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working title studios | sustainable luxury fashion
About taken from German Sustain Concept*:

"After working together successfully for many years, fashion designer Antonia Goy and architect Bjoern Kubeja launched their own fashion label in 2018. Here, exquisite tailoring meets timeless elegance and sustainable, enduring design. Working Title uses only the finest natural materials such as mulesing-free wool, cashmere, organic silk, organic cotton and Tencel from certified European manufacturers and rejects man-made fibres in order to minimise harmful residues through wear and disposal. The collections are manufactured in Germany, Italy and Poland."

* German Sustain Concept is a programme initiated by the Fashion Council Germany under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) with partners Neonyt, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation of Messe Frankfurt, Bikini Berlin and Showroom.de.

Based in Berlin

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march 2019 by eocas
UlStO // Cork to Carry
Bag brand which creates minimalist Scandinavian-looking bags made of Portuguese cork and recycled polyester felt.

From Dresden / Germany.

Fashionmeetsorganic  bags  sustainablefashion  Cork  Recycling  felt  portugal  minimal  Brand  eco_brand  Germany 
january 2019 by eocas
"mimycri is a registered non-for-profit organization in Germany. In a diverse team, newcomers and Berliners make history tangible by working together. We are upcycling broken refugee rubber boats into high quality bags.

The idea for mimycri was born on the Greek island Chios where the co-founders – Vera and Nora – volunteered several times since 2015 welcoming people arriving at the shores. This experience motivated Vera and Nora to stay engaged and do something.

mimycri is about a change in perspective. It demonstrates that when we start to see things in a different way, a whole new world of possibilities can open up. We look for the good in the bad. We envision a world in which we help and support each other, just because we can – and because it feels good.
Sustainability: We are using what is already there and give new life to rejected material. The overall setup of the project is designed to be environmentally, socially and economically independent.

Integration: We are convinced that social and economic participation are key to successful integration."

Fashionmeetsorganic  NGO_NPO  Brand  eco_brand  Social  Fair_Trade  community  Communication  sustainablefashion  bags  Germany  upcycling 
january 2019 by eocas
Swedish Stockings
They claim to be the only sustainable hosiers brand as of 2018.

Excerpts from the sustainability section of their About:
"Pantyhose is a petroleum product and one of our biggest consumables. The industry is huge and the production itself uses non-renewable fossil fuels and require a huge amount of energy and water to produce. This extremely large process is very harmful to the environment and most pantyhose are designed to be worn once and then replaced, and so contributing to textile pollution - the third most polluting industry in the world (after oil and agriculture).

Swedish Stockings is created from the by-product of other nylon products that is non-biodegradable. The production process is a lot less complicated than traditional nylon production and we are consistently looking for cleaner ways to produce - conserving or reusing water, decreasing emissions, reducing and recycling waste. From this highly efficient recycling procedure we have reduced energy and water consumption by:
- 87.6% less energy
- A savings of water 18.M3/ton yarn

We want to break the current production of pantyhose - to produce beautiful and long lasting stockings.
- A large part of our production is solar powered
- Our factories are zero waste
- All water used in dyeing is purified and treated"

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january 2019 by eocas
Polish casual fashion brand who applies some sustainability-conscious measures such as using cupro (from cotton waste).

Fashionmeetsorganic  Brand  eco_brand  Poland  sustainablefashion  Fabrics  Cotton 
january 2019 by eocas
bleed | Sustainable clothing - fair & vegan
Intro by WOMB:
"... design and recycling abilities ... their jackets, made of 100% recycled polyester including buttons and zippers ... they developed an entirely vegan and cruelty-free sneaker, where not only fabrics used are of natural origin (cork, natural rubber and recycled cotton), but also glues are ensured to be water-based."

From Hof / Bavaria / Germany.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Brand  sustainablefashion  Recycling  upcycling  Shoes  eco_brand  Vegan  Cork  natural  Cotton  Germany 
january 2019 by eocas
Intro by WOMB:
"Sporting interesting, edgy designs and using recycled polyester or cotton. They also pledge strongly to pushing for zero-waste practices, which involve conscious design and lack of fabric loss at cut-outs, sourcing consciously from only trusted suppliers, investing in eco packaging that also can be re-purposed later on, as well as - they offer in-store recycling in some of their locations."

