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Excerpts from fashioncrossover:
"Specialised in sustainability and circular design, French sustainable Haute Couture designer Aurelie Fontan established her label in London after graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art. With a Fine Art background, Aurelie pushes technological innovation and scientific discoveries to the forefront of her design process, combining avant-garde aesthetics and sustainable manufacturing methods.

With most of her fabrics made by hand and from scratch, she advocates for a technocraftivism that references her Parisian roots - couture craftsmanship - and a real focus on forward-thinking techniques - laser cutting, bio-mimicry, etc. Her collection TENSEGRITY tackles the issue of single-use plastic items, through upcycled cable ties that replace traditional seaming methods. This allows each piece to be easily recyclable. She also grew a dress from bacterias that are 100% biodegradable and compostable."

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april 2019 by eocas
Gwand – Sustainable Fashion Festival
"First Sustainable Fashion Festival in Lucerne / Switzerland with ambition for high fashion (too), along with pret-a-porter.
#sustainable #fair #ethical #organic

Was originally founded as the Swiss Textile Award in 1993 and was live until 2005. They provided a highly remunerated (CHF ~100000) award which once was won by junior designer Raf Simons who later designed for Dior and Calvin Klein.

Celebrity Award of Hope, the Sustainable Fashion Designer Award, as well as the prestigious Corporate Award of Distinction."

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september 2017 by eocas
Russian's leading independent haute-couture designer. Also participated at Origin represented by Ekaterina Puchkova. HAG
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may 2014 by eocas
Frischer Wind in der Haute Couture

"Die Königsklasse der Mode, die diese Woche in Paris päsentiert wurde, scheint sich allmählich von ihrem verstaubten Image und von protzigen Roben zu verabschieden. Dank einer jungen, modernen Generation von Adeligen und Superreichen, die bereit ist, für gute Mode sehr viel Geld auszugeben, weht in der Haute Couture ein frischer Wind."

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july 2011 by eocas
ma ke : wu yong chinese fashion
"the title 'wu yong' translates to 'useless'.
ma ke is known in china for her silent, organic and reflexive clothing that is more
creative and experimental in shape. confronted by the local clothing industry with
its cheap, homogenising mass-production and poorly paid workers whose skill is not valued,
and by a fashion scene lacking local aesthetic influence and dominated by foreign labels,
she dedicated herself to developing her ‘useless’ ideas."

2011/0420 AMZ
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april 2011 by eocas

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