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riptides by sharkfish
“I’m going to kiss you now.”

Cas pauses, giving Dean a chance to back out, but Dean just licks his lips and waits.

Cas’s mouth is up against Dean’s for a couple seconds before Dean responds, and then it’s Cas that’s being kissed senseless, because kissing is definitely not something Dean does tentatively. Dean reaches up to cup Cas’s jaw in his hand, tilting his head for a better angle, mouth plush, tasting like whiskey.

Cas tries to remember what it was like the first time he kissed a man. All-encompassing, the world jerking off its axis, the feel of stubble under his fingers intense in a way it never really is with women, as much as he loves them.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  smut  pwp  schmoop  romance  fluff  hurt_comfort  mental_health_issues  bdsm  writer!Cas  drug_use  length:139k 
august 2018 by emi.caro
Matchmaker Mary by waywardwings
Mary Campbell-Winchester is a mother, historian, and aspiring author.

She is also deaf, which is why it’s such a pleasant surprise when she walks into a small café and is served by a man who takes her order in sign language.

The two form an unconventional friendship, and when Mary learns that Cas is gay (and single), she takes it upon herself to play matchmaker for her son Dean; a lonely museum curator with a penchant for pie.

She knows the two of them would be perfect for each other, now it’s just a matter of making them see it, too.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:G  oneshot  complete  au  coffeeshop!au  fluff  romance  schmoop  outsider_pov  length:11k 
september 2017 by emi.caro
What Happened In Vegas by Ltleflrt
Long time friends Dean and Castiel are road tripping from Chicago to San Diego for Sam and Eileen’s wedding, and a pitstop in Las Vegas turns into drunken love confessions and a surprise marriage. Turns out the pining has been mutual this whole time, but now they’re finally together and on cloud-fucking-nine. Until they remember that this trip isn’t supposed to be about them.

To avoid undermining Sam and Eileen’s important weekend, they decide to keep their new relationship status a secret. They’ll keep the heart eyes toned down and their hands to themselves, but the struggle is real.
Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  au  friends_to_lovers  secret_wedding  schmoop  fluff  romance  weddings  length:18k  dctropefest17  Supernatural 
september 2017 by emi.caro
I'll Cross the Sky for You by superhoney
Castiel thinks it sounds ridiculous: a spaceship that’s also an Earth-style coffeeshop? But upon his first visit to The Family Business, he quickly realizes that the owner, Dean Winchester, is incredibly handsome, the pastries are delicious, and the coffee is out of this world.

One visit leads to another, and before long, Castiel is completely won over by both the coffeeship and its owner. It’s hard to maintain a relationship when you’re constantly flying across the vastness of space, but for the sake of both his heart and his stomach, Castiel swears he and Dean will make it work.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  complete  chapter  au  coffeeshop!au  space!au  bakery!au  baker!dean  fluff  schmoop  romance  length:33k  dctropefest17 
september 2017 by emi.caro
No Righteous Path by jupiter_james
On his 40th birthday, Dean Winchester suddenly begins to worry that he may have lost his chance for a real mate. He's been so focused on his business as a 24-hour roofing and repairman, that he's never taken the time to date properly, or even make any lasting friendships outside of his family. Beginning in their late 30's, alphas and omegas start to lose their mating and bonding hormones, making it more difficult - and often impossible - to mate or bond with anyone past a certain age. But as a modern Alpha, Dean would be content with a companion, at least. Blood bonds aren't the be-all, end-all. However, after a late night emergency roofing repair call from Castiel Novak, Omega, Dean starts to hope. Yearn. The only hangup is that Castiel admits to being as old-fashioned as the books he teaches. Nervous to go against his religious upbringing by being with someone who he can't bond properly, as alphas and omegas are intended to do. But he can't deny his attraction to Dean, and despite his sensibilities, he thinks that, just maybe, he can change for the man he's falling in love with.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  chapter  complete  romance  abo_dynamics  fluff  schmoop  length:106k  au 
may 2017 by emi.caro
The Carnage of the Art by ExorcisingEmily
When Yuri Plisetsky faces a career-threatening injury during practice in the days following Yuuri’s arrival in St. Petersburg, Victor and Yuuri take up the task of helping get him back on his feet as they juggle training, competition, and their evolving relationship. Life is what happens off of the ice, and love in all its forms—romantic and familial—is what makes that worthwhile.
Yuuri_on_Ice  Yuuri_Victor  rating:T  canon  family  schmoop  fluff  injury  hurt_comfort  length:52k  katsudon_bang 
april 2017 by emi.caro
like january by sharkfish
“I told you that I’m asexual,” Cas says, “and that’s true, but I’ve always understood myself to be more gray-asexual than purely asexual. That means --”

“I know what it means,” Dean says, letting out the breath he was holding.

