HTTPS for free in Go, with little help of Let's Encrypt
hostPolicy := func(ctx context.Context, host string) error {
// Note: change to your real domain
allowedHost := "www.mydomain.com"
if host == allowedHost {
return nil
return fmt.Errorf("acme/autocert: only %s host is allowed", allowedHost)
tls  golang  go  webdev  https 
6 weeks ago
Backup & Restore Docker Named Volumes | Jarek Lipski
docker run -it -v some_volume:/volume -v /tmp:/backup alpine \
    tar -cjf /backup/some_archive.tar.bz2 -C /volume ./
docker  db  data 
7 weeks ago
Simple Golang HTTP Request Context Example · Paul Fortin
mux := http.NewServeMux()

mux.HandleFunc("/", StatusPage)
go  golang  http  context 
8 weeks ago
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