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Circular Systems
"Circular Systems S.P.C. (Social Purpose Corporation). We are a clean-tech new materials company, focused on the development of innovative circular and regenerative technologies.

With our waste-to-fiber platforms; Texloop and Agraloop, and the revolutionary new Orbital Composite Yarn technology, we offer break-through solutions for the most efficient management of textile/apparel and agricultural waste streams."

Circular technologies portfolio:
"Agraloop - Bio-Refinery transforms food crop waste into high-value natural fiber products in a cost competitive and scaleable way, providing sustainable and regenerative benefits. The Agraloop can utilize a range of feed stocks including oilseed hemp and oilseed flax straw as well as pineapple leaves, banana trunks and sugar cane bark.
Orbital - Hybrid Yarns are a revolutionary new yarn technology capable of producing high-performance yarns using recycled fibers. The resulting yarns have low pilling, high strength, and moisture management properties.
“TEXLOOP - Lightest-Touch™️" processing strategies help to preserve maximum embedded energy in recycled materials. We upcycled textile and garment waste into valuable new materials."

Won 2018 H&M's Global Change Award innovation challenge.
Yitzac & Samuel Goldstein on board as well.
Based in Shenzhen / China.

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„Wir produzieren nachhaltig, bezahlen wirklich faire Produzentenpreise und schaffen Transparenz. / We produce sustainably, pay fair prices and improve transparency.“

6-Pillar Strategy:
"1. Fair for farmers, roughly double as much as Fairtrade minimum price.
2. Fair for you, as with their Fairpay-for-Farmers the cacao costs per chocolate bar only rise ~0.3 EUR per 100g, they keep the retail price comparativley low.
3. Organic farming practices and additional efforts for biodiversity.
4. Support of renewable energy. (e.g. project in Uganda where biproducts from cacao products are used for making pellets for cooking).
5. Fair supply-chain not only of chocolate but also of sugarcane, cacaobutter and vanilla.
6. Transparency"

Founded by Florian Studer in Lucerne.

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World Centric
"World Centric was founded in 2004 to raise awareness of large-scale humanitarian and environmental issues and how our pursuit of a good life was severely degrading the planet’s ecosystems and at the same time creating vast inequalities where 2.5 billion people live on less than $2/day, without access to basic necessities such as adequate food, water, healthcare, education, housing, sanitation etc.
World Centric provides high quality compostable food service disposables and food packaging products for use in schools, corporate cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, parties etc. Our products are made annually renewable resources like corn, sugarcane, and wheat straw fiber. Sugar cane and wheat straw fiber are also discarded by-products of the agriculture industry and we are using this discarded fiber to make sustainable alternatives to plastics and styrofoam."

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