Let’s steam up the windows by majesticduxk
Dean is hit by a fuck or die curse – and he’s getting far too close to dying for Sam’s liking.
fandom:SPN  genre:PWP  rating:NC17  pairing:Sam/Dean  length:Short  top!sam  bottom!dean  magic  spn!non-au  first!time  fuck-or-die  -5k 
may 2019
In For A Pound by OnABadBet, takeitbabyboy
Words:5070, Jensen doesn't know how to deal with his feelings for Jared, so he does what he can -- ignores them. When Jared starts dating Genevieve and he takes her home to meet his parents, Jensen decides he's waited long enough and goes out looking for a quick fuck to take his mind off his best friend. Jared comes home early and catches him ass-up in the living room.
non-au  top!jared  bottom!jensen  pining!Jensen  possessive!Jared  character:OMC  first!time  -10k  rating:NC17  fandom:RPS  genre:PWP  pairing:Jared/Jensen  length:Short 
may 2019
And why the sea is boiling hot by LydiaFearing
Words:12021, Hannibal is having a bad morning so he tries to cheer himself up with shopping at the farmers' market and ends up meeting an intriguing fisherman who is bad at eye contact.

A relatively fluffy AU where everyone is the same except Will became a fisherman after leaving the police and recently moved to Baltimore (for reasons I will never explain). Having never joined the FBI in any capacity, Will is happier, healthier and a lot less defensive. Hannibal is still Hannibal so... not pure fluff.
AU  will/hannibal  top!will  bottom!hannibal  not-FBI!will  Hannibal-is-Hannibal  Cannibalism  first-time  10-20k  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle  genre:romance  genre:fluff 
may 2019
It's a Life by xzombiexkittenx
Words:25416,The Winchester version of "It's a Wonderful Life" (the cheesy Christmas film)
내가 기대한 멋진 인생은 아니다. 그래도 뭐...
S3  top!sam  bottom!dean  spn!non-au  first!time  canon!divergence  powers!sam  boyking!sam  rough!sex  pov:sam  pov:dean  pov:other  20-30k  rating:NC17  fandom:SPN  genre:angst  genre:drama  pairing:Sam/Dean  length:Middle 
april 2019
Truth or consequences by rivkat
Words:2128,What if Agent Henriksen gave Dean truth serum? Disinhibition and dirty talk.
S7  toppy!sam  magic  spn!non-au  first!time  -5k  fandom:SPN  genre:humor  rating:PG13  pairing:Sam/Dean  length:Short 
april 2019
Crossed Wires by rivkat
Words:10,940“If you didn’t want me leavin’, Sam, you shouldn’t’ve checked out first,” Dean told the empty air. “I didn’t!” Sam protested, as he always did. “Dean! I’m right here!” But the hope that strong emotion would break through to Dean was no more valid than it had been for the past four months.
postS10  bottom!dean  top!sam  spn!non-au  hurt!dean  first!time  pining!sam  pov:sam  10-20k  rating:NC17  fandom:SPN  pairing:Sam/Dean  length:Middle  genre:angst 
april 2019
Simply Irresistible by FayJay
Words:4314, in which Dean Winchester is rendered even more irresistible than usual by a particularly passionate goddess, to Sam's considerable distress.
castiel/dean  kissing  sex-magic  pretty!dean  sam/dean-overtones  rating:PG13  fandom:SPN  genre:humor  length:Short 
april 2019
Endymion Curse by maaldas
Words: 39,876,To sum it all up, there is always a dark aspect in every fairy tale including the Sleeping Beauty lore.

At the end of Mystery Spot, the Trickster leaves a hint to Sam about souls. This little hint has managed to change Sam's course of action and steer the research in his mission of 'Saving Dean' to a different direction. Sam threads into a dangerous path that leads him to dabble in blood spells, to curse his brother, rape him and send him to hell.

Following the event that happens in the show up to ‘No Rest For The Wicked’ but AU from there. Introducing blond underage cherub, soul binding spell, main character under a curse and demon Ruby in different meat suits.
S3  drama  bottom!dean  top!sam  cuddling  cursed  first-time  au:Canon-Divergence  Soul-Bond  Sex-Magic  Somnophilia  non-con(no-angst)  rating:NC17  fandom:SPN  pairing:Sam/Dean  length:Middle 
april 2019
The Life of Another By jin fenghuang
Words: 40,313, When Vernon takes away his Hogwarts Letter, Harry makes a wish. A wish to have another life, to meet his parents and to go to Hogwarts. A wish that splits Harry in two and carries one Harry back in time, while the other lives on in the present. Snarry.

특히 좋았던거: 릴리의 캐릭터가 현실성 있다. 솔직히 릴리가 세브와의 우정을 소중히 여겼다면 자기 베스트 프렌드를 끊임없이 무자비하게 떼로몰려서 이지메하는 그룹중의 한명과 친해지고 주도자랑 썸타기는 힘들다. 말로는 제임스에게 프랫이니 뭐니 해도 세브의 워스트 메모리에서 세브가 불링당하는 와중에 잠깐 웃었다는 묘사에 거의 제임스랑 플러팅하는건 이미 친구 실격아닌가? 세브처럼 코너에 몰린 상황에서 내뱉은게 아니라 친구가 불링을 당하는 중에 웃는 무의식중의 반응이라서 더 나쁘다. 픽에서 제발 릴리가 불같이 친구를 보호하는 사람이라는 묘사 안나왔으면 좋겠다.
AU  harry/snape  romance  drama  friendship  time-travel  marauders-era  rating:R  fandom:HP  length:Middle  genre:angst 
march 2019
Nocturne by tiranog
Words:93699, Auror Harry Potter makes a life altering discovery during an interview with a prisoner.

