"Datafun is a new language I'm working on with Neel Krishnaswami. It's a simple, pure, and total functional language that generalizes Datalog. Datafun's superpower is that it can concisely and declaratively express and compute fixed points of monotone maps on semilattices."
database  datalog  query  prolang 
10 weeks ago
Notes on a smaller Rust
What would be needed for a non-systems Rust.
rust  languagedesign 
12 weeks ago
Small Seasons
Japanese farming year with 24 seaons.
seaons  nature  calendar 
july 2019
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard | Linux Journal
A nice modern overview of Linux filesystem layout.
linux  fhs 
june 2019
Kubernetes API Reference Docs
Oh, wow, actual Kubernetes YAML documentation!
kubernetes  documentation 
june 2019
Joe Medicine Crow - Wikipedia
The last War Chief of the Crow Nation.
history  military 
may 2019
Moving from Heroku to Google Kubernetes Engine | Hacker News
Lots of real-world experience with Helm and Kustomize.
kubernetes  cage 
april 2019
NASA wiring standards
How to solder, crimp, etc., for spacecraft.
electronics  nasa 
march 2019
Understanding Real-World Concurrency Bugs in Go - go-study.pdf
"Surprisingly, our study shows that it is as easy to make con-
currency bugs with message passing as with shared memory,
sometimes even more. For example, around 58% of blocking
bugs are caused by message passing. In addition to the viola-
tion of Go’s channel usage rules (
, waiting on a channel
that no one sends data to or close), many concurrency bugs
are caused by the mixed usage of message passing and other
new semantics and new libraries in Go, which can easily be
overlooked but hard to detect."
golang  concurrency  bugs 
march 2019
A tensor/matrix-based programming language implemented as a C++ DSL.
proglang  tensors 
december 2018
There's a really good point in here that I had to learn the hard way: one of a f... | Hacker News
Searching for product-market fit, and how it relates to "premature optimization is the root of all evil."
startup  business  optimization 
december 2018
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