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What Is the Purpose of Friendship? | The Book of Life
Categories of friendship and why we have friends (good reminders)
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may 2017 by emmacarlson
How Friendships Change Over Time - The Atlantic
On how friendships evolve as we move from them being critical to optional (w/ many other criticals: like kids, parents, spouse) "“That is how friendships continue, because people are living up to each other’s expectations. And if we have relaxed expectations for each other, or we’ve even suspended expectations, there’s a sense in which we realize that,” Rawlins says."
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october 2015 by emmacarlson
14,000 Ways To Be Nice To Someone When They're Sad | Galit Breen
Don't ask what you can do, just tell them you're doing something for them and get on with doing it.
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october 2014 by emmacarlson

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