뱀파이어!스네이프. (*한번의 바텀 해리 언급)
post-S7  harry/snape  romance  fluff  bottom!snape  top!harry  vampire!snape  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Long 
march 2019
Whispers of Intent by Tira Nog
Word count: 30549, Summary: Team Romance entry for the 2006 Snarry Olympics. The prompt was Things Left Unsaid, and was posted with the Angst entry, entitled Things Left Unsaid, by Snapetoy.
전쟁이 끝난지 십몇년이 지난 어느날 게이바에서 스네이프를 만난다.
post-S7  harry/snape  romance  fluff  bottom!snape  top!harry  shy!snape  ugly!snape  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
february 2019
A Place Between Sleep and Waking by r_grayjoy
Words:28622,More than a year after Voldemort's defeat, Harry is still having nightmares about Snape's death. When his dreams gradually begin to change, so do his perceptions. Ultimately, Harry discovers that when one lives in both the past and the future, it's difficult to find one's present.
****재밌었음. 끝은 조금 서둘러서 마무리한 감이 있지만 그래도 재밌었다.
post-S7  harry/snape  romance  fluff  bottomy!snape  cute!snape  teen!snape  ghost-like!harry  adult!harry  in-character  time-travel  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
february 2019
Found in the Moments Between the Search by r_grayjoy
Words:26464, When Sirius returns from beyond the Veil with knowledge of Voldemort's Horcruxes, he takes on the task of finding and destroying them. Somewhere along the way he finds an unexpected ally and perhaps something more. (AU from the end of OotP, takes place during HBP period)
post-S5  sirius/snape  drama  alive!sirius  enemy-to-love  no-anal-sex  rating:R  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
february 2019
Hindsight by loralee1
Words: 41,690, AU, Post HBP Snape travels back in time to warn pre SSPS Snape about what is to come. No DH Spoilers
미래 스네이프가 과거 스네이프에게 대충 사정 설명하고 과거 스네이프는 미래를 바꾸기 위해 애쓴다. 스네이프가 white wash된 느낌이 있지만 스네이프 주인공인 거 중에 안그런거 드물다. 유머있고 루핀과 시리우스와의 관계도 만족스러웠다. 아! 덤블도어의 결말도 만족스럽게 읽은 이유중 하나다.
S1  harry&snape  drama  mentor!snape  friend!snape  old-fool-dumbledore  Time-Travel  fix-it  child-fic  rating:Gen  fandom:HP  genre:humor  length:Middle 
february 2019
Primer to the Dark Arts by Icarus
Word count: 58719, Harry learns he is to be given private (and secret) tutoring in the Dark Arts to protect himself next time he meets Voldemort. His teacher? Professor Snape. Features ghost cats and cursed harps, spells that are supposed to go wrong and don't, a friendly sociopathic Death Eater... and Snape's naughty, naughty library.
작가님이 아즈카반의 죄수나 불의 잔 쯤에서 쓰셨는지 내가 아는 스네이프와 다른 면이 많았지만, 재밌었다. 특히 끝부분이 좋았어서 기분좋게 마무리 된듯. 하지만 해리와 론과의 관계는 좀 왠지 좀.. 메슥거린다. 스네이프 편애자라서, 조금이라도 감정이 남아 있어보이면 짜증나서 그런듯.
AU  harry/snape  romance  fluff  drama  bottomy!snape  top!harry  they-switch  peachy!snape  dangerous!snape  dark-magic  ron/harry-ugh  well-written  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Long 
january 2019
Perfect Plan by xX-BlueEyedGemini-Xx
Words: 15k+, At the beginning of Fifth year James has the perfect plan for getting Lily to finally say yes to dating him, however becoming friends with Severus Snape may just change they way he saw the young Slytherine.
ㅇㅅㅇ강간범 릴리!! but 불쌍하긴하다....
marauders  AU  james/snape  fluff  mpreg!snape  enemy-to-friend-to-love  sweet!james  rating:PG  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
january 2019
Saving a friend by younoknowme93
Words: 10,446, Lily appears in Harry's dream begging him to save her friend. But from what? He's not in any danger. POV shifting between Harry and Severus
post-S7  harry/snape  fluff  smut  bottom!snape  top!harry  sub!snape  dom!harry  suicide  one-shot  possessive!harry  caring!harry  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Short 
january 2019
The Experiment by Taran40
Words:8444,Draco's plan to claim Severus backfires when Harry gets there first.
드레이코가 스네이프 임신시키려다가 해리가 선수치는 픽. 오랜만에 가벼운 픽을 봐서 그런가 재밌었음.
post-S7  harry/snape  smut  bottom!snape  top!harry  mpreg!snape  one-side-draco/snape  rating:R  fandom:HP  genre:humor  length:Short 
