Decoding Sustainability
By Matthew Yamatin whose consulting company besides of Fortune 500 companies such as Unilever, Biogen, Whole Foods, State Street, or Westinghouse also consults smaller local players such as ISB (International School of Beijing).

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8 hours ago
the human cycles
A journey inspired by nature on a planet made by humans
7 days ago
Live Stream on Blockchain
9 days ago
based on Steem blockchain protocol.
9 days ago
based on Steem blockchain protocol.
9 days ago
based on Steem blockchain protocol.
9 days ago
Excerpts from fashioncrossover:
"Specialised in sustainability and circular design, French sustainable Haute Couture designer Aurelie Fontan established her label in London after graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art. With a Fine Art background, Aurelie pushes technological innovation and scientific discoveries to the forefront of her design process, combining avant-garde aesthetics and sustainable manufacturing methods.

With most of her fabrics made by hand and from scratch, she advocates for a technocraftivism that references her Parisian roots - couture craftsmanship - and a real focus on forward-thinking techniques - laser cutting, bio-mimicry, etc. Her collection TENSEGRITY tackles the issue of single-use plastic items, through upcycled cable ties that replace traditional seaming methods. This allows each piece to be easily recyclable. She also grew a dress from bacterias that are 100% biodegradable and compostable."

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10 days ago
Open Data Science
Data Science News Source for AI & Beyond
10 days ago
Make positive change through education and innovation
12 days ago
Social Agent Me
Beijing-based platform which helps to create and monetise social connections.

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12 days ago
Health effects of dietary risks in 195 countries, 1990–2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017
Large international study published in Lancet which figured that more important than reducing "bad food" is the focus on eating more "good food" (fruits, nuts, vegetables).

"In 2017, 11 million deaths and 255 million DALYs (disability-adjusted life years) were attributable to dietary risk factors. High intake of sodium, low intake of whole grains , and low intake of fruits were the leading dietary risk factors for deaths and DALYs globally and in many countries. Dietary data were from mixed sources and were not available for all countries, increasing the statistical uncertainty of our estimates."

"This study provides a comprehensive picture of the potential impact of suboptimal diet on NCD (non-communicable disease) mortality and morbidity, highlighting the need for improving diet across nations. Our findings will inform implementation of evidence-based dietary interventions and provide a platform for evaluation of their impact on human health annually."


Funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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12 days ago
"We are making deep learning easier to use and getting more people from all backgrounds involved through our:

- free courses for coders
- software library
- cutting-edge research community

Our slogan is "Making neural nets uncool again", following an explainer:

Being cool is about being exclusive, and that’s the opposite of what we want. We want to make deep learning as accessible as possible– including to people using uncool languages like C#, uncool operating systems like Windows (wh...
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12 days ago
TorchScript is a way to create serializable and optimizable models from PyTorch code. Any code written in TorchScript can be saved from your Python process and loaded in a process where there is no Python dependency.

We provide tools to incrementally transition a model from being a pure Python program to a TorchScript program that can be run independently from Python, for instance, in a standalone C++ program. This makes it possible to train models in PyTorch using familiar tools and then expor...
12 days ago
Deep Learning, anyone can use.
12 days ago
Seven Cups - Fine Chinese Tea
Quality-oriented USA-based tea sourcing company with insightful blog with posts such as:

"Seven Cups is an American tea company based in Tucson, Arizona. We source traditional, handmade Chinese teas directly from the growers and tea masters who make them, and we bring those teas back from China to share with people everywhere.

We focus on direct sourcing because it gives us two important advantages. First, we get the teas we want because we select them ourselves. We travel to all of these places, 22 producers in ten different regions of China, from one side of China to the other. Second, we build relationships with our tea masters and growers, and see for ourselves how they make their teas. We gather this information and share it with our customers. Both of these pieces – real tea and the story behind it – are what our customers have come to expect.
We’re also dedicated to promoting Chinese tea culture. Seven Cups is a member of the Chinese International Tea Culture institute, and our founder Austin Hodge is the first American to be published in their journal."

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12 days ago
Binary releases of VS Code without Microsoft branding/telemetry/licensing
12 days ago
Policy Kitchen
Crowdsourcing Policy Recipes
15 days ago
Flow App Engine
Swiss PaaS. Built for Developers.
22 days ago
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