“I haven’t been attracted to someone in so long, the distinction no longer seemed to be relevant.”

“Nothing can change the way I feel about you,” Dean says. “Nothing.”

Cas looks down at his hands. “Sometimes I think I may be attracted to you.”
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  asexual!cas  fluff  schmoop  smut  length:8k  au 
march 2017 by emi.caro
See How We Are by GotTheSilver
It's A Terrible Life AU with some a/b/o thrown in.


“Dean Smith,” he says, meeting Castiel’s eyes as he moves the mouse on his desk to wake up his screen and squint at the details of Castiel’s meeting. “You’re here for, oh, the building down on 7th? You took it over?”

“I did,” Castiel says, drawing a file out of his briefcase. “Well, my company did.”

“Your company?”

Castiel looks at Dean, his gaze steely. “You think because I’m an omega I can’t have a company?”


“Because if that is how you think, Mr Smith, I can find another place to do business with.”
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  rating:E  oneshot  complete  abo_dynamics  romance  fluff  schmoop  friendship  au  terriblelife!verse  length:15k  spnreversebang16 
march 2017 by emi.caro
a million miles from your desperate days by idrilka, xyai
Victor came to Hasetsu with the force of a hurricane and managed to make himself right at home at Yu-topia, somehow fitting into the quiet rhythm of their lives. Maybe this means that Yuuri will fit into Victor’s life in Saint Petersburg, too, against all odds or reason.

(Or: A year in the life.)
Yuuri_on_Ice  Yuuri_Victor  rating:M  oneshot  complete  slice_of_life  domestic  fluff  schmoop  length:12k  cu 
february 2017 by emi.caro
all your doors flung wide by radialarch
Upending a life to move to a small town in Japan turns out to be the easy part.

(A somewhat history of an exhibition skate for two.)
Yuuri_on_Ice  Yuuri_Victor  rating:T  romance  pining  fluff  schmoop  oneshot  complete  length:6k  cu 
january 2017 by emi.caro
the reach of human sense by peridium
"“You know what Jimmy Novak looked like. You think he was beautiful—gorgeous, hot, all of it. It’s him. Not me. This isn’t my face.”

“But,” Dean says. He doesn’t know where he’s going with it. Just that Cas’ face is right there, brows drawn together and cheekbones gleaming in the lamplight. It’s a face that’s made his heart skip probably a couple hundred beats collectively since they met.

And it used to belong to someone else."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  hurt_comfort  fluff  smut  schmoop  rating:E  oneshot  established_relationship  praise_kink  length:5k 
january 2016 by emi.caro
The Laundromat 'Verse by ozonecologne
Dean runs a laundromat. The punk kids come to him for all their clothing repair needs.
That includes their bad boy ringleader, Castiel.
A collection of ficlets.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  laundromat!au  punk!cas  humor  romance  fluff  schmoop  rating:M  length:52k 
december 2015 by emi.caro
Going to the Chapel by nicKnack22
"And they're gonna get married...At least, Sam and Sarah are. Dean and Cas are just pretending, so that Sam's in-laws will cut him some slack. That's what Dean keeps telling himself as the lines between real and pretend start to blur, and he and Cas become closer and closer in the lead up to the big day"
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  fluff  weddings  domestic  family  romance  schmoop  rating:T  oneshot  canon_divergence  fake_relationship  length:11k 
november 2015 by emi.caro
Strings Attached by dearcst
"Dean scratched his head, running his hands through his hair. He felt like the world was supposed to stop spinning. He almost expected Cas to stay, maybe get some breakfast or something, but that was absurd. This is how it’s supposed to be right? Dean feels detached, sore in the chest from where strings were ripped.
No strings attached. Right."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  college!au  au  punk!cas  nerd!dean  romance  schmoop  fluff  hurt_comfort  rating:E  oneshot  first_time  length:10k 
august 2015 by emi.caro
Cas and Sam are assholes by museaway
Dean’s convinced the bunker is haunted (again), Cas can't manage to stay in bed for more than two hours, and Dean's coming down with a cold. Great.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  fluff  domestic  schmoop  rating:T  oneshot  canon_divergence  established_relationship  length:6k  cats 
july 2015 by emi.caro
Moats And Boats And Waterfalls by starsandgutters
AU - s9 never happened, Dean and Cas retire together, open a diner (and Dean insists on having twenty types of pie), and live happily ever after while scarring Sam for life in the meantime with their coupley stuff.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  schmoop  fluff  romance  rating:T  oneshot  canon_divergence  length:4k 
july 2015 by emi.caro
The Knights and their Bees by Niitza
"A series of ficlets taking place in the universe spawned by this tumblr post:

