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Clever Cycles » Blog Archive » How to keep your hands warm
I really need to replace my leather gloves, they've got a couple of little holes in the fingertips.
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december 2010 by epersonae
Rok Straps - Products
recommended on the rootsradicals (xtracycle) list.
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august 2010 by epersonae
abayye: X-Bike, Y-Bag -- mixed kinds on a cargo bike
the Yuba Mundo bag on an Xtracycle. Not super-thrilled with the look of that. Leaning towards getting a water-proof duffel...should I ever decide to go with something other than poncho+bungees.
xtracycle  bicycling  rain-riding 
july 2010 by epersonae
Corrosion Rust Preventative, Wax & Resin-Based Rust Inhibitor LPS 3
came up on the rootsradicals (xtracycle) email list, for protecting frame etc.
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july 2010 by epersonae
BikePortland.org » Blog Archive » Winter riding: Staying warm and dry on a budget
lots of tips. might be worth a trip to PDX to check out a couple of those spots. either that, or the army surplus stores on S Tac Way.
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november 2009 by epersonae
MA FYN BACH: Xtracycle DIY - RainCover for FreeRad
"Took off the snapdeck and covered the FreeRad with the RainCover." will have to go looking for something like that, I think.
rain-riding  xtracycle  bicycling 
october 2009 by epersonae
EcoVelo » Blog Archive » If Ever There Was a No-Brainer
Kool Stop "salmon" rubber brake pads. apparently great for wet weather.
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august 2009 by epersonae
rootsradicals : Message: FreeLoaders and Rain
the FreeLoaders suck in the rain, period. (although at least unlike the Ute's bags, they don't pretend to be designed for rainy weather.)
bicycling  xtracycle  rain-riding 
july 2009 by epersonae
rootsradicals : Message: Rain
trying to figure out how to deal with the new bike in the rain, after yesterday's insane summer downpour. some good ideas to go through here.
bicycling  xtracycle  rain-riding 
july 2009 by epersonae
Worst Day of the Year Ride
for me, 18 miles is a long f'ing ride no matter what time of year, but it does tempt me nonetheless. and maybe by then I'll finally have my rainpants? ;)
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november 2008 by epersonae

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