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Open Your Eyes - Resacon1990
"The Burglar?" Thorin cuts him off. He has to know. He has to know.

Balin takes a deep breath, and Thorin feels like the world is dropping out from below him as Balin gently says, "we found him on the battlefield-"
fandom:hobbit  p:bagginshield  c:thorin_oakenshield  c:bilbo_baggins  c:the_company  p2:dwalin/ori  p2:bofur/nori  genre:angst  wc:50-100k  tag:near_death_experience  tag:coma  tag:grieving  tag:guilt  tag:self_hatred  tag:physical_injury 
december 2018 by endofthyme
Reinventing the Wheel - eleveninches
A strange coincidence leads to Sheppard and McKay accidentally wiping out the Wraith. Now, to return home, they must battle aliens, Ancients, dopplegangers, their own feelings, and the most unnerving thing of all, whales.
fandom:sga  p:mcshep  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:teyla_emmagan  c:ronon_dex  p2:mckeller  wc:50-100k  genre:drama  genre:humor  tag:alien_technology  tag:alternate_universe  tag:breakup  tag:emotional_constipation  tag:first_time  tag:jealousy  tag:relationship_development  tag:time_travel  tag:pining 
september 2018 by endofthyme
Toil Until the Old Colours Fade - drcalvin
After his leap into the Seine, Javert finds himself back in Montreuil-sur-Mer on the morning of his first appointment with M. Madeleine. He soon discovers that while his choices can change the outcome of things, nothing can stop death from delivering him back to that same morning.

Now he has to defeat the game of fate or keep returning to 1820, eternally dying without finding peace.
fandom:les_mis  p:valvert  c:javert  c:jean_valjean  c:fantine  c:cosette  c:eponine  wc:50-100k  tag:time_loop  genre:angst  genre:drama  tag:fix_it  tag:found_family  tag:guilt  tag:redemption  tag:relationship_development  tag:temporary_death  tag:whump 
july 2018 by endofthyme
All Men Will Have Their Reward - pushingcrazies
When Javert wakes from death to find himself in Heaven, he thinks his existence from here on out will be simple and straightforward. He couldn't be more wrong. They say the Lord works in mysterious ways, but surely even He couldn't be as devious as to throw these two disparate souls together again and again...
fandom:les_mis  p:valvert  p:fantine/javert/jean_valjean  c:fantine  c:jean_valjean  c:javert  genre:angst  genre:drama  wc:50-100k  tag:relationship_development  tag:first_time  tag:fix_it  tag:afterlife  tag:redemption  tag:reunion  tag:gardening 
june 2018 by endofthyme
That Which is Broken - Sholio
After the events of Trinity, Teyla has a plan to repair the rift in her team, but what if there is a terrible cost? Friendship, whumping, team fic.
genre:gen  fandom:sga  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:teyla_emmagan  c:ronon_dex  wc:50-100k  genre:angst  genre:drama  ep:sga_s02e06_trinity  tag:presumed_dead  tag:making_up  tag:mission_fic  tag:near_death_experience  tag:healing  tag:whump 
may 2018 by endofthyme
Expressoself! - spaceyshipper
Sam Winchester is a single dad attending Stanford. His life crosses with that of Gabriel Milton, the owner of the local coffee shop Expressoself!. The two become friends, bonding over shared intellectual interests, and Gabriel welcomes Sam and his daughter into his life. The two dance around each other and slowly fall into something more.
au:coffeeshop  au:college  fandom:supernatural  p:sabriel  p2:destiel  past:jessica_moore/sam_winchester  genre:fluff  genre:humor  genre:angst  au:human  tag:demisexual  tag:first_time  tag:misunderstandings  tag:relationship_development  tag:pining  wc:50-100k  c:sam_winchester  c:castiel  c:dean_winchester  c:gabriel  tag:emotional_constipation  role:single_dad 
april 2018 by endofthyme
The Pack - ashinae, jay_linden
When Major John Sheppard shoots Colonel Sumner, he thinks of only one thing: keep the creature feeding on him from learning their secrets. He doesn't think that with that one act, he'll become Alpha of the pack in the Atlantis expedition.