"Whelp I’m stuck imagining an AU where Cain is Cas’ dad and together they raise bees and make honey and wax candles in the middle of nowhere, Kansas - and Cain is totally onto that young hooligan who just moved here for some reason with his black monstrosity of a car and his leather jacket and who has the gall of making Cain’s boy smile, honestly, what the Hell, you better watch your back, boy, I’m watching you *squints*"

Not in chronological order."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  romance  fluff  au  beekeeper!cas  farmer!cas  schmoop  rating:M  length:55k 
june 2015 by emi.caro
5 Times Castiel Spoke To Dean In A Foreign Language, And 1 Time Dean Returned The Favor by starsandgutters
In retrospect, Dean's not sure why it didn't occur to him sooner. After all, Cas has been alive for a really, really long time, and he's probably visited his fair share of the planet. Wings are pretty handy that way, Dean supposes.

(In which Dean does not, absolutely not, have a thing for languages.)
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  fluff  schmoop  romance  poetry  5+1  rating:T  oneshot  language_kink  length:4k 
june 2015 by emi.caro
every bell on earth will ring by bravest
"I was looking for a book," he said lamely, and Castiel rolled his eyes and began to turn away so he could put the books down.

"Of course. You are in a bookstore," Castiel said as he left the books on a nearby stool. "Do you also need it to open and have things printed on the pages, sir?"


"What?" Castiel asked, pointedly pushing his own glasses on his own nose on his own self.

"Name's Dean. Don't have to call me sir," he said, the grin returning. Castiel raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, sir," he said, picking up a book from his pile to slip it between the others.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  bookshop!au  fluff  christmas  schmoop  romance  rating:T  oneshot  length:10k 
june 2015 by emi.caro
Close to You by squeemonster
The one where Dean and Castiel are vets in Vegas, and Dean's crippling crush finally gets the best of both of them.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  vet!au  fluff  smut  schmoop  rating:E  oneshot  first_time  length:10k 
june 2015 by emi.caro
& i'll let the ink from your skin stain my fingertips by flyingsolo_flyingfree
The Emilia K. Wadham library is located just outside the town of Stanford California, and it’s the only library in the area not owned by the University. So when Dean started coming in two months ago, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention, starting from the moment he parked his motorcycle outside. If Dean felt every library patron’s eyes on him when he walked in, he didn’t show it. Maybe he’d grown used to it. It was probably a combination between the skinny jeans, the piercings, and the tattoos that were visible even when Dean wore his black leather jacket.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  wip  au  library!au  fluff  romance  schmoop  smut  rating:E 
april 2015 by emi.caro
angelus ex machina by aerialiste
The only feeling he really remembers is the thick pressure in his chest from rage, being furious at something that stops him, something holding him back and he doesn’t even know what but he hates it, he wants it to let him go—he throws back his head, roaring, as it speaks directly into his ear, softly but forcefully: it's over, Dean, it's over—

He knows now those were Cas’s arms around him, secure, viselike, too powerful to escape. Always gripping him tight, even when he doesn’t want to be raised. Always coming, even when he hasn't called. Always saving him, even when he doesn’t think he deserves—

Dean likes everything about what he’s able to do to Cas. He wants to find out what else. He blinks, and then blurts out:

“Cas, I’d rather have you, dude or not.”
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  schmoop  hurt_comfort  angst  romance  rating:E  mark_of_cain  episode_coda  length:13k  chapter  canon_divergence 
april 2015 by emi.caro
you are the only one i love by you_idjits
Dean insists on going on a hunt in Maine. Sam insists that he bring Cas as backup.
After the hunt, they get snowed in at a bed-and-breakfast.
The owners are named Gladys and Agatha and Doris and Ruth. No, seriously. Dean’s pretty sure this can’t be real life, this has to be an episode of the Golden Girls, or something. No way in hell he and Cas are sharing a snowy Christmas with four old ladies, a couple on their honeymoon, and a white-picket-fence family of four. It’s actually so awful. Sam will never let him live this down.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  christmas  romance  schmoop  hurt_comfort  pining  rating:T  oneshot  canon_divergence  length:11k 
april 2015 by emi.caro
Down Like Water by museaway
There's no time for nerves, no time for second guessing. There's only right now, and right now he has Cas.

