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A Touch of Magic - manic_intent
Bofur had to make two rounds of the tent before everything was finally, finally settled to Bella's satisfaction, and she sulked and grumbled yet as he sank down into a chair, exhausted.

"Why are we doing this again?" Bella complained, not for the first time. She had discovered that Bofur had forgotten all of her favourite handkerchiefs two hours into the expedition setting out of Erebor, and had been in a foul mood ever since.

“The King called a muster-“

“No,” Bella interrupted, with a scowl, “Why are we involved?”

"Because," Bofur began, then he hesitated, playing along with Bella’s mood, tugging at his beard, and conceding, "Y'know, I've quite forgotten."

fandom:hobbit  wc:25-50k  p:bagginshield  c:bilbo_baggins  c:thorin_oakenshield  c:bofur  au:magic  au:superpowers  au:supernatural  tag:presumed_dead  tag:jealousy  genre:drama  tag:soulbond  tag:genderswap 
december 2018 by endofthyme
Reinventing the Wheel - eleveninches
A strange coincidence leads to Sheppard and McKay accidentally wiping out the Wraith. Now, to return home, they must battle aliens, Ancients, dopplegangers, their own feelings, and the most unnerving thing of all, whales.
fandom:sga  p:mcshep  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:teyla_emmagan  c:ronon_dex  p2:mckeller  wc:50-100k  genre:drama  genre:humor  tag:alien_technology  tag:alternate_universe  tag:breakup  tag:emotional_constipation  tag:first_time  tag:jealousy  tag:relationship_development  tag:time_travel  tag:pining 
september 2018 by endofthyme
Destiny Revisited - lavvyan
They're both less innocent than they were a thousand years ago; less trusting, more broken. This time, Merlin is the one who gets called on his behaviour – and it's true, he thinks ruefully, he'd stopped bothering to learn the names of those around him long ago – and Arthur is the one who refuses to leave anyone behind. This time, Merlin is the one saying words like "idiot" and "moron," and Arthur has the stupid ears.
p:mcshep  p:merthur  wc:1-5k  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:arthur_pendragon  c:merlin  genre:angst  tag:crossover  tag:character_study  tag:reincarnation  tag:jealousy  tag:magic_reveal  fandom:sga  fandom:merlin  tag:canon_au 
august 2018 by endofthyme
Litmus - little_giddy
Merlin/SGA. Elizabeth, Merlin/Arthur, McShep implied. He has to tell twenty stories to get to the one he ignored, and that's because he didn't think it mattered.
fandom:sga  fandom:merlin  p:mcshep  p:merthur  tag:crossover  wc:1-5k  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:merlin  c:arthur_pendragon  tag:jealousy  tag:canon_au  tag:grieving  tag:character_study  tag:reincarnation  c:elizabeth_weir  genre:angst 
august 2018 by endofthyme
The Pack - ashinae, jay_linden
When Major John Sheppard shoots Colonel Sumner, he thinks of only one thing: keep the creature feeding on him from learning their secrets. He doesn't think that with that one act, he'll become Alpha of the pack in the Atlantis expedition.

That alone is weird enough, but John still has to navigate his new werewolf pack, military politics, witches, evil space vampires, Genii, and Replicators. There's the bonus complication of the grief, joy, wonder, and terror that is life in the Pegasus Galaxy. Add to that his frustration with--and maybe even feelings for--Dr Rodney McKay, and now the lone-wolf life John once enjoyed is even further behind him than it was the moment he stepped through the stargate and emerged in the city of Atlantis.
fandom:sga  p:mcshep  p2:teyla_emmagan/evan_lorne  p2:ronon_dex/jennifer_keller  p2:aiden_ford/john_sheppard  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:teyla_emmagan  c:ronon_dex  c:aiden_ford  c:evan_lorne  au:werewolves  genre:drama  genre:romance  tag:relationship_development  wc:50-100k  tag:violence  tag:jealousy  tag:protectiveness 
april 2018 by endofthyme
How John Sheppard accidentally became (not quite) a hooker - velocitygrass
This is some backstory and a tag to Misinterpretation.

