror  genre:supernatural  length:long  pairing:gen  pairing:mohinder/sylar  recs_by_meishali  rating:r 
october 2009 by epic_recs
The incestuous courtship of the antichrist's bride
Sam is trying to become the Antichrist in order to save the world. He has a small army of angels and demons, he has an adoring cult, he has a work of prophecy by Jack Kerouac, and he has Dean. Things are going pretty well until he accidentally signs Dean up as his Beloved Consort, a role that requires sex with the Antichrist on an altar. And that's when things stop going pretty well. Also, the soundtrack to the Apocalypse sucks.
fandom:supernatural  genre:angst  genre:crack  genre:horror  length:epic  pairing:dean/sam  recs_by_meishali  rating:nc-17 
july 2009 by epic_recs
Paradise Landing
On their way back from the outer colonies on board a transport shuttle, the boys stop at an abandoned resource satellite to make repairs. They're not alone.
fandom:gundam_wing  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:drama  genre:horror  genre:mystery  length:epic  recs_by_trace_by_echo  rating:nc-17 
march 2009 by epic_recs
Daddy's Girl
Clarice Starling awakens from Dr. Lecter's hypnosis, only to rediscover what her life was like with him. Alternate Strings is an 'alternate sequel to Daddy's Girl, which assumes that Clarice Starling escaped the GD eleven years ago with her daughter now her peace is threatened.
fandom:hannibal  genre:future  genre:horror  genre:kids  genre:mystery  genre:post-canon  length:epic  recs_by_meishali  rating:r  fandom:small_fandom 
march 2009 by epic_recs
Hush (Don't Tell a Soul)
Dean lusts after his baby brother, which, to Dean, is just all kinds of WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. But then he meets Sam in his dreams, doing things that Dean's been, well, dreaming of. Dean knows that some things are too good to be true, yet he is reluctant to let go of his fantasies, even though he knows they are not real.
fandom:supernatural  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:horror  genre:supernatural  length:epic  pairing:dean/sam  recs_by_meishali  rating:nc-17 
march 2009 by epic_recs
Fear & Self-Loathing
Missing scene fic between Unexpected and Parasite. After discovering Dale's body, Mohinder and Zane are faced with a thirty-six hour drive back to New York. Mohinder has trouble coming to terms with the brutality of the murder and finds Zane's non-reaction to her death increasingly disturbing. As they drive, Mohinder's suspicions mount that Zane may not be who he says he is, and, trapped beside each other in the car, Mohinder is forced to confront what had happened between them in Montana.
fandom:heroes  genre:drama  genre:horror  genre:pwp  length:long  pairing:mohinder/sylar  recs_by_lolitakun  rating:nc-17 
january 2009 by epic_recs
12 Hours by The Tenth Muse (R)
A deadly virus is unleashed on DC and spreads to the surrounding states with mayhem and death resulting.
fandom:csi  fandom:ncis  genre:action/adventure  genre:crossover  genre:horror  length:epic  pairing:gen  pairing:gibbs/tony  recs_by_meishali  rating:r 
october 2008 by epic_recs
Big Damn Zombies, Sir by Shrift (PG)
Through reasons you probably aren't really going to care about, Jayne gets himself turned into a zombie. Yes, really. And it is awesome.
fandom:firefly  genre:horror  genre:humor  length:medium  pairing:gen  recs_by_jane  rating:pg 
may 2008 by epic_recs
Bitten by Aucta Sinistra (NC-17)
For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, Harry and Snape find themselves accompanying a vampire from England to Romania. By train. With several pit stops (and isn't it amazing how all these hotels only have rooms with just one bed).
fandom:harry_potter  genre:fluff  genre:horror  genre:humor  genre:vampire  length:long  pairing:harry/severus  recs_by_jane  rating:nc-17 
may 2008 by epic_recs
Reader's Recs--Horror
Horror!fic recommendations by our readers.
genre:horror  recs_by_our_readers 
may 2008 by epic_recs
It's What You Don't See by telesilla (NC-17)
Rodney McKay's been a loner for close to 400 years now, which is why it makes no sense when he falls hard for a Blood Bank worker named John Sheppard.
fandom:stargate_atlantis  genre:au  genre:horror  genre:romance  length:medium  pairing:mckay/sheppard  recs_by_meishali  rating:nc-17 
april 2008 by epic_recs

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