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The Shoemaker by fleete (NC-17)
Historical magical AU. In turn-of-the-century Glastonbury, Freya Lake is the headmistress of an orphanage for magical children. And despite all the seers’ dire warnings, Freya is happy; her infatuation with the shoemaker’s apprentice—who may or may not be a girl underneath his shirt and trousers—is slowly coming to a head. But then a woman claiming to be Morgan Le Fay shows up on the orphanage steps, demanding to see Emrys, and Freya is forced to rearrange her priorities.
genre:first-time  fandom:merlin  pairing:femslash  genre:au  genre:holiday  length:long  genre:action/adventure  genre:cross-dressing  genre:drama  genre:post-canon  genre:romance  rating:nc-17  recs_by_mothlights 
february 2013 by epic_recs
This Is Halloween by Swing Set in December (G)
Teen Wolf and The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Stiles knows he's a weird kid. What with his dad being sheriff of Halloween Town and his mother the fairest Christmas snow angel in all of Holiday Land.
fandom:small_fandom  fandom:nightmare_before_christmas  fandom:teen_wolf  genre:au  genre:crossover  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  genre:romance  length:medium  pairing:derek/stiles  pairing:slash  recs_by_mothlights  rating:g  from delicious
october 2012 by epic_recs
The Gift Of The Mad Guy by sam_storyteller (PG)
The Doctor joins some Kings of Orient following a star, helps a quartet of sociologists, gets thrown in prison, meets shepherds (ditto: talking sheep), finds a baby in a stable, uses Christmas carols for nefarious ends, and learns The True Meaning Of Camel.
rating:pg  recs_by_jenna_marianne  pairing:gen  length:medium  genre:humor  genre:holiday  genre:action/adventure  fandom:dr_who 
january 2012 by epic_recs
It must have been the mistletoe by Calic0cat (R)
Set in December A.C. 202. Overworked and exhausted, the gundam pilots, Zechs, Relena and Dorothy are forced to take a month long vacation.
fandom:gundam_wing  genre:first-time  genre:fluff  genre:future  genre:holiday  genre:romance  length:long  pairing:duo/heero  pairing:femslash  pairing:slash  recs_by_epona34  rating:r 
november 2011 by epic_recs
For Keeps by liketheroad (NC-17)
Brendon’s the youngest of five children, so he’s used to hand-me-downs. When he gets something from one of his brothers or sisters, he doesn’t see the stains or the tears or even the worn out places, he sees what it could become. That’s kind of what it’s like when he first really sees Ryan. He knows Ryan’s worn down in places and just plain defeated at times, but he also can see how well the two of them could fit together.
fandom:bandom  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:drama  genre:family  genre:holiday  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:pre-slash  genre:virgin  length:long  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17 
july 2011 by epic_recs
Beyond the Sea by ditchwitchbitch (NC-17)
When Frank breaks up with him, Patrick feels the intense need to just get away. He signs up for an internship abroad in Marine Biology, hoping to get sent somewhere far away. It’s completely unexpected when he’s sent all the way to Ireland.
fandom:bandom  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:drama  genre:established_relationship  genre:holiday  length:epic  pairing:het  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17 
july 2011 by epic_recs
Blanket Made of Stars by Arsenic (NC-17)
When Ryan’s brother Pete shoots Bob Bryar’s prize stallion, Bryar and his brothers have no choice but to retaliate. And when Ryan catches them at it, he offers the only thing he can to get Pete out of this mess.
fandom:bandom  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:drama  genre:family  genre:harlequin  genre:holiday  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:marriage_of_convenience  genre:romance  genre:virgin  length:long  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17 
march 2011 by epic_recs
Lab Book by sam_storyteller (R)
"The likelihood of finding a cab on Christmas Eve is fast approaching nil." "So was the likelihood of you kissing me in the middle of the pavement, and yet."
fandom:sherlock_bbc  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  pairing:holmes/watson  pairing:slash  recs_by_girlofjuly  rating:r 
february 2011 by epic_recs
What Child is This by lamardeuse (NC-17)
On Merlin’s first day at Pendragon and son, he attempts to stop a burglary, gets forced to be a Christmas elf for his troubles, and finds an abandoned baby. Arthur is mainly a prat about everything, until the baby comes into the picture.
fandom:merlin  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:family  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  genre:kids  length:long  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17 
february 2011 by epic_recs
Act of Nature series by Jane Davitt and WesleysGirl (NC-17)
Xander is renovating a large property for the Council on a small island in Scotland. When Giles shows up early for his Christmas visit, Xander isn’t prepared for the terrible news he’s come to share.