(Or, in which Dean and Cas get over themselves and take a roadtrip before Cas's grace runs out. Not S10 canon compliant.)
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  sappy  fluff  schmoop  romance  angst  hurt_comfort  rating:M  oneshot  canon_divergence  road_trip  temporary_character_death  length:15k 
april 2015 by emi.caro
These Bleeding Feet (Dance Only For You) by JinxedAmbitions
"Castiel has danced his entire life. It has always been his dream to dance en pointe in the Russian Ballet; however, his mother and his instructors encourage him to stick to the classical style. Castiel leaves his family and the ballet academy behind to come to Chicago for a chance to dance as he has dreamed.

While he trains in a tiny unheated studio, he meets Dean Winchester who has come to fix the heater. They build an unlikely friendship as Cas trains for the production. Dean doesn't understand the first thing about ballet, but he teaches Castiel about friendship and family, and Castiel has never danced so well as when he performs for Dean.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  ballet!au  romance  hurt_comfort  kidfic  friendship  fluff  schmoop  dcbb14  rating:E  length:38k 
november 2014 by emi.caro
any port in a storm by mishcollin
The angels have fallen, leaving Castiel graceless and Dean with, well, more of other people's problems. When a string of couples goes missing on the east coast, Dean and Cas decide to investigate-and find themselves trapped and hunted on a couples' counseling cruise. Although battling monsters at sea is dangerous enough, sorting through emotional baggage proves to be far more deadly. (And, in which Cas embarks to find his missing grace and Dean is put out. Not necessarily in that order.)
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  fluff  romance  communication  schmoop  domestic  hurt_comfort  dcbb14  rating:M  oneshot  canon_divergence  length:53k 
november 2014 by emi.caro
The Third Rail by aileenrose
Every morning, Dean and the stranger smile at each other on the train.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  fluff  schmoop  romance  rating:T  oneshot  length:10k 
november 2014 by emi.caro
Riptide by Capzi
Dean's life is just fine, thankyouverymuch. Okay, sure, so sleeping at night is hell and his brother Sam's barely even around anymore and his lifeguard gig has turned into more of a painful obligation than anything else, but it's nothing he can't handle. What he really CAN'T deal with is the dorky guy with the douchey clothes, ugly Jeep, and bad taste in music who keeps popping up. And who may also be a surf god. Suddenly life is a lot less fine and a lot more complicated.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  lifeguard!dean  mechanic!dean  surfing  fluff  romance  hurt_comfort  angst  schmoop  rating:E  oneshot  length:53k 
november 2014 by emi.caro
Kung Fu Grip by 8sword
"Cas, I've been enrolling me and Sammy in schools since I was twelve. I think I can handle it."

Cas is frowning. "It's not a matter of--handling it," he says. "The principal will be more receptive and helpful to you if she believes you to have a parent or guardian who is actively concerned with your welfare. I want to make sure she understands you are important."

Dean does not get a warm squishy feeling in his chest.

(In which Dean is de-aged, Claire and Emma are simultaneously the worst and best sisters ever, and Cas really deserves a hug.)
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  au  kid!fic  hfk!au  de-aging  angst  fluff  schmoop  domestic  highschool!au  feelings  dcbb14  rating:M  canon_divergence  established_relationship  length:58k 
october 2014 by emi.caro
Cursed Or Not by Ltleflrt
"While experimenting with magic when he was a kid, Sam accidentally cursed Dean. Now, Dean is forced to wear a spelled amulet constantly, or he'll turn into a random animal. For a little over a decade, he's learned to live with the curse, and has even found it useful in some cases, but he sure would be happier without it.

When he meets a witch named Castiel, he's offered a deal. Instead of assuming all witches are bad, Dean can spend a season getting to know him. If at the end of the season, Dean still thinks he's evil Castiel will send him away with his memory wiped of the whole experience. But if he learns that Castiel is not the monster Dean assumes he is, he'll lift Dean's curse.

