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Keeper of Souls by Hunters Retreat (NC-17)
Everyone learned to keep secrets and Alec was better at it than most. He needed to be after all, he had more to hide. When a raid goes wrong though and he's forced to work with a human named Derek Reese, he begins to trust. Derek seems on the up and up and so they make their way through the resistance, fighting for humanity and trying to keep each other alive. But what happens when Derek finds out that Alec isn't part of humanity, but a Transgenic from Cyberdyne’s Manticore facility? What will happen when humanity's last hope for survival rests on a man that isn't human at all?
fandom:small_fandom  fandom:dark_angel  fandom:terminator_universe  genre:action/adventure  genre:cross-dressing  genre:future  length:long  pairing:slash  recs_by_simarillion  rating:nc-17  from delicious
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Chimera by JoeLawson (NC-17)
At first Alec doesn’t notice that anything’s different. Yes, he’s getting more attention from the males around him than he used to, but he’s an attractive guy—it’s not that far out of the norm. It’s not until he’s being hauled away by Ames White that he really starts to worry. Especially since Ames smells good enough to eat.
fandom:dark_angel  genre:action/adventure  genre:angst  genre:bonding  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:mpreg  length:epic  pairing:slash  recs_by_cheetahanabel  rating:nc-17  fandom:small_fandom 
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