january 2019
Everybody Knows by …
Word Count: ~28,000, Harry has grown tired of the wizarding world. He just doesn't have a good enough reason to sacrifice himself.
가장 이상적인 마법 세계 재구성(?)픽. 좀 아쉬운게 있다면 로맨스가 섹시하고 애틋한 면이 없이 로맨스 있어야 하니까 써놓은 느낌. 해리의 정치적 신념과 행동력은 좋았다.
S7  harry/snape  politics  smart!harry  bottom!snape  top!harry  rating:R  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
january 2019
Bottom!Hannibal/Dark Will by KatyaSparrow
Words:2203,One shot scene of a dominant Will Graham seducing Hannibal Lecter, making him vulnerable for the first time...
S2  will/hannibal  PWP  top!will  bottom!hannibal  dark!will  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
december 2018
Harry's First Detention by kbinnz
Words: 8k+,AU one-shot about Harry’s first detention with Snape. Take one mistreated boy, one misinformed man, mix well and watch what happens. Sequel now up! Titled "Harry's New Home".
S1  harry&snape  drama  family  mentor!snape  rating:Gen  fandom:HP  length:Short 
december 2018
The Curse by Restina Lovebug
Words: 42,929, 볼드모트의 저주에 의해 세베루스는 그의 소울메이트, 해리의 아기를 임신한다.
My: 신파인데, 세베루스가 겪는 고통이나 심적인 고통, 자기 비하같은 거에 눈물이나는 반면, 해리는 utterly selfish brat이다. 두고 두고 고통받았으면 좋겠는데, 영픽에서는 그런 후회같은게 많이 나오는 픽이 없다.
post-S7  harry/snape  drama  family  mpreg!snape  hurt!snape  mommy!snape  selfish!harry  rating:PG  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
december 2018
Far Beyond a Promise Kept by oliver.snape
Words: 140,548 ,Snape never wanted anyone to know of his promise to Dumbledore, but has realised that he can protect Potter much better by taking a less passive role in the boy's training. Actually liking Harry Potter has never been part of his plan. mentor/guardian.
스네이프가 3부부터 해리의 멘토가 되는 픽.
S3  harry&snape  drama  family  mentor!snape  father!snape  rating:Gen  fandom:HP  length:Long 
december 2018
A Life More Ordinary by Lexin
Words: 27k+,Snape is told some bad news, and it goes downhill from there. MPREG.
임신 두번이나 하는 픽치고는 문체가 되게 건조하다.
S6  harry/snape  drama  top!harry  bottom!snape  mpreg  mommy!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
december 2018
Revenge comes to those who wait by Allohamorah
Words: 12k+, 호그와트 옥션에서 팔리는 스네이프. 과연 5일동안 온갖 굴욕을 당할까...?
S7  harry/snape  fluff  submissive!snape  dom/sub-undertones  first-time  rating:R  fandom:HP  genre:humor  length:Middle 
december 2018
Pretty Man by triceybabe
Dragon prints: 5074, Snape is in hiding, from both sides. Harry has never heard of him. They meet whilst Harry is working for the Order... (I hope this works out for you. I've never really done a prompt specifically for someone else before.) Thank you to my beautiful betas for making my fic readable! Thank you Thank you so much. Ya'll were wonderful!
스네이프 prostitution. one shot.
post-S7  harry/snape  PWP  top!harry  bottom!snape  prostitute!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Short 
december 2018
No Sex, No Galleons by Ziasudra
Word count: 16280,Captured and convicted as a Death Eater, Severus Snape wanted death. Instead, he found himself condemned to a life of prostitution. Post-war. Also SS/RW and SS/Various. HBP-compliant.
우리 세베루스....;_; 스파이 였던걸 다른 사람이 아는지 모르는 지는 모르겠는데, 너무 가혹하다. 근데 fluff하다. 왜 유명한지 알겠다....
post-S7  harry/snape  H/C  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  prostitute!snape  harry/ron  snape/various  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle  genre:angst 
december 2018
In The Name Of Love by unbroken_halo
Words:23139,What's in a name? More than Harry bargained for, but as he comes to find out, exactly what he needed.
육아물. fluff한데, 사건이 부족하다. 초반 지니와 해리가 싸운게 가장 큰 사건이다.
post-S7  harry/snape  fluff  H/C  top!harry  bottom!snape  harry/ginny  father!harry  domestic  mellow!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Short 
december 2018
Awakening by bertas
Word Count: 1018, Severus wakes up when he had no right to expect to do so. Written for the Reviving Severus Mini Challenge at Severus Sighs.