fandom:buffy  genre:angst  genre:drama  genre:holiday  genre:post-canon  genre:romance  length:epic  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17  genre:first-time 
february 2011 by epic_recs
Putting Out the Lantern by Arsenic (NC-17)
When Jon’s world is at its end, he leaves everything behind. For about a year he just wanders, escaping his past. Eventually he ends up at a bar. And Spencer finds him.
fandom:bandom  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:drama  genre:established_relationship  genre:holiday  genre:homeless  length:long  pairing:het  pairing:slash  pairing:threesome  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17 
february 2011 by epic_recs
Thereafter You Have It (And Tango Makes Three) by sunsetmog (NC-17)
When Brendon gets a text from someone he doesn’t recognize, he doesn’t think much of it. But after a couple more texts, he calls the number, and finds out this girl is pregnant with his child. And suddenly he wants to be a daddy more than anything else he’s ever wanted in his life.
fandom:bandom  genre:angst  genre:family  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:kids  length:epic  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17  pairing:slash 
january 2011 by epic_recs
He Hadn't Stopped Christmas from Coming by belmanoir (NC-17)
Vecchio's back from Florida, Kowalski's back from Canada, and Fraser's nowhere to be found (or, more accurately, hard to find because he's in the middle of nowhere). Mix in the holiday season and the two Ray's find themselves unexpectedly bonding over what present to get for Fraser. And then Fraser comes back and things get *really* complicated.
fandom:due_south  genre:angst  genre:friendship  genre:holiday  genre:virgin  length:long  pairing:threesome  recs_by_jane  rating:nc-17 
january 2011 by epic_recs
Thanksgiving!verse: I've Got Your Number, Sleepyhead, Better Things, Smile Upon Me by yekoc (NC-17)
Adam and Kris meet at Adam's mother's house on Thanksgiving. Adam is bitter post-breakup and Kris is shy and newly arrived in L.A. to pursue his dreams of breaking into the music industry. They click.
fandom:american_idol  genre:au  genre:fluff  genre:romance  genre:holiday  length:medium  pairing:kris/adam  pairing:slash  recs_by_jenna_marianne  rating:nc-17 
december 2010 by epic_recs
The Song of Iowa ‘Verse by EntreNous (R)
On Thanksgiving Eve Xander just happens to be in Iowa on the unsuccessful finale of a search for a slayer. He’s trying to kill time in a gas station, when, who does he run into but Riley Finn. Riley, like the good Mid-Westerner he is, insists no one can spend Thanksgiving alone and invites Xander back to the Finn place.
fandom:buffy  genre:family  genre:holiday  genre:humor  genre:post-canon  length:long  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:r 
november 2010 by epic_recs
Trickster aka Butterfly!Verse by Lit Gal (NC-17)
Instead of a soldier, Xander decides to go as a vampire for Halloween. When Ethan’s spell kicks in, it doesn’t just turn Xander into any old vamp. It transforms him into a nine hundred year old vampire of Dracula’s line. When Spike stumbles upon him, Xander decides he’s going to take him as a pet.
fandom:buffy  genre:angst  genre:attempted_suicide  genre:bdsm  genre:bonding  genre:dark  genre:holiday  genre:supernatural  genre:vampire  length:epic  pairing:slash  pairing:spike/xander  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17 
november 2010 by epic_recs
Christmas Memories
Shortly before Christmas, Blair gets hurt in an explosion. Schmoopiness with a capital SCHMOOP ensues.
fandom:sentinel  genre:angst  genre:friendship  genre:holiday  genre:hurt/comfort  length:long  pairing:gen  recs_by_jane  rating:g 
september 2010 by epic_recs
A Few of My Favorite Things
Castle is *determined* to get Beckett the perfect present. If he could just figure out what that is.
fandom:castle  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  length:short  pairing:gen  recs_by_jane  yuletide_recs  rating:g 
september 2010 by epic_recs
Nick hates Christmas. Greg is determined to change that.
fandom:csi  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  length:medium  pairing:greg/nick  recs_by_jane  rating:g 
may 2010 by epic_recs
Without Reservation
After Havers gets promoted, she and Lynley get more than a little drunk and Something occurs. Unfortunately, before the Something can turn into Something Really Interesting, words are exchanged and it seems like a friendship might just be lost. Or, on the other hand, it might turn into something more.
fandom:inspector_lynley  genre:angst  genre:holiday  length:medium  recs_by_jane  rating:pg-13  pairing:het  fandom:small_fandom 
may 2010 by epic_recs
Christmas on Serenity. Apparently it's even better than Valentine's Day for hooking people up.