It's an offer Dean can't bring himself to pass up."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  Sam_Gabriel  chapter  complete  au  witch!cas  familiar!dean  magic  hurt_comfort  curse-breaking  amnesia  pining  romance  schmoop  fluff  angst  rating:E  length:115k 
october 2014 by emi.caro
It's Complicated by lemonsorbae
In which Dean develops feelings for the quirky, tea drinking, farmer's market attending bookstore owner and Sam insists on using Facebook relationship statuses as hard, cold evidence.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  chapter  au  bookshop!au  carpenter!dean  domestic  fluff  schmoop  romance  rating:T  length:11k 
october 2014 by emi.caro
Alterations by ANobleCompanion, Jacqueline Albright-Beckett
Business is tanking, and Cas is facing the very real possibility that he may lose his livelihood as a tailor. Can one client, no matter how attractive, really make a difference?
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  chapter  au  tailor!au  tailor!cas  dogwalker!dean  romance  fluff  schmoop  dcbb14  rating:M  length:23k 
october 2014 by emi.caro
Hear You Me by through_shadows_falling
Castiel is a college graduate stuck in two dead-end, part-time jobs. Oh, and he's Deaf...which to his oldest brother Michael makes him something to constantly fret over. It's not Castiel's fault that he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life, right? Not like it's Michael's business anyways.

Enter Dean Winchester. A chance encounter with the man has the power to change Castiel's life - and in the end, maybe, just maybe, it will help him finally understand and accept who he is and what he's meant to do.

Written for the 2014 Dean/Castiel Big Bang.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  hurt_comfort  romance  fluff  schmoop  deaf!cas  ableism  dcbb14  rating:M  length:83k 
october 2014 by emi.caro
legend!verse by saltruism (orphaned)
Dean's human. Cas is a deity. They're roommates, and then they're friends, and then maybe they're something else.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  series  complete  hurt_comfort  romance  fluff  schmoop  au  magic  gods  rating:G--T  length:12k 
october 2014 by emi.caro
sight of the sun by mishcollin
"Prompt: “Person A gets stood up by their date and ends up eating alone. Person B can be either a waiter at the restaurant or another person eating there.”

Or, in which Dean is a bartender down on his luck and a stranger wanders in from the cold one night."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  fluff  romance  schmoop  rating:M  oneshot  length:16k 
september 2014 by emi.caro
hooked on a feeling by casfallsinlove
"Cas is still contemplating the yogurts, blissfully unaware of Dean’s intense inner-crisis, and he’s picked up some plain Greek something or other as well, and he holds them up and says, “I can’t choose,” and because this is obviously a Very Important Decision Dean just sighs and huffs and pretends not to care as he snatches the blueberry ones and tosses them in the cart. Plain yogurt is gross, okay, and Dean may have just realized he’s hideously in love but he still has fucking standards.

(Cas, Cas is the standard.)"

In which Dean falls in love with his best friend in the dairy aisle at the grocery store.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  fluff  schmoop  romance  rating:T  oneshot  length:1k 
september 2014 by emi.caro
A Case for Evolution by aileenrose
Somehow an easy-going plumber and an awkward anthropologist can find a way to meet right in the middle.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  professor!cas  plumber!dean  college!au  romance  fluff  schmoop  angst  rating:M  oneshot  length:9k 
august 2014 by emi.caro
Cards to Your Heart by mwildsides
The one where Bucky is an Iraq war vet working at a coffee shop and Steve is the starving art student he falls in love with.
Marvel  Avengers  Steve_Bucky  au  complete  coffeeshop!au  fluff  romance  schmoop  Captain_America  oneshot  rating:E  length:19k 
july 2014 by emi.caro
You Stand Alone to Every Record I Own by thatdamneddame
Bucky Barnes is eighteen, a senior in highschool, and totally in love with his best friend. It's okay. He'll either get over it or sleep with every hipster twink in college who's in a band. At least, that's what Natasha says.
Marvel  Avengers  Steve_Bucky  au  highschool!au  complete  romance  fluff  schmoop  pining  Captain_America  rating:G  oneshot  length:7k 
july 2014 by emi.caro
We're the Movie by Raeldaza
In which Castiel has a disastrous first date, and Dean decides it's his responsibility as his friend and coworker to remedy that immediately.

Or, the movie theater AU.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  movietheater!au  romance  fluff  schmoop  friendship  rating:T  oneshot  first_dates  friends_to_lovers  length:11k 
july 2014 by emi.caro
Spoonfuls of Sugar by clockworkrobots
Wherein Castiel is a baker who tries to guess his favourite customer's favourite treat.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  romance  fluff  schmoop  au  bakery!au  teacher!dean  baker!cas  rating:G  oneshot  length:2k 
june 2014 by emi.caro
A Couple of Kooks by ChasingRabbits
Best Friends Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak go through the trials and tribulations of raising Dean's daughter, Emma.

