Are You Sitting Down? | The New Yorker
"I went downstairs to check on Felix. I texted my therapist: Can you talk later? When Bruce finally came downstairs, he was wearing a dress from my closet. He didn’t say anything, just acted all natural and talked about whether we were going to the farmers’ market. We cracked up."
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16 hours ago
20 thoughts on being a man during these dark times.
"#19) If I had to sum up all of what feminism taught me in one sentence it’s this. Women saying — We’ve seen men. We know men. And we love men. We see that after they hurt they weep for the ways in which they’ve hurt people. And we see your responsibility. Help us fix it. Within yourself. And outside yourself. Listen to us, because we see you and we love you."
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6 days ago
Rukaiyah Adams Traveled From Northeast Portland to Wall Street. Now She's Come Home to Fix Her City. - Willamette Week
And her ideas include using investments to create social justice and rectify racial inequities even while seeking top-tier returns.

"A lot people who want to make social change get involved in politics," says Portland venture capitalist Nitin Rai. "She wants to do it with money."
people  women  badass  xoxo2018  Portland 
5 weeks ago
Minnesotan sneaks 'Bohemian Rhapsody' into 4 months of tweets — and the internet cheers - StarTribune.com
The University of Minnesota student thought up the scheme in May while procrastinating for finals. 
ofcourse  kollege  funny  twitter 
7 weeks ago
'Simplicity is king': Stone Mill, partners ride wave of demand for clean, raw grains | Duluth News Tribune
The Richardton food manufacturer is in what the food industry is called the "whole, clean" ingredient market. That market has been exploding in recent years due to perceived health benefits. The company produces organic and non-GMO flaxseed (brown and yellow), garbanzo beans (chickpeas), lentils, quinoa, chia and radish seed.
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8 weeks ago
Melania Trump, a Mysterious First Lady, Weathers a Chaotic White House - The New York Times
"She maintains a separate bedroom from her husband, and when the two travel, they stay in separate hotel suites."
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8 weeks ago
Opinion | A Free Press Needs You - The New York Times
"If you haven’t already, please subscribe to your local papers. Praise them when you think they’ve done a good job and criticize them when you think they could do better. We’re all in this together."
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8 weeks ago
Our View: Free press - our protection from tyranny | Duluth News Tribune
"A free press — local news in particular — is just the opposite. Consider the urgency of the reminder."
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8 weeks ago
The story of Thunder Bay’s socialist Finnish restaurant | TVO.org
"The Hoito lowered its prices once a reserve fund exceeded a certain sum and then increased them in leaner times. Customers who purchased weekly meal tickets were entitled to three meals a day, plus coffee and pastries between meals. Customer-owners were eligible to elect and serve on a board of directors. Many customers were itinerant workers without fixed addresses, so they had their mail sent to the Hoito." WE NEED MORE OF THESE!!!!
ThunderBay  socialism  Finns  restaurant  goodthinking  food 
8 weeks ago
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