I suffered from Love-your-original-characters-too-much syndrome. I removed the exposition with Frank and John from the fic, because it simply took too long until Rodney showed up and I figured people didn't want to read about John with another guy, but I simply love Frank, so I thought I'd post this here, along with a tag to the fic.

I don't usually have specific actors in mind for my OCs, but in this case Frank in my mind is "played" by Steve Carell.
c:oc  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  p:mcshep  p:john_sheppard/omc  fandom:sga  wc:1-5k  genre:humor  tag:prostitute  tag:jealousy  tag:dinner_date 
april 2018 by endofthyme
Misinterpretation - velocitygrass
"It's not like that, Rodney." "Then what is it like? Do you know how much money I was prepared to leave with you tonight? Five hundred dollars minimum."
p:mcshep  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:oc  past:john_sheppard/omc  wc:10-25k  tag:dinner_date  tag:first_time  tag:jealousy  tag:matchmaking  tag:pining  tag:prostitute  tag:virgin  genre:angst  genre:romance  fandom:sga 
april 2018 by endofthyme
In the Silent Water - tigerlady (shetiger)
"I wouldn't think you'd care much, what with the real deal right here."
"You know, your magic Sam Carter, Miss Universe herself."

Unaware that danger lurks below, John struggles to get Atlantis operational on a new planet, while dealing with the added burden of Elizabeth's command and the unwelcome presence of Rodney's ideal woman, Samantha Carter.
fandom:sga  wc:25-50k  p:mcshep  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:sam_carter  c:teyla_emmagan  c:ronon_dex  c:radek_zelenka  genre:drama  ep:sga_s03e20_first_strike  tag:birthday  tag:emotional_constipation  tag:first_kiss  tag:first_time  tag:jealousy  tag:clone/copy  tag:misunderstandings  tag:pining  tag:relationship_development 
april 2018 by endofthyme
The Outside Point of View - LitGal
After Arcturus literally blew up in Rodney's face, he didn't know how to make it right. So he swallowed his pride and reached out to Samantha Carter for help. Sam knows Rodney better than he understands. She decides to send him not only what he asks for, but what he really needs. After all, if these people don't listen to the truth when Rodney speaks it, she'll find someone better at getting the point across.
fandom:sga  p:mcshep  p:omc/omc  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:oc  c:teyla_emmagan  c:ronon_dex  c:elizabeth_weir  genre:angst  genre:drama  ep:sga_s02e06_trinity  tag:guilt  tag:homophobia  tag:jealousy  tag:making_up  tag:misunderstandings  tag:presumed_dating  tag:protectiveness  wc:10-25k  tag:personal_assistant 
march 2018 by endofthyme
Giving the Devil His Due - Telesilla
Six months after the events of Make the Devil Feel Surprise, Rodney's come to terms with his place on Atlantis. However, unknown to the people of Atlantis, political tensions on Earth lead to increased scrutiny of Atlantis in general and its leaders in particular. When John learns of the State's decision to change the nature of the Expedition, he must make a decision that will affect everyone in the city.
wc:50-100k  au:mirror  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:teyla_emmagan  c:ronon_dex  c:jeannie_miller  fandom:sga  genre:drama  genre:smut  p2:ronon_dex/jeannie_miller  p2:teyla_emmagan/kanaan  tag:alternate_universe  tag:bdsm  tag:d/s  tag:darkfic  tag:atlantis_secedes  tag:established_relationship  tag:graphic_depictions_of_violence  tag:violence  tag:interrogation  tag:jealousy  tag:masochism  tag:physical_injury  tag:relationship_development  tag:torture  tag:underage_sex 
march 2018 by endofthyme
Make The Devil Feel Surprise - Telesilla
In a dark mirror universe of our own, sixteen year old Rodney McKay is brought to Atlantis by the Chief Science Officer, his older sister Jeannie, after their parents die. While Jeannie has no real use for Rodney, Colonel Sheppard does. Now Rodney has to come to terms with the fact that not only is he Sheppard's boy toy, but also that Sheppard is a moody, paranoid sadist.

