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SwitchResX Configuration
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Chapter 4. Additional Help Topics
4.2 Prepare An Image For Upload

CrucibleWDS was designed to work with Sysprep and is always recommended, but it is not required. To ensure successful image creation you need to make sure you file system is clean for either Windows or Linux. To verify on Windows - open a cmd prompt and enter chkntfs c: - make sure the result is not dirty. Imaging may also fail if you drive is heavily fragmented. If you are uploading Windows 8 - Fast Startup must be disabled.

Once these steps are complete, simply shutdown the computer and start your image upload.

4.3 Automatic PC Name Changing

Automatic Host Name changing is used to change the name of the computer before it boots into Windows, saving you a step in your imaging process. Automatic hostname changing works by modifying the Sysprep answer file if it exists or changing the registry. In order to use this feature with Sysprep you must set the computer name in your Sysprep answer file to CrucibleWDS (Case Sensitive). After the host has imaged
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