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What Love Feels Like - CCs_World
Taako doesn't know what love is supposed to feel like.
Enter Sazed.
When the tiefling enters his life, Taako thinks that this is what love is supposed to feel like. Maybe it's supposed to hurt. Maybe it's supposed to be angry. Maybe it's supposed to conflict.
He's wrong.
When Sazed exits his life, another steps in.
With Kravitz, Taako begins to heal.
fandom:taz  tag:doing_hair  tag:rape_recovery  tag:noncon  p:taakitz  past:sazed/taako  wc:5-10k  c:taako  c:kravitz  c:sazed  genre:hurt_comfort  tag:domestic_abuse  tag:panic_attack 
july 2018 by endofthyme
Please Post all Warning Signs in a Conspicuous Place - facetofcathy
It's all fun and games until...

Rodney has a reaction--not to getting arrested and tied up, but to the knife John uses to cut him down.
fandom:sga  p:mcshep  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  wc:1-5k  tag:bdsm  genre:smut  tag:captive  tag:panic_attack  p:mcdex  genre:hurt_comfort  c:ronon_dex 
march 2018 by endofthyme
Going Down - Brumeier
It's just another day...until the elevator breaks down and John gets stranded with the guy he's been admiring from afar.
fandom:sga  p:mcshep  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  wc:1-5k  genre:fluff  tag:elevator  tag:pining  tag:first_kiss  au:company  tag:panic_attack  tag:claustrophobia  role:businessman 
july 2017 by endofthyme
Disorganized Chaos - anonymous
Three times Ian Malcolm had a panic attack after the incident
fandom:jurassic_park  wc:<1k  genre:gen  genre:angst  tag:panic_attack 
may 2017 by endofthyme

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