As they fall into a co-parenthood of sorts, they start to realize that they may also be in love.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  Castiel_Crowley  Castiel_Meg  series  wip  fluff  family  kid!fic  schmoop  angst  hurt_comfort  friendship  pining  romance 
june 2014 by emi.caro
Long Nights in Cold Months by pyrebi
When you're an insomniac, you get used to the "what the hell are you doing up, man?" look. Dean just hopes the guy who's stocking the shelves will stop giving it to him long enough to help him find some damn pineapple.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  romance  fluff  schmoop  insomnia  au  rating:T  oneshot  length:2k 
may 2014 by emi.caro
Adagio by noangelsinthegarrison
“His name’s Dean," Cas sighs, "And he’s really stupidly attractive, and when he dances, he feels it, you know? And it makes me feel like I know him, even though I don’t. He makes me feel like… like he’s dancing just for me.”

Gabriel rolls his eyes, “Wow you’re overdramatic when you’re horny.”
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  romance  fluff  schmoop  au  ballet!au  rating:G  oneshot  length:6k 
may 2014 by emi.caro
In A Hundred Worlds (I'd find you and I'd choose you) by noangelsinthegarrison
It’s like a drug, this magical wardrobe, a compulsion. Four universes, he’s seen now. Four Deans who love him, who'll kiss him when his own will not. And he doesn't know if they're real, if these universes truly exist somewhere out there, or if they're just showing him what he wants to see but he's not even sure he really cares.

He takes a shaky breath and climbs through again.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  romance  fluff  au  schmoop  rating:T  oneshot  canon_divergence  parallel_universes  length:5k 
may 2014 by emi.caro
Like a Kite by letters_of_stars
“It’s my last summer here, Cas,” he says, leaning back to gesture to the fair around them, the banners, the lights, the running kids and harried parents, the vendors with their cotton candy and caramel apples. “One last chance, and then I’m gone. Off to bigger and brighter places. You could never see me again.” He swings back in closer once more, and Cas narrows his eyes at his playfully. “And then when you miss me all you’re going to be able to say is ‘oh how I wish I’d done a turn on the Ferris wheel with Dean Winchester just once’. But it’ll be too late.”
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  romance  au  fluff  schmoop  rating:G  oneshot  length:5k 
may 2014 by emi.caro
dean winchester is not a nicholas sparks protagonist by mishcollin
Dean fell in love Cas the way you fall asleep--slowly, and then all at once. Or some other hackneyed and trite bullshit. God, this is embarrassing.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  fluff  schmoop  romance  rating:G  oneshot  canon_divergence  length:2k 
may 2014 by emi.caro
The World Crashing All Around by thepinupchemist
During a storm in September of 1987, Dean and Sam hear something hit their roof. When they brave the backyard to investigate, they find a fledgling angel.

A story about best friendship, spoiled plans, and love, in four parts.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  romance  friendship  family  hurt_comfort  fluff  schmoop  humor  angst  rating:E  oneshot  length:36k 
april 2014 by emi.caro
Fearson's floating cigarette. by orange_crushed
"That son of a bitch," Dean says. He strangles the handful of french fries he's been holding, and one by one their warm, helpless, potato-y insides crumble over the tops of his fingers. He feels a brief burst of irrational, almost homicidal rage. "That floppy bow-tie wearing son of a bitch." Dean is gonna kill Jimmy Wonderman. He's gonna shove a never-ending string of scarves down his throat. He's gonna make him eat balloon animals until he floats off into space.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  fluff  schmoop  romance  au  magician!au  rating:M  length:12k 
april 2014 by emi.caro
courage of stars by casfallsinlove
"Dean's brain is stuck on 'he's leaving me he's leaving me' and he thinks about saying don't go or I'll come with you, but what comes out of his mouth is, "I don't think you get loose-leaf tea on the moon."

Wherein Dean (who owns a bookstore) and Cas (an astrophysicist grad student) have been best friends since they were kids, NASA nearly screws things up, and tea is mentioned far too often.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  fluff  schmoop  romance  au  college!au  bookshop!au  rating:T  oneshot  length:4k 
march 2014 by emi.caro
La cucina. by orange_crushed
"Dean turns around and Castiel is picking through the jars, turning them over carefully to read the labels, totally engrossed. Dean watches him.

