MacKenzie Bezos and the Myth of the Lone Genius Founder | WIRED
Countless decisions contribute to the success or failure of a company, some big, some small—and almost never those of just one person.
startups  business  truth 
3 days ago
Ween - Where'd The Cheese Go (Parts 1 & 2) - YouTube
"Two rejected songs Ween wrote for a Pizza Hut commercial. I put them both in the same video for your convenience and for maximum brownness. The second one is also known as Where'd The Motherfuckin' Cheese Go At?"
advertising  cheese  Ween 
7 days ago
Overlooked No More: Karen Sparck Jones, Who Established the Basis for Search Engines - The New York Times
“Computing is too important to be left to men.”

“There is an interaction between the context and the programming task itself,” she said. “You don’t need a fundamental philosophical discussion every time you put finger to keyboard, but as computing is spreading so far into people’s lives, you need to think about these things.”
women  computerscience  ethics  businessethics  search 
16 days ago
How the Trump administration is rigging a mining deal in northern Minnesota | City Pages
"While the actual reissuance of the Twin Metals permits will require a modicum of environmental review, it matters little since the Interior Department now argues that it’s bound to reissue the leases regardless of what evidence of environmental or economic harm might be presented.

That falsehood is being used to allow the Trump administration to complete the handover of several thousand acres of the Superior National Forest to Andronico Luksic, the Chilean billionaire who controls the Twin Metals project. Luksic just happens to be the landlord for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. A company controlled by Luksic purchased the Washington, D.C. mansion where Trump and Kushner now live shortly before Trump was inaugurated. It was all very conveniently-timed."
gross  no 
22 days ago
Elizabeth Wurtzel on Discovering the Truth About Her Parents
The best people are the ones you have to forgive for everything. You have no choice; it would be worse to live without them.

So I have to forgive my mother. Of course I do. She is the only parent I have. She wanted to be a single mother. She did not want men to tell her what to do. “I wanted to be independent,” she recently told me. “I wanted to make my own way.” She was a woman in a man’s world. She did not know how to have what she wanted without being duplicitous. In 1967, the year I was born, a woman could not have an abortion or a credit card.

My mother tried to get a job at IBM, but she was too qualified to work at the same place as her loser husband.

My mother had to take the side entrance into the Random House office building with all the other women.

Men made my mother feel shabby. She thought her best bet was lying.

That is the corruption of sexism: My mother lied to me too.
people  essay  life  women  feminism 
23 days ago
Ween - Kim Smoltz - YouTube
"Take it easy. Walk with a light step, baby."
music  Ween  wisdom  levity 
5 weeks ago
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