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Jealousy is Not a Samurai Trait
Words:1626, Morgan watches Reid get hit on at the bar and realizes that no one appreciates the genius's ranting and brilliance the way he does.... so he reacts in a way that is only natural. He chases the girl away and picks Reid up instead.
DLanaDHZ  morgan/reid  fluff  jealous!morgan  pre-slash  rating:PG  fandom:CM 
september 2018 by engfordean
Flesh and Bone
Words:21.699, Spencer has lived his life as an asexual, managing to train himself to not react to any urges he might have had. Morgan checks up on Reid to make sure he's alright and finds him in a bit of a sticky situation...
흠.재밌게 읽었다. 부드럽고 읽기 쉽고. 다만 너무 감정과 결정이 오메가 본능 자체를 통해서 내려지고 있어서 그게 아쉬웠다.
blue_sweater  morgan/reid  fluff  bottom!reid  top!morgan  jealous!morgan  alpha/beta/omega  dynamics  omega!Reid  alpha!Morgan  drug-references  rating:NC17  fandom:CM  length:Middle 
september 2018 by engfordean
Seduction in Four Easy Steps
Words:1.753, Morgan attempts to teach Reid the art of seduction, Reid is successful, making Morgan jealous. Hot sex in the club bathroom ensues.
질투는 언제나 옳고, 순진한데 유혹하는 리드는 귀엽다...
elandrialore  morgan/reid  fluff  jealous!morgan  rating:R  fandom:CM  length:Short 
september 2018 by engfordean
Only You
Words:2.107, 스펜서는 다른사람이 그를 유혹하고 있다는 걸 모르고, 데릭은 질투한다.
질투!! 질투는 항상 옳다.
femmefatales  morgan/reid  PWP  bottom!reid  top!morgan  jealous!morgan  rating:NC17  fandom:CM  length:Short 
august 2018 by engfordean

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