post-S7  harry/snape  fluff  H/C  first-time  rating:PG  fandom:HP  length:Short 
december 2018
A Wild Ride by lilyseyes
Words:6048,After blowing up his aunt, Harry must marry to gain a protector from his relatives and the Ministry.
해리 13살;; 해리포터는 시리즈 이후가 아니면 언더에이지 태그가 있을 수 밖에 없는데, 그래도 이건 좀 너무함..ㅜㅜ
S3  harry/snape  smut  H/C  top!harry  bottom!snape  Underage  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  bonding  length:Short 
december 2018
Shall Yourselves Find Blessing by quill_lumos
Word count:12,900, 지니와의 관계가 끝나고, 해리는 쫒기듯 호그와트로 온다. 거기서 낡은 집에서 가난하게 살고 있는 세베루스를 만나고, 해리는 죄책감과 동정심과 분노를 느끼며 세베루스를 구해주기로 결심한다.
스네이프가 스네이프 답지 않고, 너무 관계가 급작스러웠다. fluff가 땡길때 봐도 괜찮을것 같긴한데, 해리도 성적으로 자존감 빵점에 스네이프가 너무 상냥한게 좀...
post-S7  harry/snape  fluff  H/C  top!harry  bottom!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
december 2018
And Many More by Chervil
Dragon prints: 12611,Harry receives a pleasant birthday surprise. Written for Lanta: "Snape is given as a gift to Harry."
post-S7  harry/snape  smut  top!harry  bottom!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
december 2018
Blue Tranquilium by schemingreader
Words:16456, After his acquittal by the Wizengamot, Snape has a panic attack. Harry treats it with a medicinal potion that Snape has around the house, but it has some side effects.
(주의: 한번 해리 바텀 한번있고. 아쉽게도 스네이프 바텀보다 그게 제일 핫했다.)
유머러스 함.
post-S7  harry/snape  smut  top!harry  bottom!snape  bottom!harry  top!snape  post-war  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  genre:humor  length:Middle 
december 2018
Another Fine Mess by lilyseyes
Word count: 12664, An accident with a Time Turner has unexpected consequences for Severus Snape, especially when Harry comes to his rescue.
december 2018
Turn Around by Tara Tory
Words:9448, Fudge screws up. In only a few minutes, Snape will be dead, unless Hermione’s idea works. Lucius is not going to like this solution to the problem!
스네이프의 마크를 해리의 것으로 바꾸고, 스네이프가 해리의 slave가 되는 거. 원 샷이고, 해리/루시우스 암시도 있다.
S7  harry/snape  H/C  romance  smut  top!harry  bottom!snape  dom/sub-undertones  dom!harry  sub!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
november 2018
Prince Expectant
Words:41328,Severus Snape did his best to thwart the Dark Lord's nebulous plans, but he hadn't reckoned on Voldemort trying a sex magic ritual to raise power. He did his best to aid the Boy Who Lived during the final battle, but he hadn't planned on surviving it. He made it through the Order's victory celebration...but he never dreamed he'd find himself in a delicate way, with absolutely no notion of who might have put him there.
전쟁끝난후 축하....난교 장면이 특히 야하다. 하지만 그 후의 해리와 세베루스의 로맨스도 재밌었다.
S7  harry/snape  H/C  romance  smut  top!harry  bottom!snape  snape/OCs  mpreg  mommy!snape  Pregnant-Sex  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
november 2018
Sheer Dumb Luck
Word Count: 7800 +/-,For once, Harry and Voldemort want the same thing, and they want it from Snape.
해리와 볼디가 스네이프의 정신을 들락날락하면서 레질리먼시 전투를 벌이는 내용, 그와중에 스네이프는 성추행을 당한다. 시즌6?7?즈음인듯.
S7  harry/snape  smut  top!harry  bottom!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  genre:humor  length:Short 
november 2018
Length: ~ 13,700 words, When trapped in Azkaban, despair seems to be the only option. Help, however, can come from the most surprising of places.
해리가 루시우스의 함정으로 아즈카반에 갇히고, 거기서 스네이프를 만난다. 끝이...ㅜㅜ. 세베루스가 믿음의 보상을 받았는지 궁금하다. 복수할 수 있었는지 궁금하다.
post-S7  AU  harry/snape  top!harry  bottom!snape  imprisoned!snape  imprisoned!harry  possessive!harry  untouched-orgasm  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  past-lucius/snape  length:Middle  genre:angst 
november 2018
Nine Days Wonder
Words:8074,AU in which Dumbledore died from the curse before Draco could attempt to kill him, the trio didn't run off on a camping trip, Ron makes good on his early promise of being a brilliant strategist and Snape gets his usual shit deal from fate. He does get heroically shagged, though.