From Basque Country / France.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Recycling  upcycling  Cotton  sustainablefashion  packaging  Brand  eco_brand 
january 2019 by eocas
Pure Waste
Intro by WOMB:
"Their practice involves using only fabrics coming 100% from recycling. They stick to barely a couple of Nordic colours along greys, blues and blacks, as they use zero dyes - the colour palette of the clothing simply depends entirely on the colours of the dead stock materials that they happen to use for a given collection and how they mix them with each other. The garments of Pure Waste are produced in India, in a factory that they own, which ensures high level of control and keeping themselves informed about the process of production. That way, they stay assured that no un-sustainable practices are present, and that their fabrics don’t get mixed with others accidentally (which is often the case with, for example, organic cotton production sites, where organic cotton often gets tangled with regular one)."

From Finland.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Brand  Recycling  sustainablefashion  sustainablecompany  Finland  up-cycling  india  Transparency  dyeing  eco_brand 
january 2019 by eocas
Ellie Kai
Made-to-Order female clothing brand which is based in Hong Kong, started in 2011 by Liz Hostetter from the USA. They emphasize their transparent sourcing, fair work conditions (in Mainland China, especially female empowerment) and zero-waste approach.

As mentioned in this "Proudly made in China" article:

Fashionmeetsorganic  HongKong  Brand  eco_brand  USA  workshop  Fair_Trade  Transparency  Sourcing  Made-to-Order  Apparel  Clothing  China  Manufacturing 
november 2018 by eocas
Kilomet 109
"Designer, artist and eco-entrepreneur, Van Thao is a leader among the pioneering group of young designers who have made Hanoi an emerging creative hub of the fashion world.
Thao’s vision encompasses every detail of the production process, starting with the natural materials that go into the garments she designs. In doing so she is helping to preserve the rich textile heritage of Vietnam.

Using organic fibers and traditional techniques of vegetable dying, Thao works with her team of local artisans to grow, spin, weave, color and print Kilomet 109 fabrics. After that the garments are hand-stitched in her studio in Hanoi.
The value of our pieces is about more than their design, it’s about the culture of the people who make them and the environmental issues that are so vital to our future.”

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Fashion  Designer  artisanal  Made-to-Order  ecological  vietnam  Fibres  dyeing  Organic  Organic_Fabric  Vegetables  Sustainability  eco_brand  sustainablecompany  sustainablefashion  Brand 
september 2018 by eocas
"An innovative approach (longevity and multipurpose functionality), a historic foundation (1847) and a sustainable perspective ( a journey, where we thrive to embed sustainability gradually in our approach moving forward) - these are the three elements that make Fonnesbech unique."

Won ELLE magazine CSR Style Award 2015.

brand  denmark  eco_brand  sustainability  Functionality  import_fashionmeetsorganic  CSR_Corporate-Social-Responsibility  Quality_Control  Fashionmeetsorganic 
may 2016 by eocas
"Bennu from the Egyptian mythology, also known as the ’phoenix that rises from the ashes’, is reborn full of strength and youth. This powerful creature forms the inspiration for the label Benu Berlin. The Vision is to reintegrate the tailoring craft in Berlin and to show a diagonal proposition on fashion for a conscious way of consumption. Therefore Benu Berlin focuses on extraordinary techniques and material manipulation which transform street-wear into wearable artworks. All collections consist of passionate pieces developed and handcrafted in our manufactory at the Benu Ranch in Berlin. [...] Karen Jessen is a Fashion Designer, Patternmaker and Dressmaker, specialized on sustainable fashion. After launching the swimwear label and production luluBerlu in Costa Rica, Central America, she studied at ESMOD Berlin."

Redress / Eco-chic Design Award alumni

designer  Germany  up-cycling  Eco  apparel  brand  eco_brand  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
april 2016 by eocas
Clémentine Sandner
"Up-cycled Athleisure Apparels. Unisex. Unique.

CLEMENTINE SANDNER is a skilful mix of old traditions, urban life, and spiced-up with a hint of randomness. Every piece is developed to be functional and sustainable. It reveals the uniqueness of antique precious fabrics living together with the latest textile innovation."

