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Pure Waste
Intro by WOMB:
"Their practice involves using only fabrics coming 100% from recycling. They stick to barely a couple of Nordic colours along greys, blues and blacks, as they use zero dyes - the colour palette of the clothing simply depends entirely on the colours of the dead stock materials that they happen to use for a given collection and how they mix them with each other. The garments of Pure Waste are produced in India, in a factory that they own, which ensures high level of control and keeping themselves informed about the process of production. That way, they stay assured that no un-sustainable practices are present, and that their fabrics don’t get mixed with others accidentally (which is often the case with, for example, organic cotton production sites, where organic cotton often gets tangled with regular one)."

From Finland.

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"ACTICELL develops chemical procedures for the innovative surface treatment of cellulosic material [...] create tailor-made solutions for manufacturers of denim fabrics and denim clothes [...] worn look, bleached look or other special dyeing effects [...] enzyme booster to decolorize jeans, as a bleaching agent to replace harmful bleaching technologies and as a dyeing pre-treatment in the textile industry [...] 100% safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, GOTS-certified."

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Kilomet 109
"Designer, artist and eco-entrepreneur, Van Thao is a leader among the pioneering group of young designers who have made Hanoi an emerging creative hub of the fashion world.
Thao’s vision encompasses every detail of the production process, starting with the natural materials that go into the garments she designs. In doing so she is helping to preserve the rich textile heritage of Vietnam.

Using organic fibers and traditional techniques of vegetable dying, Thao works with her team of local artisans to grow, spin, weave, color and print Kilomet 109 fabrics. After that the garments are hand-stitched in her studio in Hanoi.
The value of our pieces is about more than their design, it’s about the culture of the people who make them and the environmental issues that are so vital to our future.”

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Helps farmers and boutique indigo makers to meet fashion industry's demand of natural pigment on a global scale by advocating for collaborative production. Their bio-based indigo dyestuff can answer current pollution concern across fashion industry and fulfil upcoming conscious consumer demand.

Shanghai-based by French ecopreneur Paul Iglesia.

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Johanna Riplinger
Paris-based designer that represents sustainable and luxurious high fashion. Her collections reflect her love of nature visually and sustainably. Created The Concept, a green luxury fashion line, in 2013, which promotes the relationship between the woman and the garment and the story of flory and natural dyes. YRN
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Aura Herbal Wear- Home Page
GOTS certified manufacturer of naturally dyed organic textile fabrics and garments (India)

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