Written for Snarry-a-thon11; prompt: A prophecy is revealed in which Snape has to be impregnated by Harry in order to give birth to the key to Voldemort's demise. The catch – it's not a baby.
웃김. 해리스네 관계성 보다는 그냥...웃긴 픽 보는 기분?
S7  harry/snape  crack  top!harry  bottom!snape  animagus  bird!snape  mpreg  sex-magic  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Short 
november 2018
Getting Familiar
Words:15171,Snape has watched over Potter for so long that nothing from poisonous snakes and assassins to amorous doppelgangers can stop him. Eventually he's going to figure out why.
애니마구스 스네이프, 스콜피온으로 변한 스네이프의 붙박이 해리 여행기. 귀여움....크
post-S7  harry/snape  H/C  toppy!harry  no-sex  animagus  scorpion!snape  first-time  rating:PG13  fandom:HP  length:Middle  genre:angst 
november 2018
The Shadow of the Other
Words: 28.000, As a creature, Severus has long known he will need to bond with his mate or face being made a slave to the whole of wizardkind. For Harry, however, the news is a shock made more difficult by the awakening of uncomfortable sexual desires.
순순하고 상냥한 엘프와 세베루스 간의 갭이 있어서 어리둥절했지만, 섹스는 핫했고 나쁘지 않았다.
S7  harry/snape  fluff  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  creature!snape  slave!snape  possessive!harry  plain!snape  good!dumbledore  forced-bonding  caretaker!harry  submissive!snape  dom/sub-undertones  protective!harry  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  author:atypicalsnowman  length:Middle 
november 2018
Levis Fabula
Word count: 10,000 words, At Harry's request, Snape and Ron begin to get along. Too well for the likes of Harry, who suddenly discovers his possessive side.
무지무지 fluff.
post-S7  harry/snape  fluff  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  possessive!harry  jealousy  established-relationship  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Short 
november 2018
Beloved Intruder
Word count: 2712,Snape is stalked, and doesn't mind it as much as he thinks he should.
스네이프가 스토킹당하는 거. dub con by 다른 데스이터. 짧은 픽이라 자세한 묘사 없고 몇줄의 언급이 있음.
S6  harry/snape  H/C  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  stalker!harry  dub-con  first-time  rating:R  fandom:HP  length:Short 
november 2018
Growing Pains
Word count: 151,157, Story is a sequel to A Nick In Time. Harry Potter and Severus Snape attempt to adjust to the changes in their lives and see if there is any place for the friendship they found as children.
11 중반까지 읽음
post-S7  harry/snape  fluff  H/C  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  hurt!snape  protective!harry  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Long 
november 2018
Someday My Prince Will Come (...and if he doesn't, I'll just go and bloody well fetch him myself!)
Words:22785, "It had all started with that Advanced Potions book. Harry knew that very well. Even on the first day he used it, it helped him win the Felix Felicis potion, on which so much had depended later. Being distracted by the mystery book, it had also been the first time he wasn't thinking of Sirius' troubled life and horrible death for hours on end. It was the moment the fun of magic returned to him."
혼혈왕자와의 꿈, 그리고 베이비! 제목이 웃겨서 읽었는데, 정말 만족스러웠다.
S6  harry/snape  fluff  H/C  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  dream  mpreg  mommy!snape  magic  hurt!snape  protective!harry  first-time  Somnophilia  non-con(no-angst)  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
november 2018
Just Desserts
Word Count: ~2600,Harry and Severus have been friends for ten years. Neither one realized what they had in the other until one fateful dinner.
post-S7  harry/snape  smut  fluff  top!harry  bottom!snape  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Short 
november 2018
Words:8264, Once, Severus Snape turned down someone who was interested in him; more than twenty years later Harry has to deal with consequences.
세베루스가 해리의 생일파티에 오지 않고 해리는 부룽퉁해져서 세베루스를 방문한다. 훌쩍훌쩍 울면서 봄.
post-S7  harry/snape  H/C  top!harry  bottom!snape  cursed!snape  hurt!snape  protective!harry  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Short  genre:angst 
november 2018
Words:17322,Everyone has been given perfume for Christmas, odd things happen as a result and Harry finds himself juggling match-making children, senile household appliances and two very fraught relationships.
세베루스, 감정에 서툴고 자낮한 세베루스. 정교한 향수와 함께-
post-S7  harry/snape  fluff  romance  gentle!snape  oral  Ginny-Weasley  bashing!ginny  first-time  rating:R  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
november 2018
Slytherin Solution
Words:18,173, Snape comes up with a Slytherin solution for surviving the war: becoming an Animagus. What he doesn't plan for is Harry's affinity for animals. (Beta'ed by fatcat)
뱀으로 변해서 살아남은 스네이프가 해리에게 줍줍당하는 이야기. 후반 섹스텐션이 꽤 좋다.
post-S7  harry/snape  fluff  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  snake!snape  animagus  happy-ending  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
november 2018
Word count ~28,750,Harry feels that the only way to keep Snape from serving an undeserving stint in Azkaban is to go through a bonding ceremony with him, thus proving that if Harry Potter has enough faith in Severus Snape to marry him, the man can't be all that bad. How long will it take before the ruse turns real?
위장결혼이 진짜가 되는거. 재밌었다, 외전은 조금 사족이라는 느낌이 들고, 지니와의 일이 좀 심심하게 끝난감이 있지만, 전반적인 흐름은 꽤 만족스러웠고 처음 세베루스와 해리가 서로에게 빠지기 시작하는부분이 특히 좋았음.
post-S7  harry/snape  fluff  romance  top!harry  bottom!snape  pretend-couple  happy-ending  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
november 2018
Hero Worship
Words:37023,What if Snape did not escape Hogwarts after killing Dumbledore? What if he was caught? What lengths would he, the Order, and Harry go to to insure his future loyalty and the downfall of Voldemort? The Order resorts to a bonding spell to ensure Snape's loyalty, bonding him to Harry Potter.
세베루스는 해리에게 '보호 주문'으로 묶인다. 실제로는 dom/sub관계를 강제하는 주문. 세베루스와 해리 모두 굉장히 매력적이다.
(바텀세베루스, sub세베루스)
S6  AU  harry/snape  H/C  top!harry  bottom!snape  dom/sub-undertones  dom!harry  sub!snape  forced-bondage  happy-ending  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:HP  length:Middle 
november 2018
Forsaken Beloved
Words:10,922, It's a mistake. He and Will are many things; patient and doctor, colleagues, friends. That is all they should be. To pursue more would be to pave the way to the ruin of what they do have.
한니발은 보답받지 못하는 사랑에 빠졌고, 윌은 보내주지 않는다.
AU  will/hannibal  top!will  top!hannibal  bottom!will  bottom!hannibal  hannibal-is-not-cannibal  unhealthy-relationship  Unrequited-Love  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle  genre:angst 
november 2018
Drink Me, Alice
Words:5175,Hugh and Mads meet Will and Hannibal. Yes, we're really doing that actors meeting their characters thing.
시즌2 캐논 디벌젼.
S2  will/hannibal  fantagy  Hugh-Dancy  Mads-Mikkelsen  first-time  rating:PG  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
november 2018
My Hyperspermia Brings All the Boys to the Yard
Words:4,891, “I assure you, whatever the issue, you will find me most accepting. Please, tell me,” Hannibal said. Will let out a tense huff and ran a hand over his face supporting his weight against the edge of Hannibal’s desk. Fire crackled in the grate behind Hannibal and cast a glow that haloed him in warmth.