That alone is weird enough, but John still has to navigate his new werewolf pack, military politics, witches, evil space vampires, Genii, and Replicators. There's the bonus complication of the grief, joy, wonder, and terror that is life in the Pegasus Galaxy. Add to that his frustration with--and maybe even feelings for--Dr Rodney McKay, and now the lone-wolf life John once enjoyed is even further behind him than it was the moment he stepped through the stargate and emerged in the city of Atlantis.
fandom:sga  p:mcshep  p2:teyla_emmagan/evan_lorne  p2:ronon_dex/jennifer_keller  p2:aiden_ford/john_sheppard  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:teyla_emmagan  c:ronon_dex  c:aiden_ford  c:evan_lorne  au:werewolves  genre:drama  genre:romance  tag:relationship_development  wc:50-100k  tag:violence  tag:jealousy  tag:protectiveness 
april 2018 by endofthyme
The Bearskin Cloak - Horridporrid
After everything he's ever known has been destroyed, Ronon stumbles into the magic-thick forests of Atlantis. When he accidentally frees two strangers from a cruel trap, he realizes old enemies still spin their wicked plans. An enchanted prince, a cursed city: Ronon's fight has just begun. (Inspired by: The Traveling Companion by Hans Christian Anderson)
fandom:sga  genre:drama  genre:gen  p:ronon_dex/john_sheppard  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:ronon_dex  c:teyla_emmagan  c:michael  wc:50-100k  au:magic  tag:amnesia  tag:captive  tag:guilt  tag:mind_control  tag:nightmares  tag:transformations 
april 2018 by endofthyme
Giving the Devil His Due - Telesilla
Six months after the events of Make the Devil Feel Surprise, Rodney's come to terms with his place on Atlantis. However, unknown to the people of Atlantis, political tensions on Earth lead to increased scrutiny of Atlantis in general and its leaders in particular. When John learns of the State's decision to change the nature of the Expedition, he must make a decision that will affect everyone in the city.
wc:50-100k  au:mirror  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:teyla_emmagan  c:ronon_dex  c:jeannie_miller  fandom:sga  genre:drama  genre:smut  p2:ronon_dex/jeannie_miller  p2:teyla_emmagan/kanaan  tag:alternate_universe  tag:bdsm  tag:d/s  tag:darkfic  tag:atlantis_secedes  tag:established_relationship  tag:graphic_depictions_of_violence  tag:violence  tag:interrogation  tag:jealousy  tag:masochism  tag:physical_injury  tag:relationship_development  tag:torture  tag:underage_sex 
march 2018 by endofthyme
Damned Underground Monsters - Silvarbelle
John Sheppard had a choice: take his chances with a court martial in the good ol' USAF or GTFO, Stage Left. He GTFO'd and his cousin, Colonel Jack O'Neill, was fed up for reasons of his own and also skedaddled. The two of them hopped around the country for a while, doing odd jobs, until they settled in Perfection Valley, Nevada. They met an odd cast of characters when they settled in the neglected little town - and that was just the HUMAN folk. When something starts killing off the locals, it's up to John, Jack, and Rodney McKay (astrophysicist, engineer, and soon-to-be seismologist) to dig up the dirt on what's shaking down Perfection.
fandom:sga  p:mcshep  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:jack_o'neill  c:oc  wc:50-100k  genre:drama  fandom:tremors  tag:crossover  au:movies  tag:homophobia  tag:near_death_experience  tag:first_kiss 
march 2018 by endofthyme
Save Me - Brumeier
Rodney gets more than he bargained for when he inherits his uncle’s estate – a mournful ghost, a potentially homicidal intruder, and a sexy but distant caretaker. Will he be able to solve all these mysteries before something really bad happens?
fandom:sga  p:mcshep  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:laura_cadman  c:carson_beckett  c:teyla_emmagan  wc:50-100k  tag:supernatural  tag:ghosts  tag:whump  tag:pining  tag:protectiveness  tag:relationship_development  genre:drama  role:author  au:supernatural 
july 2017 by endofthyme
Failure to Communicate - tipper
A trade negotiation goes sour when the Team gets caught in the crossfire between rival factions on another world. Well, that's where it starts, anyway.
fandom:sga  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:teyla_emmagan  c:ronon_dex  c:elizabeth_weir  wc:50-100k  genre:gen  genre:angst  genre:drama  tag:whump  tag:physical_injury  tag:near_death_experience  tag:rescue_mission 
may 2017 by endofthyme

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