Redress / Eco-chic Design Award alumni

Japan  France  up-cycling  Eco  apparel  sustainability  designer  eco_brand  Sports  outdoor  unisex  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
april 2016 by eocas
GAIA Conceptions
"Clothing materials and production methods are rooted in sustainability [...] comfortable, and highly versatile. This means observing every step involved with making a garment, from seed to shirt. We are continually tweaking our system to the highest standard. Often similar to the Slow Foods Movement, Slow Clothing focuses on organic materials, a mindful supply of energy, and artisan quality goods and services. [...] use certified organic fabrics that are produced either locally (North Carolina, USA) or through fair trade practices abroad. [...] dyes are as eco-friendly as possible [...] A mixture of natural dyes and low impact fiber reactive dye color options is currently the most eco-friendly option. [...] Artisans custom cuts, sews, and dyes each garment by hand at our studio in North Carolina. We love giving the client the ability to build a more custom garment. Eliminating unwanted stock is just one of the ways we reduce our environmental impact."

Organic  apparel  fashion  Eco  eco_brand  sustainable  brand  Made-to-Order  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Manufacturing  Fashionmeetsorganic  Slow_Fashion  usa 
april 2016 by eocas
Auria swimwear is designed in London and made (where?) with regenerated nylon from discarded fishing nets (post consumer waste). Was among the 9 designers chosen by Centre of Sustainable Fashion to design for a sustainability collection of Selfridges. HAG
designer  brand  london  UK  outdoor  sustainability  fashion  Apparel  eco_brand  Man-made  Fibres  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
march 2016 by eocas
Nine to Five
About: "Business must haves with an Out-off-Office upgrade [...] NINE TO FIVE defies fashion’s customary fast pace - by ensuring long-term availability of individual parts of our collection. We’re expanding the existing collection with new designs twice a year. [...] All our products are handcrafted in small European manufactories using high quality calfskin leather and other luxurious materials. Each step - from tanning to dyeing - is carefully observed to ensure that only eco-friendly materials are used." HAG
brand  eco_brand  eco_fashion  leather  sustainability  Shoes  accessories  Women  Apparel  Eco  Germany  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
march 2016 by eocas
About: "goodsociety has grown out of the idea to rethink the clothing business, whilst caring for the world and its people. A simple but sincere statement was given: Build the most valuable product, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and effect solutions for a better life for all." From Hamburg / Germany. HAG
brand  eco_brand  Germany  fashion  sustainability  denim  organic  eco_fashion  online_shop  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
march 2016 by eocas
About: "MAT(T)ERIAL and NATURE started 1995, in Montreal / Canada. [...] Our values include social responsibility, excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, learning, authenticity and, of course, love. We are inspired by the textures and hues of nature and, to better protect it, we aim to constantly better our ways. [...] Not being committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in our designs felt natural to us. Each season, we continue to explore new innovative ways to remain sustainable and eco-friendly. Over the years, we’ve been experimenting with different recycled materials such as recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber and cork. Since 2007, we’ve been committed to using linings only made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. We have also recently introduced recycled bicycle tires to our collections." HAG
accessories  Vegan  brand  eco_brand  sustainability  leather  Canada  Cork  Recycling  design  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
march 2016 by eocas
Angelle Chang / JOW Fashion
About: "The creative brain behind, Angelle Chang, founded the brand in 2013 in devotion to her son, Jowin. Jowin was born with a left cleft lip, this oftentimes attracted people’s gaze towards his mark. As a mother, Angelle felt that she should draw the attention to something other than his facial anomaly. This is how she came with the idea to start designing clothing for her son; which resulted into a fashion label – Angelle Chang. Angelle draws inspiration from the Netherlands and all items are handmade in Holland using European fabrics." HAG
fashion  brand  eco_brand  Apparel  hong_kong  Netherlands  designer  eco_fabric  natural  handmade  Ethical_fashion  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
march 2016 by eocas
About: "Universal garments, tailored to fit men, women and those in-between equally. Gender-neutral clothes for people. Fashioned from a playful perspective [...] e are the intermix between men/women, play/sophistication, and contemporary/nature-based design. Work exclusively with eco-conscious textiles that range from small batch organics to renewable plant-based synthetics. We carefully select our textiles based on quality, environmental impact and social responsibility. E.g. sustainably grown California cotton. Each naturally hand-dyed garment is subtly unique and completely free of heavy metals, salts, and toxins. Cut, sewn and dyed in sunny Los Angeles. Through our insistence on the most premium and transparent methods of garment creation, we occupy the forefront of the slow clothing revolution." HAG