“I… I uh… I have a medical condition. It’s not contagious or anything. It’s just… a lot,” Will began, worrying his lower lip between his teeth. His eyes flicked over Hannibal’s expectant face before dropping, focusing on the carpet between Hannibal’s feet.
윌은 과하게 많은 정액을 가지고 있고 한니발은 매혹된다. 어떻게 한니발을 채우는지 자세히 나왔다면 좋았을 텐데, 두번째 편은 첫 두세문단 외에는 취향이 아니었다.
S1  will/hannibal  top!will  bottom!hannibal  established-relationship  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  genre:humor  length:Short 
november 2018
When This Old Tired Body Wants to Sing
Words:7379, “Fuck me quicker, darling,” he purrs with liquid insincerity, “God forbid you see my face.”

Will never touches him unless it is in the dark. In the daylight he is a ghost.

후반 플립만 아니었으면 정말 다 좋았을듯. 그래도 한니발은 스위치가 견딜만 해서 괜찮았다. 절망적인 울보 한니발 좋음.
S3  will/hannibal  H/C  bottom!will  top!hannibal  top!will  bottom!hannibal  vulnerable!hannibal  dark!will  killer!will  established-relationship  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short  genre:angst 
november 2018
Words:7294,Written in response to this kinkmeme:

Hannibal & Will attend the opera together then go for a wonderful meal. After they go home and have passionate loving sex.

then the alarm clock goes off and Hannibal wakes up alone.

He lets Will believe he's a serial killer & cannibal because otherwise he knows Will won't find him interesting.

+1 Bedelia is the only one who knows the truth and is very worried about Hannibal.
+2 Alana realises how Hannibal feels about Will and this is really why she doesn't want to get into a relationship with Will.
+3 Will is truly oblivious

Lonely pinning Hannibal desperate for Will to notice him please :)

한니발이 살짝 불쌍하면서도 웃기다.
extremelyperturbed  S1  AU  will/hannibal  crack  Bedelia-Du-Maurier  Alana-Bloom  Dr.Frederick-Chilton  hannibal-is-not-cannibal  smitten!hannibal  oblivious!will  first-time  rating:PG  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
november 2018
we are but dust and shadow
Words:7.449,Cop-in-training Will saves a man from a mugger.
The man turns out to be Hannibal Lecter, a reclusive former surgeon.
상처입은채 자기 자신을 고립시키고 사는 한니발과 그에게 끌리는 경찰 윌. 어딘지 연약해보이는 한니발이 매력적이다. 살짝 protective!will인것도 좋다.
peppermintquartz  AU  will/hannibal  H/C  bottom!hannibal  toppy!will  cop!will  surgeon!hannibal  vulnerable!hannibal  protective!will  hurt!hannibal  first-time  rating:PG13  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
november 2018
Words:4279,This was in response to kinkmeme prompt that wanted Will and Hannibal to be 'pretend husbands.' Crack to the nth power.
extremelyperturbed  S1  AU  will/hannibal  fluff  crack  pretend-couple  hannibal-is-not-cannibal  marriage  first-time  rating:R  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
november 2018
We Can Chase the Dark Together
Words:16615,Will tips him and Hannibal off the cliff.
Instead of hitting the water, he wakes up in his bed, several years in the past. His first, and only, priority is to find Hannibal again.
윌의 회귀. 시간여행. do-over. 한니발 픽에서는 이거 좋아한다. 다만 한니발이 시간여행하는 걸 보고 싶은데 없어서 아쉽다.
K_R_Closson  S1  AU  will/hannibal  romance  bottom!will  top!hannibal  manipulative!will  future!will  Time-Travel  first-time  rating:R  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle 
november 2018
Words:10011,Will is approached by Jack Crawford to consult on the Minnesota Shrike case. He does not accept.
로맨틱하지만, 한니발은 카니발이고, 윌은 끝까지 그걸 모른다. 한니발이 윌이 자신이 누구인지 알게 하려고 노력하지 않는 것은 이상하지만, 그래도 둘이 그냥 부드럽게 서로의 곁에 있을 수 있다는 건 좋았다.
gryvon  S1  AU  will/hannibal  fluff  bottom!will  top!hannibal  sweet!hannibal  oblivious!will  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle 
november 2018
Falling in Love... Among Other Things
Words:23.843,Doctor Hannibal Lecter was very clumsy. It was the first thing Will noticed about the man, who tripped and stumbled his way into Will's life.

It only seemed fair that Will should fall for him in return.

한니발은 카니발이 아니고, 스윗하고 사랑스럽다.
Jenetica  AU  will/hannibal  fluff  bottom!will  top!hannibal  sweet!hannibal  clumsy!hannibal  hannibal-is-not-cannibal  no-need-to-be-saved-will  mechanic!will  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle 
november 2018
Hannibal the Handyman
Words:16895,Perhaps better entitled "What the Hell is Hannibal Lecter Doing Mowing My Lawn, a Tale by Will Graham."
스윗하다. 스윗한니발, 이 픽에서는 윌이 한니발의 정체를 모르기 때문에 그냥 한정없이 스윗하게 읽을 수 있다. 바텀 한니발이 없단게 슬플뿐.
Jenetica  S1  AU  will/hannibal  fluff  top!hannibal  bottom!will  perfect!hannibal  cute!will  sweet!hannibal  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  genre:humor  length:Middle 
november 2018
One, two, three
Words:67851, Will imagined his death in numerous ways, numerous times. Being chosen as a tribute opened a road of new possibilities, some more horrifying than the others.