fandom:firefly  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  genre:pwp  length:medium  pairing:jayne/simon  recs_by_jane  rating:nc-17 
january 2010 by epic_recs
12 Days of Christmas
Someone's sending Rodney the 12 Days of Christmas and to no one's surprise, he's allergic to birds.
fandom:stargate_atlantis  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  genre:humor  length:medium  pairing:mckay/sheppard  recs_by_jane  rating:pg 
january 2010 by epic_recs
The Christmas Elf
Jim, going crazy due to his senses acting up, stumbles across a short, hairy, Jewish Christmas elf. And is immediately smitten.
fandom:sentinel  genre:au  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  genre:humor  genre:hurt/comfort  length:medium  pairing:blair/jim  recs_by_jane  rating:g 
january 2010 by epic_recs
A Harry Potter Christmas Carol, with Snape filling the role of Scrooge (natch).
fandom:harry_potter  genre:angst  genre:holiday  genre:post-canon  length:long  pairing:harry/severus  recs_by_jane  rating:r 
january 2010 by epic_recs
Nutcracker by VR Trakowski and Cincoflex (G)
Due to circumstances outside his control, a young Tony Stark is forced to move to New York with his aunt for a couple of months and adopt a new name. While trying to make the best of it, he signs up to continue his dance lessons (an activity inspired by his mother) and meets a young girl name Ginny. They develop a friendship as they rehearse for the Christmas production of the Nutcracker ballet together.
fandom:iron_man  genre:angst  genre:fluff  genre:friendship  genre:holiday  genre:kids  length:long  pairing:het  pairing:pepper/tony  recs_by_slytherin_gypsy  rating:g 
january 2010 by epic_recs
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Going to different places in his country, celebrating with different cultures every day, and spending time with the people and nations he's befriended over the years, America celebrates the December holidays.
fandom:hetalia  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  pairing:gen  recs_by_trace_by_echo  rating:pg 
january 2010 by epic_recs
Solstice Night
The holiday on Coruscant... a time for Masters and Padawans to celebrate together in the Temple. A progression of years seen through the eyes of Anakin Skywalker on this special night.
fandom:star_wars  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:drama  genre:holiday  genre:hurt/comfort  length:epic  pairing:anakin/obi-wan  recs_by_chibifukurou  rating:r 
january 2010 by epic_recs
Starsky and Hutch spend Christmas taking care of Hutch's parents' home. While there they deal with Hutch's difficult relationship with his parents, both of their fears about Hutch's recent tangle with the plague and the new dimension that seems to be developing in their relationship.
fandom:starsky_and_hutch  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  genre:hurt/comfort  length:epic  pairing:hutch/starsky  recs_by_caduceus03  rating:r 
august 2009 by epic_recs
In the Beginning…
One of my favorite subgenres within the MFU fandom is the classic “how they met” story. The TV show began with Illya and Napoleon already teamed up so the exact details of how the two first came to be partners is prime fodder for many authors’ imaginations.
fandom:man_from_u.n.c.l.e.  genre:drama  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  genre:pre-canon  length:medium  pairing:gen  recs_by_caduceus03  rating:pg 
july 2009 by epic_recs
Holiday Mini Recs
A holiday-appropriate story from SGA and two from Harry Potter.

Here's Looking At You (HP): Some Muggle inventions aren't all that useless for wizards after all – or so Minister Shacklebolt claims. His Muggleborn employees suspect that the real reason behind his sudden enthusiasm for magi-technical innovation at the Ministry is the fact that he found out about internet porn, but that isn't terribly relevant for the following story…

Arctic Drift (SGA): penguin!fic: "Tell me we didn't just adopt an egg." It shouldn't have been possible, but John sounded intrigued and irritated at the same time.

Unavoidably Detained (HP): They're about to be late for an engagement. Very late.
fandom:harry_potter  fandom:stargate_atlantis  genre:holiday  length:short  pairing:draco/harry  pairing:mckay/sheppard  recs_by_meishali  rating:pg-13 
january 2009 by epic_recs
A Vermillion to One
Preparing for his first Christmas in London, Eddie is cranky and exceedingly grinch-like, which is a perfect attitude for his newest case: tracking down the Vermillion Vigilante, a man who gets all dressed up in red and takes down petty criminals.
fandom:keen_eddie  genre:fluff  genre:holiday  genre:humor  length:medium  recs_by_jane  rating:pg-13 
november 2008 by epic_recs

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