For his part, John isn't quite sure what to make of Rodney, who is an almost too perfect match for him. Just as he and Rodney carefully start to settle into a complicated relationship, a conspiracy begins to surface, forcing Rodney to take a stand.
au:mirror  c:john_sheppard  c:jeannie_miller  c:rodney_mckay  c:ronon_dex  c:teyla_emmagan  tag:bdsm  fandom:sga  genre:smut  genre:drama  p2:ronon_dex/jeannie_miller  p2:elizabeth_weir/radek_zelenka  p:mcshep  tag:alternate_universe  tag:coercion  tag:d/s  tag:darkfic  tag:dubious_consent  tag:first_time  tag:graphic_depictions_of_violence  tag:jealousy  tag:physical_injury  tag:relationship_development  tag:violence  tag:virgin  tag:whump  wc:25-50k  tag:underage_sex  tag:masochism 
march 2018 by endofthyme
"Odd Man Out" - helenkacan
Post S5. After John finally flies Atlantis back to Pegasus, he thinks that, once everybody is settled in, things will return back to normal, meaning that he and Rodney will go back to hanging out a lot, especially as Keller didn't return with the expedition when (no surprise) they broke up. Well, actually, Rodney broke up with her. He is quite stunned with the evidence (and becomes obsessed with the thought) of Rodney being in a relationship with Ronon. John's POV.
p:mcdex  p2:mcshep  tag:pining  tag:jealousy  tag:one_sided  wc:1-5k  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:ronon_dex  fandom:sga 
february 2018 by endofthyme
Offers - velocitygrass
John's first boyfriend shows up in Atlantis and wants to rekindle their relationship (or at least have sex with him). Rodney reacts badly.
fandom:sga  p:mcshep  past:john_sheppard/omc  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:oc  genre:angst  tag:jealousy  wc:5-10k  tag:first_kiss 
may 2017 by endofthyme
Oldest Story In The World - elyssblair
After fifteen years as an un-bonded Sentinel, Jack Carter has come to terms with the reality that either his Guide doesn’t exist or is one of the many who chose not to join the Sentinel-Guide Union. Between his daughter's rebellions, his trigger happy deputy and the town’s insane scientists, Jack doesn’t have time to dwell on it. Then Nathan Stark comes to Eureka. Jack recognizes him immediately as a Guide. An unregistered Guide, which means by custom and law, Jack isn’t allowed to acknowledge him as a Guide. Normally, it wouldn’t be a problem. But Nathan is Jack’s Guide. Plan A: Avoid Stark. Except, rogue weather bots and the secret schemes of the town's residents make that impossible. Unfortunately, he hasn’t come up with plan B.
fandom:eureka  p:jack_carter/nathan_stark  wc:10-25k  c:jack_carter  c:nathan_stark  au:sentinel  past:allison_blake/nathan_stark  c:allison_blake  c:jo_lupo  c:zoe_carter  tag:pining  tag:jealousy  tag:misunderstandings  tag:relationship_development 
april 2017 by endofthyme
Jealous - crysothemis
One day. One lousy day. Hell, it hadn't been eighteen hours, and Rodney was already flirting with someone else?
fandom:sga  wc:5-10k  c:john_sheppard  c:rodney_mckay  c:dusty_mehra  tag:pining  tag:breakup  tag:one_sided_breakup  tag:making_up  tag:jealousy  p:mcshep 
april 2017 by endofthyme
101 Ways To Get Lucky (In Love) - Lenore
Rodney McKay is rich, gorgeous and at the top of his game—except someone just moved the goalposts! Now Rodney realizes he is sorely lacking the one status symbol that everybody seems to have…the perfect family. Rodney needs help, so he hires a relationship coach. Single-dad John Sheppard may be an expert, but not when it comes to his own relationships! And every day he spends with Rodney makes him wish that he could be the one to fill the vacancy in Rodney's life…
fandom:sga  p:mcshep  c:rodney_mckay  c:john_sheppard  c:laura_cadman  genre:humor  genre:fluff  tag:child_oc  tag:jealousy  tag:evil_ex  tag:suspected_cheating  tag:relationship_development  wc:10-25k  au:harlequin  role:businessman  role:single_dad 
april 2017 by endofthyme

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