eco_fashion  sustainable  fashion  sustainablecompany  organic  cotton  apparel  Organic_Textile  Gender  unisex  eco_brand  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic  Slow_Fashion  usa 
march 2016 by eocas
VIRTŪ shared sense
German fashion startup which produces in Dominican Republic white cotton T-shirts under ethical, fair-labor conditions, paying 300% the salary and re-investing 50% of the profit into the communities. Buttons from coconut and delivered in a linen sleeve which can be used as laptop bag. Successful crowdfunding campaign: www.kickstarter.com/projects/virtu/a-shirt-with-a-purpose/description HAG
Ethical_fashion  sustainability  Fair_Trade  Production  cotton  Coconut  eco_brand  sustainablecompany  Germany  Crowdfunding  Business_Planning  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
january 2016 by eocas
Sustainability And The Role Of A Fashion Designer
Article by Ethical Fashion Forum's Sarah Ditty. Sustainability aspects mentioned by the brands Sweaty Betty, No Such Thing, Kitty Ferreira and BHAVA are: - Avoiding chemical paints (e.g. VOCs) and dyes in favor of natural / vegan alternatives - Source organic and animal-friendly (e.g. in silk called cruelty-free) - Increase recycled content / up-cycling - Transparency (incl. asking many questions to suppliers) - Consider price level: Often high end product is made to last, and can be more sustainable, whereas high street has a level of throw-away. Important keyword: Slow Fashion - Low Carbon Foodprint: Local sourcing and production - Fair Trade certification - Non-toxic alternatives to waterproofing finishes - Using dead stock fabrics from larger brands (aka leftover fabrics) - "Be more than just a product, transport a lifestyle" HAG
sustainability  sustainable  fashion  sustainablecompany  sourcing  import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Fashionmeetsorganic  Slow_Fashion 
september 2015 by eocas
Gain Knowledge. Take Action. Earn Respect.
From the Texpertise Network of the Messe Frankfurt, which is also standing behind InterTextile, Greenfashionshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show, amongst others. Intro: "Six brands, six success stories – nowadays, there are hundreds of eco fashion brands, but only a select few actually succeed in establishing themselves on the market. Some such victors are Amour Vert, Armedangels, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, Kuyichi, Lanius and People Tree. So what is their secret to success? What were the biggest challenges?" HAG
Business_Planning  sustainability  Ethical_fashion  Organic  fashion  Fair_Trade  import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Fashionmeetsorganic 
august 2015 by eocas
Jungle Folk
Conscious fashion brand from Zurich / Switzerland. HAG
Switzerland  brand  eco_brand  Ethical_fashion  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
june 2015 by eocas
About: "Uncomplicated clothes that become well loved favourites made in an honest fashion since 2007. Spanish designer Nieves Ruiz Ramos is the inspiration behind the label bibico. Nieves had been working in the fashion industry for leading brands for 10 years until she decided it was time to go it alone. She wanted to move away from the trend of cheap, fast fashion and make simple, stylish clothes that people would enjoy wearing again and again. It was also important to her and the rest of us at bibico that the clothes were produced as ethically as possible. [...] bibico's collections are stitched, woven and knitted from high quality natural materials in fair trade cooperatives. Much of the knitwear is made by hand and the woven collections feature hand embroidered detailing. We believe our simple every day garments get something extra special, unique and personal that way; a little bit of heart." bibico has got many wholesale stockists in central Europe. HAG
UK  Fair_Trade  brand  eco_brand  Ethical_fashion  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
june 2015 by eocas
About: "Komodo has been a pioneer brand, promoting the use and development of Organic Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo, Tencel and other natural fibres since the early 90s. Equally important was the welfare of the suppliers and people who work in the small factory units that make our clothes. There needs to be loyalty and respect to make a good deal for all and we still visit our factories for at least 2 months+ each year to ensure that any problems are solved together." HAG
UK  Ethical_fashion  fashion  brand  eco_brand  eco_fashion  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
june 2015 by eocas
GetChanged - Fair Fashion Network - Fair Fashion Finder
Platform for ecological and fair trade fashion. Swiss association with operational focus in Hamburg/Germany. HAG
platform  E-Commerce  eco_fashion  Fair_Trade  Germany  Switzerland  online_shop  sustainable  fashion  Multi-brand  Shop  import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Fashionmeetsorganic 
june 2015 by eocas
About: "The unisex brand SKETCHΔROUND focuses on pure fashion without gender orientation on wearability and continues to reinvent the conventional practices with innovative materials to create some sophisticated tailor work with high sustainability and functionality. The subtle craftsmanship planted in a purity of simplicity successfully arouse worldwide interest from Asian markets to various magazines in London, France, Australia, Greece, Los Angeles and Hungary." Their slogans are: "Originality Surpasses Gender" and "Simplicity compacted with delicacy". HAG