He doesn’t want to be torn to pieces like Randall Tier’s prey. He doesn’t want to be burned like Francis Dolarhyde prefers to kill. But most of all he doesn’t want to be caught by Hannibal Lecter, a career tribute with a penchant for eating his victims alive.

Too bad Hannibal seems fixated on him.

한니발이 윌을 죽일까 말까 망설이던 장면이 제일 좋았다. 훌쩍훌쩍.
november 2018
Hanging Tree
Words:12950, Will has often wondered sort of person his soulmate must be, to have cast such a sinister mark onto his skin. The larger the mark, the stronger the bond, the stronger the influence of the other partner. He thinks of the marks he’s seen—pastel flowers, shimmering butterflies, tender words of love and connection.

He gets a twisted tree right out of Halloween Town.
다크다크 앵스티 플러피 하다.
ChuckleVoodoos  AU  will/hannibal  dark!hannibal  helpless!will  Soul-Mate  Drug(non-con)  first-time  rating:PG  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle  genre:angst 
october 2018
teen hannibal ficlets
Words:10927, What it says on the tin: a collection of ficlets about teen Hannibal and Will. This is the original prompt: AU where Hannibal never meets Lady Murasaki and is somehow found by Will Graham and Will raises him instead. As Hannibal gets older he becomes obsessed with Will and so Teen Hannibal tries to seduce Guardian Will who is just like oh god someone save me. It's pretty accurate.
귀엽고 재밌을 줄 알았는데 계속 거부당한 한니발이 불쌍했다. 한니발은 귀엽고 매력적이었고, 윌은 겁쟁이란 생각밖에는 안들었다.
emungere  AU  will/hannibal  H/C  young!hannibal  older!will  teenage!hannibal  temporize!will  dumbhead!will  first-time  rating:R  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle 
october 2018
The Moth and the Dark
Words:7511, One of them has to bend. Hannibal decides it should be him.
윌은 한니발이 다른 남자와 만난것을 질투하고, 한니발은 윌을 자극하며 윌의 집착을 이끌어낸다.
특히 초반. 둘이 같이 살인하기 시작했다면 더 치명적이고 더 좋았을 것 같기는 한데, 그래도 좋다.
emungere  S1  AU  will/hannibal  fluff  bottom!hannibal  top!will  smitten!hannibal  gray!will  possessive!will  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short  genre:angst 
october 2018
Separately to a Wood
Words:13.891, #I want the AU where Hannibal just proposes to Will that morning in the motel room #and for some reason Will says 'yes'
좋았다. 좋았는데, 완결 나기 전에 작가가 완결 내 버린것 같은 느낌. 뇌염은 드라마에서 뭘 찾는지 알고보지 않으면 찾기 힘든걸로 나왔는데, 여기선 거의 초기인데도 잘 찾았고, 태그는 한니발이 카니발, 즉 체서픽리퍼인걸로 나왔지만 픽에서는 그런느낌이 없었다. 나중에 한니발의 정체를 알고난 이후의 윌의 반응도 궁금했는데.
emungere  S1  AU  will/hannibal  fluff  encephalitis  marriage  first-time  rating:PG13  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle 
october 2018
Waking up
Words:3396, Will is on medication for his encephalitis. Hannibal has him staying the night over his house in order to monitor him for any negative effects.
도그 플레이, 러프 섹스. out of character. 윌이 이렇게 군다는것은 살인자가 빙의(?)한 상태가 아닌이상 상상하기 힘들고,한니발이 이렇게 통제력을 잃는다는 것도 마찬가지지만, 그래도 섹시하고 (한니발이)귀엽고 재밌었다.
orphan_account  S1  will/hannibal  PWP  bottom!hannibal  top!will  encephalitis  virgin!hannibal  Rough-Sex  Puppy-Play  dub-con  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
october 2018
Words:9378,The day was supposed to be normal and eventless. Just a little murder in between. Nothing special. Then things turned weird.
촉수!윌. 촉수 같은건 미관적으로 좋은 쪽으로 상상이 전혀 안돼서 별로 좋아하지 않는데, 바텀 한니발 찾다보니까... 근데 생각보다 괜찮았다. 허!
DrJLecter  AU  will/hannibal  PWP  bottom!hannibal  top!will  dark!will  tentacles!will  monster!will  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
october 2018
Come Forth and Know Me Better
Words:4215, Will wakes up in Hannibal's bed. Then there's smut happening. Some feels too.
이런거 좋다. 탑 할수 있고 보통 그렇지만, 윌을 끌어당기기 위해서 바텀하는 한니발.
DrJLecter  S1  will/hannibal  smut  bottom!hannibal  top!will  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
october 2018
Words:13.859, @flyingrotten’s pastel Hannigram with a darker twist.
파스텔 한니발의 발칙한 manipulation과 Oblivious Will의 cheating! 한니발이 섹시하고 교활하고 귀엽다. 바람피는거 불편한데 여기서는 이상하게 안그랬다. 왜냐면 다른 픽이 아니라 한니발이니까....
pinksunset  AU  will/hannibal  will/molly  smut  fluff  H/C  bottom!hannibal  top!will  Pastel!hannibal  manipulative!hannibal  oblivious!will  murderer!hannibal  young!hannibal  Car-Sex  Cheating  Butt-Plugs  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle 
october 2018
dirty little secrets
Words:3307, Hannibal gets off in a fancy restaurant, but it isn't because of the food.
한니발과 윌이 토이가지고 놀고 퍼블릭 섹스하는것. 야함...ㅎ하.
pointedperception  S3  will/hannibal  smut  bottom!hannibal  top!will  Public-Sex  Dirty-Talk  Butt-Plugs  established-relationship  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
october 2018
Words:3.993,The Dragon manages to get his hands on Hannibal Lecter while he's being transferred, and decides to show the man the glory of his becoming.
드래곤이 한니발 강간하고, 윌이 뒤늦게 나타난다. 강간씬 핫하다. 한니발이라서 non-con이 non-con이 아닌 느낌. 이 뒤의 일이 무지 궁금한데, 픽은 윌이 나타난것으로 끝난다....
QueerCannibal  S3  will/hannibal  smut  bottom!hannibal  top!dragon  non-con  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
october 2018
It gleams and glimmers
Words:3442, “I know that you love me. I have for some time. I thought perhaps you were not capable of love but I can feel now that is not the case it is just your particular brand of love that I had to acclimatise to.”