"Is there," Dean says, "uh, anything in there you like?" Castiel looks up at him and then back at the apples, sitting in a basket on the counter in their golden skins, ripe and pretty. Castiel smiles up at Dean.

"I don’t know yet," he says."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  fluff  schmoop  hurt_comfort  romance  rating:G  oneshot  canon_divergence  length:4k 
march 2014 by emi.caro
Storks Drive Chryslers by Kitty_KatAllie
Non-specific AU where Dean is an RN, Cas is a police officer with a SAR dog named Colonel, and Christmas brings them a present they'd been waiting for a very, very, very long time.

Welcome home and Merry Christmas.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  schmoop  fluff  kid!fic  domestic  rating:G  oneshot  length:4k 
february 2014 by emi.caro
Stepping into the Light by thepinupchemist
At twenty eight, Dean decides to enroll in college. No one told him that the campus librarians could be so hot.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  romance  au  college!au  librarian!Cas  fluff  schmoop  rating:E  oneshot  first_time  length:6k 
february 2014 by emi.caro
okay, cupid. by orange_crushed
"The dating thing?" Dean frowns. "Online dating is for weirdos. Robots. Dudes hanging out in their basements."

"You hang out in your basement."

"I have an air hockey table down there,” Dean says, icily.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  romance  fluff  schmoop  au  rating:T  oneshot  first_time  length:5k 
february 2014 by emi.caro
Drink Up, Handsome by spnblargh
Dean Smith can't stop ogling the bartender at his workplace's Christmas party.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  terriblelife!verse  au  fluff  christmas  romance  schmoop  complete  oneshot  length:4k 
december 2013 by emi.caro
Après by imogenbynight
"When the angels stop falling and Castiel makes his way out of the trees, he finds himself alone and oceans away from the Winchesters. For once, Dean flies to him."
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  romance  fluff  schmoop  rating:E  length:24k 
december 2013 by emi.caro
Becket's Coffee by allyarra
"Two weeks into the first semester of her freshman year of college and Mako knows exactly where she will be spending just about every minute of her free time. The little coffee shop around the corner from the building she’s living in has the best caramel machiatos that she’s ever tasted (and considering they’re her secret weakness, she’s had quite a few of them). It doesn’t hurt that the two brothers who run the place are extremely easy on the eyes or that they consider her a regular by the fourth time she sets up shop there, already elbows deep in work."
Raleigh_Mako  fluff  schmoop  romance  au  coffeeshop!au  complete  Pacific_Rim  rating:G  oneshot  length:9k 
november 2013 by emi.caro
Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) by kototyph
Dean's done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake. His surprise husband, Castiel, is a little weird but likable despite that, and Dean figures they'll go back to Boston, get a quiet annulment, and go their separate ways. Six weeks later, he's still married to one of the strangest, most genuine and definitely most dangerously lov-- likable guys he's ever known. Dean doesn't know why or really even how it's happening, but it's getting harder and harder to remember that he has divorce papers to file.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  romance  fluff  domestic  schmoop  au  modern!au  dcbb13  rating:E  length:24k  cats 
november 2013 by emi.caro
What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn't Allowed to Eat Pie? by Annie D
Dean watched an anime porn about this once, but real life turns out to be way less interesting.

Or, the one where Dean gets turned into an octopus.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  humor  fluff  schmoop  friendship  hurt_comfort  tentacles  dcbb13  oneshot  rating:T  length:16k 
october 2013 by emi.caro
Throw Yourself at the Ground by chess_ka
"Duxford went well, then?"

The dates of Captain Martin Crieff and Her Serene Highness, Princess Theresa of Liechtenstein who are, against all the odds, a rather good match.
Martin_Theresa  chapter  complete  fluff  romance  schmoop  Cabin_Pressure  not_rated  length:4k 
september 2013 by emi.caro
Christening by VictoryCandescence
Martin accompanies Theresa on a visit to an old friend's to celebrate the happy occasion of their new baby's christening. A few rather unexpected things happen along the way.
Martin_Theresa  complete  fluff  romance  schmoop  family  Cabin_Pressure  oneshot  established_relationship  length:6k 
september 2013 by emi.caro
Angel's Wild by LimonadeGaby, riseofthefallenone
But that's the whole reason he's here, isn't it? He's not out here hunting Humans. He's not even hunting deer, or bears, or anything else that featured in Bambi. He's out here, freezing his nuts off every night, because he's hunting Angels.