brand  unisex  hong_kong  sustainability  sustainable  fashion  eco_brand  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
june 2015 by eocas
Nuremberg/Germany-based online shop with concept store offline shop branches in Hamburg, München, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Luzern (Schweiz). Almost a hundred brands including ARMEDANGELS, ORGANIC GLAM, PEOPLE TREE, the French vegan VEYA or the Swiss up-cycling FREITAG. HAG
Fair_Trade  sustainability  sustainable  fashion  eco_fashion  Germany  Switzerland  wholesale  E-Commerce  Vegan  online_shop  eco_onlineshop  Multi-brand  Shop  import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Fashionmeetsorganic 
june 2015 by eocas
15 Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Companies You Should Know About
1) Beaumont Organic 2) Bottletop 3) Braintree Clothing 4) Do You Speak Green? 5) Elroy 6) The Ethical Silk Co 7) Gilda & Pearl 8) Here Today Here Tomorrow 9) Kuyichi 10) Lur Apparel 11) MIMCO 12) Nudie Jeans 13) O My Bag 14) Pants to Poverty 15) Study NY HAG
sustainable  fashion  eco_brand  brand  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
june 2015 by eocas
Globe Hope
Finnish company specialized in environmentally friendly and unique clothes, bags, and accessories, sourced from recycled material. Globe Hope has three key values: aesthetic, ecology, and ethics. Excerpt: “While we’re not ready to compromise our ecological values, creating interesting, beautiful and practical products is the most fundamental driver for our design team.” YRN
clothing  bags  accessories  Recycling  eco_fashion  ecological  ethics  import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Fashionmeetsorganic 
april 2015 by eocas
UK-based sustainable footwear brand that using locally sourced materials in eco-friendly production techniques. Focuses on creating enduring footwear that lasts beyond the running season. Establishes charitable partnerships, such as with Soul of Africa. YRN
barefoot  gear  sport  shoe  sustainability  eco_brand  brand  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
april 2015 by eocas
Casual and business sustainable fashion brand from Germany. Claudia Lanius strives to bring ecological materials in harmony with feminine fabrics. Focuses on product innovation within the Green Fashion Industry. YRN
sustainability  sustainable  fashion  eco_fashion  ecological  Casual  apparel  Organic  Germany  Multi-brand  Shop  import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Consumerism  Fashionmeetsorganic 
april 2015 by eocas
Fashion label based in Cologne, Germany. Designs apparel products made from textiles such as organic cotton and sells them via their online shop as well as in boutiques and major retails stores in six countries. Creates and produces sustainable fashion that is both ethical and fashionable, while attempting to appeal to the LOHAS demographic. Aims to make a social statement about fashion and works exclusively with socially responsible companies that are certified as being fair trade. The German press has referred to armedangels as being "eco warriors in the process of saving the world". YRN
clothing  sustainable  fashion  eco_fashion  eco_brand  brand  Community  Ethical_fashion  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fair_Trade  Fashionmeetsorganic 
april 2015 by eocas
GOTS-certified organic, yoga-inspired lifestyle wear for Women and Toddlers. The founder has an indian name, US phone number but doesn't state where the clothes are produced. HAG
clothing  Yoga  eco_brand  Lifestyle  Casual  apparel  children  organic_fabric  Organic  cotton  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
march 2015 by eocas
Beyond Skin
Brighton/UK brand for luxury designer ethical vegan ladies shoes and boots. accessories and some fashion apparel. Their vegetarian footwear is made from finest recycled, leather-free fabrics. Handmade in Spain, from vegan pleather and recycled vegan faux suede and exclusive Italian designer prints. Celebrity starpower with Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Leona Lewis and more. HAG
Vegan  Shoes  Ethical_fashion  sustainable  fashion  sustainablecompany  eco_brand  leather  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
march 2015 by eocas
Katharine Hamnett
Ethical and environmental clothing for women, men and kids. Well known for her social, political and environmental campaigns. Katharine Hamnett is considered the pioneer of ethical and environmental fashion since 1989. At NEEMIC we admire her mission statement: “My mission is to change the world through fashion, make product as ethically and as environmentally as possible, with the best supply chain, the best social, environmental and cultural impact, alleviating poverty, and preserving traditional skills” HAG
Fair_Trade  sustainable  fashion  eco_brand  eco_fashion  designer  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
march 2015 by eocas
French eco-brand for bags, shoes and accessories made of sustainably produced/processed materials and fair-trade work conditions. HAG
eco_brand  eco_fabric  sustainability  Fair_Trade  Shoes  accessories  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
march 2015 by eocas
Filippa K