Hannibal does not deny his love, what would be the point as connected as they are now? He holds his love for Will outstretched for him to see it gleams and glimmers between them. “Is it important for you, if we are to be physically intimate that love be a part of that?”
purplesocrates  S3  will/hannibal  smut  bottom!hannibal  top!will  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
october 2018
Page Six
Words:66.841,Crime reporter Will Graham's column on page six of the Baltimore Sun garners him the attention of many: fans, hobby detectives, the FBI...and others.

Hannibal cut off a piece of meat with surgical precision. “I find your company rather engaging.” “Maybe I don't find you all that engaging.” Silence. Hannibal grinned. “I see that it will take more than one dinner to earn your forgiveness. Challenge accepted.”

한니발이 쉐프고 윌이 리포터인 AU. 다크 윌의 만족스러운 해피앤딩이다. 대체로 바텀 윌이지만 한번의 바텀한니발과 또한번의 모호한 묘사가 있다. 바텀 한니발이 좀더 많았으면 더 완벽했겠지만...그래도 만족한다.
ThisBeautifulDrowning  AU  will/hannibal  fluff  romance  top!hannibal  bottom!will  switching  dark!will  reporter!will  chef!hannibal  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Long 
october 2018
nice hannibal ficlets
Words:33.911, 한니발이 카니발이 아니고 나이스 가이였다면?
달달하다. 무진장 달달해서 끊어봐야 한다....그래도 가끔 생각난다.
emungere  AU  will/hannibal  fluff  top!hannibal  bottom!will  notcannibal!hannibal  lovesick!hannibal  first-time  rating:R  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle 
october 2018
Black Rock Mountain
Words:23.964, Will is a hitchhiker with questionable hobbies. Hannibal is a man who has questionable motives. When Hannibal drives by Will who just so happens to need a ride, things quickly take a turn from the questionable to the downright depraved.
한니발은 탑한니발도 잘 읽는 편인데, 이 픽에서는 한니발이 바텀이길 바랬다. 아마 윌이 한니발에게 신체적으로 헌팅에서 졌기때문에 탑한니발인게 애정이나 선호도문제가 아니라 좀 파워게임같은 느낌이 들어서 그런것 같다. 그 외엔 재밌었다. 한니발 만나기 전부터 연쇄살인범인 윌은 별로 안좋아하는데, 그런 느낌 없이 읽은 첫 픽이었다.
bokunojinsei  AU  will/hannibal  action  romance  dark!will  top!hannibal  bottom!will  killer!will  hitchhiker!will  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:NC17  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle 
october 2018
My Husband
Words:3.563, /// In which Hannibal is a little too smitten and Will figures out Hannibal is That Guy.///
VictoriaAGrey  S3  will/hannibal  fluff  dark!will  smitten!hannibal  Cannibalism  established-relationship  rating:PG  fandom:Hannibal  genre:humor  length:Short 
october 2018
The Living Doll
Words:32,104,No one has been able to live in the Doll House for more than a month because of the supposed cursed doll that comes with the house. That is until a man named Will Graham moved in six months ago. Freddie decides it's time to pay him a visit to get the scoop on this elusive man, and she hopes to get a look at the doll while she's at it.
슈내 픽 읽는 느낌! 물론 한니발 픽이므로 블러디하고 주인공들은 사악하다. 귀엽고 재밌었다.
Anna_Jay  AU  will/hannibal  horror  doll!hannibal  mini!hannibal  vulnerable!will  dark!will  Freddie-Lounds  Abigail-Hobbs  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:PG13  fandom:Hannibal  length:Middle  genre:angst 
october 2018
come around again (only want to say goodbye)
Words:8.114, Hannibal is locked up in the Baltimore Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Supposedly he's in maximum security but he pretty much just breaks out and leaves any time it suits him.
And it suits him to break out whenever he thinks Will needs him.
I mean, they forgot Will's birthday! Come on, wouldn't you?
귀엽고 유머러스하다. 윌의 캐릭터는 조금 out-of-canon이라고 느꼈지만 귀여우니 됐다.
hito  S2  AU  will/hannibal  fluff  crack  toppy!hannibal  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:PG13  fandom:Hannibal  genre:humor  length:Short 
october 2018
La Maison Rouge
Words:2687, Hannibal starts to show up at Will's house at the crack of dawn to make him breakfast, killing two birds with one stone: cooking is one of his many passions, and, honestly, Will Graham is climbing up the list.
Randstad  S1  will/hannibal  fluff  top!hannibal  bottom!will  Cannibalism  first-time  rating:PG13  fandom:Hannibal  length:Short 
october 2018
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