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Let’s steam up the windows by majesticduxk
Dean is hit by a fuck or die curse – and he’s getting far too close to dying for Sam’s liking.
fandom:SPN  genre:PWP  rating:NC17  pairing:Sam/Dean  length:Short  top!sam  bottom!dean  magic  spn!non-au  first!time  fuck-or-die  -5k 
may 2019 by engfordean
Truth or consequences by rivkat
Words:2128,What if Agent Henriksen gave Dean truth serum? Disinhibition and dirty talk.
S7  toppy!sam  magic  spn!non-au  first!time  -5k  fandom:SPN  genre:humor  rating:PG13  pairing:Sam/Dean  length:Short 
april 2019 by engfordean
Someday My Prince Will Come (...and if he doesn't, I'll just go and bloody well fetch him myself!)
Words:22785, "It had all started with that Advanced Potions book. Harry knew that very well. Even on the first day he used it, it helped him win the Felix Felicis potion, on which so much had depended later. Being distracted by the mystery book, it had also been the first time he wasn't thinking of Sirius' troubled life and horrible death for hours on end. It was the moment the fun of magic returned to him."
혼혈왕자와의 꿈, 그리고 베이비! 제목이 웃겨서 읽었는데, 정말 만족스러웠다.
S6  harry/snape  fluff  H/C  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  dream  mpreg  mommy!snape  magic  hurt!snape  protective!harry  first-time  Somnophilia  non-con(no-angst)  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
november 2018 by engfordean
Messed Up
Words: 15.550, 딘은 어쩌다 인큐버스의 정액을 뒤집어쓰게 되고 인큐버스화된다.
웃기다. 뒤에 로맨틱한 부분이 있었지만 난 중간부분이 제일 좋았다. fuck up 버전 지킬앤하이드ㅋㅋㅋ
ronny_of_yore  S7  crack  bottom!dean  pining!sam  cursed!dean  magic  dirty-talk  rating:R  fandom:SPN  genre:humor  pairing:Sam/Dean  length:Middle 
september 2018 by engfordean
Suave & Complicated
Words:56.923, 샘과 딘은 '트루 럽'과 키스하면 적을 물러나게 한다는 돌을 얻는다.
재미있다. 재미있는데...섹스가 핫하지 않다. 그냥 웃기다. 샘이 너무 캐릭터 붕괴다. 웃기긴 하다... 우울할때 보면 좋을 듯. (주의: 스위칭있음. 끝부분 샘바텀이고, 전반적으로 샘은 애널섹스를 좋아하기 때문에 바텀스러운 느낌이 있다.그나마 딘 바텀일때가 더 섹시하긴 하다.)
OldToadWoman  S10  crack  bottom!dean  bottom!sam  top!sam  magic  castiel  kissing  first-time  happy-ending  rating:NC17  fandom:SPN  genre:humor  pairing:Sam/Dean  length:Long 
august 2018 by engfordean

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