About: "Swedish Filippa K was founded in 1993, by Filippa Knutsson and Patrik Kihlborg. Their interpretation of fashion was wearable, aesthetically balanced pieces that stand the test of time – effortless, essential garments with clean design and high quality. This is still the essence of our brand. If fashion is to stay relevant and beautiful – inside and out – we believe it needs to be personal, simple and long lasting. That’s why our business idea is “to offer long lasting fashion based on our core values; style, simplicity and quality." HAG
Sweden  sustainability  eco_fashion  sustainablecompany  Ethical_fashion  import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Fashionmeetsorganic 
march 2015 by eocas
Nicole Bridger
Vancouver/Canada-based eco-fashion brand for female clothing. They use ethical materials such as GOTS-certified cotton, Linen, Leftover fabrics, low-toxity dye inks from Korea and apply fair working conditions. HAG
eco_fashion  eco_brand  brand  organic  fashion  Fair_Trade  sustainablecompany  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
march 2015 by eocas
Sakina M'sa
Sustainable fashion brand based in Paris but also with sales activities in China. HAG
designer  France  eco_brand  sustainable  fashion  Fair_Trade  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
january 2015 by eocas
Eco Fashion Comes of Age
Abstract: "Eco fashion has emerged as a counterculture force, confronting flaws in the current system and consolidating change. Born in tangent with the human rights movement of the 1960s, eco fashion has finally shed its tawdry typecast." Excerpts: "Good designers don't just consider the aesthetics of an object, but how that object comes to be - right down to the growth and manufacture of it […] “What I've noticed is that once people become informed and engaged with their clothing on this level it inspires a new relationship and decision making process around what individuals choose to have in their wardrobe. It’s always very much down to personal choice, taste and ethical concern. Having a more in depth 'story' behind a garment gives us more to relate to and can be quite empowering." HAG
eco_fashion  Eco  apparel  sustainability  sustainablecompany  import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Fashionmeetsorganic 
december 2014 by eocas
L SAHA is a premium womenswear label based in London. Designed for the fashionable yet conscious women of today. The philosophy behind the brand is to create timeless pieces with a modern twist using luxurious natural fabrics such as silk, jute, organic hemp, cotton etc. HAG
sustainable  fashion  brand  eco_brand  artisanal  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
december 2014 by eocas
Ethical Fashion: 10 Designers That Create Genuinely Amazing Clothes
ASOS Green Room, Stella McCartney, Veja, Blue Q, Lost Property of London, From Somewhere, Pachacuti, E.A. Burns, People Tree, EDUN HAG
Ethical_fashion  eco_fashion  Eco  apparel  jewelry  import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Fashionmeetsorganic 
december 2014 by eocas
Traditional fashion calendar fuels overconsumption and waste
Excerpts: "Customers have become so accustomed to these markdowns that it’s creating a vicious cycle of overconsumption." [..] "Some brands, notably Warby Parker and Everlane, and designers such as Tara St James of Study NY, are breaking with the traditional fashion calendar by creating products that are seasonless and long-lasting. Tara St James notes that the switch has enabled her “to provide constant and predictable work to her factory during “off-season” when they are less busy and would ordinarily be laying off workers.” [...] "I wanted a business model removed from a 'race to the bottom', which places unreasonable demands on manufacturers and encourages product planned obsolescence. Since abandoning the seasonal calendar, I can focus on more considered, longer lasting garments." [...] "having to compete during typical markdown periods can be difficult. It’s important for both retailers and designers that share the same vision to work together." HAG
consumer  behavior  Fashion  Cycle  sustainability  sustainable  import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Fashionmeetsorganic 
december 2014 by eocas
Patagonia CEO: 'There's No Way I Should Make One Decision Based On Quarterly Results'
Excerpts: "On Black Friday last year, the company had an "anti-Black Friday" event, encouraging people to get their gear repaired instead of buying new stuff." [...] "... build the infrastructure and systems and processes and get the people in place to really scale the business in a responsible way. To do it in a way that we feel is aligned with our values, which include having still pretty limited distribution, creating the best product, and continuing to make innovation in the supply chain." HAG
Ethical_fashion  eco_fashion  eco_brand  Business_Planning  Strategy  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
november 2014 by eocas
Eco Fashion World
Eco Fashion World is a GUIDE to browse sustainable designer brands and online eco fashion stores. The categories are: - Brand - Store - Eco Criteria - Country - Other criteria It's curated by a collective of writers/journalists, environmentalists/scientists and green entrepreneurs. HAG
green  fashion  environment  sustainability  Eco  apparel  magazine  platform  import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Fashionmeetsorganic 
november 2014 by eocas
Shanghai-based fashion designer that also applies sustainable fabrics such as Ramie. HAG
designer  chinese_designer  ramie  eco_fabric  eco_brand  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
october 2014 by eocas
Billy Reid