Sometimes Dean wishes that Angels were like how they're described in the Bible. How people from time too old for him to care much about thought Angels were messengers and warriors of God, protectors of Humans. He knows that how they're really described in the Bible is actually pretty terrifying, but at least they were told by God that they're supposed to love Humans, right?

That's a thousand times better than what Angels really turned out to be.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  au  chapter  complete  romance  wing!fic  angst  friendship  hurt_comfort  rating:E  length:389k  enemies_to_friends_to_lovers  fluff  schmoop 
august 2013 by emi.caro
Listen by bendingsignpost
"It’s important you pay attention to what I'm saying. Sometimes, you don’t.”

Cecil’s eyes never leave Carlos’ face. “I always pay attention to you. Always.”

(Spoilers for Episode 25: One Year Later)
Cecil_Carlos  complete  romance  fluff  schmoop  Welcome_To_Night_Vale  rating:G  oneshot  length:2k 
august 2013 by emi.caro
PWP: Pie Without Plot by MajorEnglishEsquire, orange_crushed
he is in the kitchen with flour on his hands and an apron and there is flour on his forehead and cas leans across the counter and wipes it off with his thumb and dean says "thank you" and cas says "you're welcome" very seriously and later dean makes apple turnovers and he only ruins them a little and sam realizes it's not a real hunt like four days into it and he lets dean stay undercover for like a week and a half or longer maybe way longer because he is such a good everything
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  fluff  schmoop  domestic  bakery  romance  complete  chapter  rating:M  length:80k 
august 2013 by emi.caro
Halfway by Anythingtoasted
A Fallen!Castiel bunker fic; Castiel arrives back at the bunker after six months of being missing, with eighteen of his newly-fallen brothers and sisters in tow; shameless schmoop and angel-care ensues.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  chapter  complete  fallen!cas  romance  friendship  hurt_comfort  angst  fluff  schmoop  rating:E  length:30k 
july 2013 by emi.caro
new testament [just more of the same 'verse] by outpastthemoat
When the dust settles, there's still Dean, and there's still Sam, and there's a tired man in a well-worn coat, all staring blankly at each other.

They're wondering what the hell to do next.

Heaven's boarded up their windows, purgatory's locked up for good, and hell's gate has been slammed shut and sealed up tight. And yeah, there are still monsters, still ghosts, even demons still walking the earth, but when Dean sticks Ruby's knife in their guts, they head back home and they stay put.

And life goes on.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  post-series  fallen!cas  angst  hurt_comfort  romance  friendship  domestic  schmoop  fluff  complete  series  depression  rating:G  future_fic  canon_divergence  length:47k 
july 2013 by emi.caro
Just a Little Bookstore by paintedbutton
Castiel owns a small second-hand bookstore and is a bit of a bibliophile. Dean's just looking for a birthday present for his brother. That's only the beginning of it all.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  au  romance  fluff  schmoop  friendship  rating:M  oneshot  length:10k 
may 2013 by emi.caro
Humanity Service by the-ninth-bow
On a mission for Cupid, Castiel finds locating Sam’s soul mate more difficult than he anticipated.  Lucky for him, Dean Winchester is more than happy to help and Castiel learns more than he expected.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  fluff  romance  au  schmoop  oneshot  length:16k  rating:T 
april 2013 by emi.caro
Try-Something Tuesday by almaasi
Human AU. Dean Winchester teaches a third-grade class. He's new to this whole ‘bisexual’ thing - but by pure happenstance, he meets Castiel: a particularly dapper male librarian who moonlights as a substitute teacher. Dean's curious and Castiel is willing, so why the hell not?
Except, fate never intended it to be one-time-only...
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  romance  humor  au  human!au  teacher!au  fluff  schmoop  oneshot  rating:E  length:48k 
april 2013 by emi.caro
So Glad We Made It by Annie D
At twelve years old, Dean makes a friend, who becomes his best friend, who will eventually become the love of his life.
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  angst  pining  jealousy  denial  friendship  family  fluff  schmoop  romance  au  oneshot  growing_up  first_time  minor_character_death  length:16k 
february 2013 by emi.caro
Failure (to Cuddle) is Not an Option by Annie D
All Castiel wants for Christmas is to cuddle, is that really too much to ask?
Supernatural  Castiel_Dean  complete  cuddling  humor  schmoop  fluff  oneshot  rating:T  length:4k  cu 
january 2013 by emi.caro

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