Farm-to-clothes model with organic cotton "Made in USA". HAG
designer  organic  cotton  eco_brand  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
october 2014 by eocas
Alabama Chanin
Farm-to-clothes model with organic cotton "Made in USA". HAG
cotton  organic  designer  eco_brand  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
october 2014 by eocas
Rahul Mishra
Indian fashion designer which is applying sustainable practices such as fair trade production or up-cycling of leftover fabrics. Won the 2014 Woolmark prize. HAG
designer  sustainability  Fair_Trade  up-cycling  eco_brand  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
october 2014 by eocas
amour vert
San Francisco-based eco-fashion brand. Their founders Christoph Frehsee and Linda Balti's motivation was: "We just wanted to find a nice, contemporary brand that was reasonably priced and transparent, with great value, that I could trust". Excerpt: "All of their wood-based fibers are sourced from a sustainable forest in Austria. They even develop custom fabrics with a mill in Los Angeles, creating signature blends of recycled polyester, wood fibers, and organic cotton to meet Balti’s standards for how they should look and feel." One of their perks is that they plant a tree for every sold t-shirt ("Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree"). HAG
designer  eco_brand  sustainable  fashion  sustainablecompany  clothing  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
october 2014 by eocas
Beijing-based casual/children/baby clothing, made of GOTS organic certified cotton from Mecilla farm in Shaanxi. Mainland China-based trademark of HK-based TPassion group. HAG
Organic  apparel  cotton  fashion  children  china  eco_brand  import_fashionmeetsorganic  Fashionmeetsorganic 
august 2014 by eocas
f a s h i o n . r i g h t s
A collection of ethical fashion labels that have been specially selected for Australian consumers. HAG
import_fashionmeetsorganic  eco_brand  Fashionmeetsorganic 
may 2014 by eocas
Eco-Friendly Fashion Catches On in China
Excerpts: - One way the brand is embracing sustainability is by eliminating wrapping paper waste. Ye Shouzeng, founder of Icicle, told China Daily, “We found many consumers will throw the wrapping paper away, which is not environmentally friendly. So we created this way of packaging. They can use this cotton bag to store undergarments, stationery or something else.” - Icicle using other biodegradable materials, such as corn fiber, for their price tags and buttons. - Ka Sheng, the editor in chief of fashion magazine iLook, says that while China may be behind other countries in the green game, they are starting to catch up.“They were not aware of environmental protection. However, it is better late than never. We are very glad to see some local fashion companies making efforts to create an eco-friendly style.” The 5 Shanghai eco-brands iCicle, NuoMi, Finch, Wobabybasics and Snoozer Loser got featured.
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Estethica (initiative of British Fashion Council)
Excerpts about description of Estethica from Bre Cruickshank in his NJAL editorial 'ECO FASHION COMES OF AGE': "Like with any successful social movement, to attain long-term success one must appeal to the mainstream. Initiatives such as Estethica, which spotlights cutting edge designers committed to working sustainably, are doing just that. During the past six years, Estethica has established itself as a reputable and fashion forward platform, showcasing its carefully selected designers at London Fashion Week." ... "Orsola de Castro, co-curator of Estethica and founder of eco label From Somewhere, expands upon Estethica’s success, “We really did help to change perceptions, we helped to position our designers right in front of the best press and the most important buyers...and we passed the test. We have helped and supported well over 100 brands by now, provided mentoring, free stands for the very young, nurturing and advice.” HAG
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Eco Fashion Comes of Age
Excerpts: “Good designers don't just consider the aesthetics of an object, but how that object comes to be - right down to the growth and manufacture of it.” [by journalist and filmmaker Leah Borromeo] "There is a need for a clear delineation of ‘eco fashion’ itself, so as to avoid the term’s devaluation. A term like eco or green does not have a strict dictionary definition, so it’s always been open to interpretation and misinterpretation,” [by academic and author Sass Brown] "Having a more in depth 'story' behind a garment gives us more to relate to and can be quite empowering,” [by environmentalist and sustainability expert Jocelyn Whipple] "We need to divert the course of all industry. This can’t be niche - it has to be global." [by Orsola de Castro, co-curator of Estethica and founder of eco label From Somewhere] HAG
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Indian casual fashion brand. Their shop offers custom fit 'made-to-measure' via webform. HAG
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Shanghai-based eco-fashion and fair trade brand, especially trying to improve livelyhoods of underpriviliged women and children. HAG
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Eco-friendly T-shirt brand from the US. HAG
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june 2013 by eocas
The Reformation
NY New York and LA Los Angeles-based sustainable brand that sources recycled and upcycled fabrics to include it for their production for up to 80%.

Los Angeles-based sustainable fashion brand with in-house 'Made in USA' sewing, all in an old remodeled bakery where all creation and operations happen. Their fabric-supply declaration: 1) new bad ass sustainable materials; 2) repurposed vintage clothing; 3) rescued deadstock fabric from fashion houses that over-ordered; Their other eco-credentials: "We recycle, use clean energy, eco friendly packaging, energy-efficient fixtures and appliances, recycled hangers, eco-friendly tote bags, unbleached/chlorine free paper products, organic and sustainable kitchen products, 75% recycled paper content, FSC certified paper, soy-based inks, recycled/sustainable office supplies, non-toxic janitorial products…just to name a few." HAG
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The Beautiful Think
Australian-based online shop with environment-concious brands. HAG
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february 2013 by eocas
German brand with ethical- and eco-casual apparels, some of it organic quality.

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Damenbekleidung und Naturmode aus Schweden | Gudrun Sjödén
Swedish eco-label since 1976 with online shop and own retail stores in Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, Oslo, Kopenhagen, London, Hamburg, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Berlin and Zirndorf.

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Honest by
Conscious shopping platform by Belgium fashion designer Bruno Pieters (www.brunopieters.com links to Honest.by) who also has his own brand.

Honest By was the first one to herald a “revolutionary” new statement, as world's first 100% transparent fashion company and pioneer in price transparency. Honest By publishes its entire supply chain for every product it creates and translates this into total price transparency.

In 2014 Bruno Pieters established the Future Fashion Designer Scholarship (FFDS). It is designed to support students with the ambition to work in a transparent and sustainable way outside the existing fashion mould.

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Women and men's prete-a-porter fashion apparel made with sustainable textiles. SLG
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EcoChic Design Award by REDRESS
HK-based award for HK and Mainland China for young designers using sustainability measures such as upcycling. From their About Us: "The EcoChic Design Award is a sustainable fashion competition for up-and-coming Hong Kong fashion designers. It is the first sustainable fashion design competition in Hong Kong focusing on up-cycling, recycling, reconstruction and zero-waste design techniques. ... Throughout the course of the competition we will be hosting a series of exciting events to inform, inspire and involve. So whether you’re a student, an industry insider or just a regular old fashion lover we’ve also got something for you!" In 2010 they did a Swiss-version in Geneva: http://redress.com.hk/projects/fashion-shows/ecochic-geneva/ 20110406/HAG
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Shanghai based eco-fashion brand with retail outlets in most major Chinese cities.

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Best eco-friendly fashion brands in Shanghai
Quite eclectic, there are some brands like Snoozer Loser, NuoMi, icicle and Finch who might already be experienced in eco-fashion in and for China HAG
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Ethical Fashion Designers
Blog about the ethical aspects like fair trade and environmentally-sustainable production methods.

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Chinese fashion brand that uses organic fabrics.

Add: According to their online sources (per Sept '12) = 90% and also use upcycoing.

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c. marchuska
A friend knows the owner of this eco-friendly casual brand. We might want to discuss with them their experiences!?

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